Jun. 12th, 2013

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omg I am having too much fun playing in the [community profile] randomizing meme. I think I'll have to play Bruce after all. Mutter. Everyone should play with me here!

In other news, we're playing Remember Me on the PS3. I'm really, really enjoying it so far (we're on episode 6, I think). The cyberpunk is fun and well-developed and Nilin is an interesting character, and of course we should all approve of more lady protagonists and person of color protagonists, and I love how the story is both big-picture and personal. Some of it is messed up -- remixing memories is evil, in a fun way. I keep waiting for consequences of remixing memories, but we haven't seen any yet? Like, when does Olga come back to punch Nilin right in the throat?

Also, this game is seriously overflowing with female characters, almost all of them in positions of power. They introduce named characters with something approaching a 1:1 ratio of male to female named characters, which is... startling. I'm acutely aware of it because it recently became evident that I'm not normally aware of it.

Behind the cut is a tale of internalized sexism! )


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