Jan. 20th, 2015

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Network Executive: So how should we handle streaming content regarding our currently-airing shows?
Flunky: Why can't we just let them watch all the current episodes, sir?
Network Executive: What are you, crazy?! Then anyone would be able to watch our show, even if they hadn't been watching it for eight weeks already!
Flunky: But... isn't that what we...?
Go-Getter: Sir, how about if we allow anyone to watch the first three or so episodes... and then give them no way to watch the rest?
Network Executive: Genius!! That way the people who get interested in the show late will either be forced to resort to piracy or give up on our series for months, after which they'll have lost interest!!
Flunky: I don't understand how this is the outcome we want. Wouldn't we benefit more if our new shows were accessible to new viewers?
Network Executive: You're fired.

This skit is brought to you by the fact that I was able to watch episodes 1-4 of Jane the Virgin legally and then for some reason only episodes 8-9 were available, either via Xfinity Streaming or Hulu -- and on Hulu, bizarrely, episode 2 was for paying users only, the others were available for free. Wouldn't want it to be easy or anything!

I pirated 5-7 and then prepared to watch 8 legally... only to find that episode 10 aired last night, so of course episode 8 had been pulled from all legal sources. Of course, it's hardly just Jane the Virgin! Only the last 5 episodes of the current season of Elementary is available legally unless I pay CBS money for access to that and their other incredibly shitty programming, which is right after stab myself in the eye with a fork on my list of things to do. I was enjoying watching Forever a while back but the only episodes available legally are 4, 6-7, 12-13, which makes for a riveting evening of viewing I'm sure.

Why are you doing this. This is pointless and frustrating. As someone who has ignored all TV for the last few months -- hence why I'd like to catch up and start watching some new series -- it's making me so angry I want to go back to not watching TV. If that's your business model, consider it successful.


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