Jun. 8th, 2015

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I made some bad decisions last night, and as a result I am running on about 4 hours of sleep. I'm in that weird state where I feel weirdly great, but I have a subtle exhaustion headache I can sometimes feel when I move too fast, and I'm having a minor out of body sensation.

It's kind of awesome... she said because of the weirdly great feeling.

Must post to [community profile] fic_promptly before I forget

Played Tales of Xillia and watched some Code Geass this weekend. Will continue to do those things. I also discovered that Tales of Vesperia evidently released an "audio novel" last year talking about when Flynn and Yuri were kids and how they got to be friends, called Genealogy of the Condemned. It's only available on the [Japanese] Apple Store and for Android so... I will probably never get to experience it?? :( I once tried to translate an audio drama for Code Geass where Lelouch meets Kaguya when she's like 7 and convinces her that he's a demon who eats children. I wonder what happened to that. Is it still on my Google Drive?

I'm so tired


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