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Flight Rising forever

Everyone should be watching Sleepy Hollow btw, that was a fun premiere. Work is good, things are okay, yes. Stuff. I have a life.

But mostly I have pixel dragons. Dragon pairings under here, for your interest/claiming. They're all going to be breeding pretty soon (jerks, I have literally nine dragon pairs all trying to breed within the same five day period). I'll be booning two, hatching four, and postponing the remaining three until the nests are clear. If you want to stake interest in a pair, just comment and I'll see what I can do!

As usual, I am "sincere" and my lair ID is 30061.

Glory and Morning. "...Morning Glory", obviously. RTB on 9/28. I'm really pleased with the range.

Xain and Fortune. RTB on 9/28. I have an iri gene and was considering putting iri on both of them before they breed, but I'm not sure it's worth spending 400k treasure when there's so little difference between the price of a single-gened imp and a double-gened imp these days... I'm not fond of Fortune's coloring (although silver/gold/ivory is pretty awesome sounding -- hence the name -- it's not very pretty) and may scatterscroll her afterward.

Hanekoma and Kiryu. RTB on 9/23. SKYDANCERS!! They're such a gorgeous pair and so perfect for their names and their familiars are perfect too so shut up and I'm looking forward to not being able to sell their babies.

Hobbes and Duchess. "Imaginary friends". RTB on 9/27. Hobbes will be either a spiral or a skydancer, I haven't decided. Although he makes a pretty awesome snapper.

Tyr and Nyx. RTB on 9/26. They can't have ugly babies. The end.

Eltire and Liddel. RTB on 9/26, will probably be postponed for the other nests. They're going to produce extremely monochromatic babies but I love minty fresh goodness so...

Deco and Curia. RTB on 9/26, will probably be postponed for the other nests. But I'm looking forward to this, even if their babies won't be worth much. PINKS! AND CIRCUITS!

Pharis and Necthana. RTB on 9/23. One baby will be going to the Lightning dominance raffle for the first week of October. Their first clutch really drove home that I don't like maize clown so I will probably end up breaking these guys up and trying to find better mates for them... They're both fabulous on their own, but not together.

I am also on the lookout for a boyfriend for my darling Ophelia if anyone has one handy:

And selling these pretty girls (probably):

If anybody is interested in anything from these clutches, just shoot me a line. I will give you a FRIEND DISCOUNT. Trades are also very welcome, and offers if you think you have someone good for Ophelia (or Pharis or Necthana) (or the unnamed single ladies for sale).

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