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Flight Rising all the time every time

It's time to talk dragons! I mean, I'm sure many of you talk dragons all the time, on Plurk, where I can't see it. But longform talking about dragons! Plans. Because I want to talk about dragons too. I have been unable to think about anything but pixel dragons for days now, possibly to avoid thought about my impending birthday.

I pruned my lair yesterday. I had been holding on to a bunch of basic dragons, mostly from my progen's first clutch, and I kicked them out. And I've been having thoughts about dragons and maybe putting them out here will keep me from wasting my money on things not in my plan.

So without further ado, a lair review of sincere, #30061.

Adalyn, platinum/splash/avocado, my progen. Without any genes or frills, but I love her, and am stuck with her, I want to get her breed changed and gened up -- but I can't decide how! I think I either want her to become a Wildclaw or a Skydancer., but there's a lot I don't know about the latter. I just saw a WC with speckle body who looked great, and I like seraph wings on WC, but both might be a bit much... Speckle/shimmer or iri/seraph?? But tiger would look cool on her too. Ugh. Decisions!!

I am planning to breed her with Pharis, a PC with eyespot wings, for these gorgeous babies, but she can also breed with Tyr for gorgeous babies.

Ambrosia, violet/violet/goldenrod, the only remaining of Addy and Garish's first clutch. She's obviously a plain vanilla guardian but she has good colors and works with Heimdall who is proving difficult, so I'm reluctant to give her up. I don't really have any plans for her though??

Nyx, midnight iridescent/sky shimmer/jungle. My first double gened dragon. She is already fully gened so she is an obvious candidate for a breed change -- if I go WC for Addy then she could easily go for Skydancer!

I could breed her with Heimdall today and they would have guaranteed shimmerbabies. But if I wait and breedchange her to SD first, she could have immediate SD babies... But what if SD babies are rarer than Ridge/PC/Snapper/etc? Maybe I should wait for Tyr to be available. I checked on their babies this morning and holy crap they can NOT have an ugly baby. omg I just want to be hatching babies all the time. Heimdall and Nyx have a less impressive track record.

In the future I can breed her with Eltire for shimmers to okay results and Pharis for eye spot maybe shimmers to better results.

Liddel, aqua iridescent/ice shimmer/silver. How did I end up buying two iri/shimmers and they're both girls? Sigh. Anyway, this baby is also a candidate for scrolling, though she's lovely the way she is. I don't know what I would change her into, though!

I can breed her with Heimdall to guaranteed shimmers and maybe iris with much better results than Nyx, and to Eltire for also guaranteed shimmers and maybe iris and maybe spirals! Liddel is my pretty baby factory.

On to the boys. Garish, splash/magenta/tangerine, my other, FR-generated progen. Isn't he hideous? He is a neon dragon. I spent a long time agonizing over how ugly he is but his colors aren't actually terrible in breeding, just... on him. But of course he has a dangerous propensity to include FUCKING MAGENTA in his colors. I spent a while trolling for dragons with his coloring to see what they did to make him less ugly, since there's no reason to get rid of him and maybe he can be useful. Iri/shimmer spiral would be a good look for him, I think, but you can offer suggestions if you have any!

No current breeding plans for Gary.

Tyr, platinum tiger/rust/azure Ridgeback. He's my first non-starter! I don't know what if anything to do for a secondary gene, but his tigerness and Ridgeness have already won him admirers. He is currently off the market, waiting for a lovely Pearlcatcher lady owned by a stranger to come to my nest for breeding with a split clutch.

Tragically off the market, might I add, because of the aforementioned gorgeous babies with Nyx hnghhh they're both RTB I want their babies so bad so bad so bad. EVEN THEIR PINK BABIES ARE BEAUTIFUL!! He also makes pretty babies with Addy.

Heimdall, ivory/maize shimmer/sand. This boy is yellow, which makes him a bit of a hard sell for me in the genetics department: he's dangerously close to the pink range. He needs a lady with cool colors, blue/green. Fortunately Liddel is a great match for him.

Eltire, jade/ice shimmer/silver Spiral. I can't stay away from shimmers. Anyway, this boy is going to be gorgeous when he grows up. He's gorgeous now! Also a pretty baby factory with Liddel. Should he be iridescent so I have an iri/shimmer pair? What primary looks good on spirals?

Pharis, ice/sunshine eyespot/sky Pearlcatcher. My cautionary tale. I was the second person on a list for a shimmer Wildclaw, and they only had one egg yesterday. Rather than wait another 35-40 days, I agreed to take him, because he and Addy are so compatible, and he has great color. No more reserves for me, though. What sort of primary... Would he look good with clown? Hmm.

Current plans

  • August 23: Tyr and the random Pearlcatcher, Glade for these PC or Ridge babies that maybe have tiger but nothing else who will not be as pretty as Nyx's babies... /stares at them resentfully

  • WHENEVER SKYDANCERS COME OUT: Nyx and Tyr!!!! Also, a stripe gene for Tyr.

