Sep. 20th, 2014

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+ I'm all caught up on Bleach and I am excited about all of the things! I can't believe in two weeks it'll be chapter 600. WTF is this series. I have started dabbling in fic, but most of my time has been consumed with Harvest Moon, because... reasons.

+ My to-play video game list includes Final Fantasy IX, Tales of Xillia, and Dragon Age & DA II (previously beaten but I want a refresher). My to-buy video game list is:

Fantasy Life - October 24
Dragon Age: Inquisition - November 18
Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMix - December 2
Story of Seasons - December 31 (?)

Probably also World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor - November 13, on the principle of the thing. Story of Seasons is the tricksy new name of the Harvest Moon series, because they love our suffering a new company has acquired it for localization and Natsume still owns the rights to the phrase "Harvest Moon", and in fact is now releasing a completely original game and calling it "Harvest Moon". Very tricksy, intellectual property law.

+ I'm definitely an evolutionary dead-end. Darwin would probably be mystified if I manage to reproduce. Things that until the last two months I didn't know how to do properly include: tie my shoes, walk, and breathe.


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