  • September 1: Eltire and Jes's baby Anshar, for these babies, which will be Spiral or PC and have a potential for shimmer and/or tiger

  • September 2: Pharis and Val's baby spiral, for these babies, which will be Spiral or PC and have a potential for clown and a guaranteed eye spots

    Future breeding pairs:
    Adalyn/Pharis: guardian/pearlcatcher; potential eye spot secondary
    Nyx/Tyr: guardian/ridgeback; guaranteed tiger or iridescent primary, potential shimmer secondary
    Nyx/Pharis: guardian/pearlcatcher; potential iridescent primary, guaranteed eye spot or shimmer secondary
    Liddel/Eltire: spiral/mirror; potential iridescent primary, guaranteed shimmer secondary
    Liddel/Heimdall: mirror; potential iridescent primary, guaranteed shimmer secondary

Now for audience participation!!!


If you have any suggestions on breed changes (mostly for Adalyn, Nyx, Liddel)
If you have any suggestions on genes (for everyone who is not double-gened already)
If you think your dragon would be an amazing match for someone (especially Heimdall or Garish)
If you want to stake a claim on one of these pair's babies
If you want to buy me scrolls or genes a Wildclaw or an Imperial
If you have a fucking non-starter female to go with some of these non-starter males because I JUST REALIZED I DON'T
If you want to tell me to ditch that PC and just breed Nyx and Tyr right now or when Nyx is a Skydancer
If you just want to tell me about your dragons I might find interesting

COMMENT HERE talk to me about dragons pleeeeease /sobs and eyes Plurk resentfully
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but yeah give me a sec to write down coherent thoughts brb
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They are definitely first world problems right now. But I love you for it anyway. ♥
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- I vote either Skydancer or Spiral for Liddel (iridescent greens look really good on spirals, but iridescents look goon on spirals period).
- Also vote iridescent for Eltire because PRETTY IRIDESCENT JADE BABIES OMG
- Nyx.....I'm leaning towards WC or Skydancer or Spiral (do you see my spiral bias yet)
- CLOWN GENES LOOK GREAT ON SPIRALS AND KIND OF WEIRD ON EVERYONE ELSE so I vote clown if you need to primary gene someone.
- Keep your PC, breed Nyx and Tyr when she gets to be a Skydancer, and then breed your PC with my spiral and make pretty babies
- I also may be interested in a shimmer baby depending on colors.

...............I GOT NOTHING. I also have dragons but I am far too lazy to talk about them.
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FML I linked the wrong color spread. okay better
Edited (wow I fail) 2013-08-15 15:59 (UTC)
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Spirals are my favorites after near impossible to get imperials and one day I will have a lair full of them.

Also sob Yuul bullied me into buying the spiral girl EVEN THOUGH I HAVE ZERO PLANS FOR HER ughhhh so she's just sitting there being cute and adorable and it's driving me crazy. You are totally welcome to put her on the list for when she's RTB! I have zero plans and it's cool if you find a better dragon to match her with, I'll just putter around with her forever.

And you can at least try! I say go for it because who doesn't want pretty cheap Ridge babies?

ALSO if you gene up Pharis I think tiger looks really good. Yuul pointed out that PCs and WCs with iridescent look like they have weird bulky muscles and now I can't ever unsee but if you're planning to breed her with another iridescent dragon it might be worth it for pretty iridescent babies.

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val may be laughing at us but she has dragon problems too

they're just not at our level yet

I'M IN BED AND MIGHT NOD OFF BUT YOU HAVE BEAUTIFUL DRAGONS and you should totally sign me up for future baby dragons! I WILL SAY MORE WHEN I GET OUT OF BED
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first of all, i loooove nyx! she's so gorgeous wow am i sucker for black range primaries and pretty light and colorful wings! like val said, i think she'd look beautiful as a spiral or a skydancer BUT if you were to scroll her into a wc, think of future pretty imperials you could breed her with! THEN END UP WITH PRETTY IMP BABIES

also please ping me if adalyn/pharis have a baby with a white or ice primary and a teal/aqua/seafoam/jade secondary! probably some of my favorite color combos sitting right there in that generator

(we should have like an fr group chat on aim with the people we know! i have a new aim now i can totally do this thing)
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I'M SAVING UP FOR AN IMP AS WE SPEAK well i have a reserve slot that's breeding on monday but i'm in third and who knows what will happen :( back up plan gooo

yay, thank you!!

exactly :D jes and val are on board too we just need to rope everyone together

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See, I know I asked, "Would you like me to ruin your life," when I introduced you to FR...

...never did I anticipate this. This MADNESS.
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Well I can't help with genes, you go. c:

Adalyn and Nyx
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I've been making these all day XD I can't decide what colours I like best sob.

I'm probably going to make some of mine Skydancers, especially a Fae or two because they're overrunning my lair like woa. Current candidates are this unnamed bitty who's kinda pretty, Alliana who is VERY pretty and Kala who is flat out gorgeous and is getting Iri/Shimmer ASAP <-<;;

I'm expecting to be broke for a very long time, sob.

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