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Kay ([personal profile] sincere) wrote2013-09-22 10:40 am
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The first of the babies I posted about last FR entry are in the nest!

Hanekoma/Kiryu: this spread, these babies; 2 eggs
Pharis/Necthana: this spread, these babies; 3 eggs

Pharis and Necthana have a baby going to a dominance raffle, and then they're done forever.

Today also starts Thunderwar Week! I have some stuff partially done but I was having a creative deadzone for a while there. I will power through things today. (gym)
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[personal profile] prefacing 2013-09-25 09:09 pm (UTC)(link)
I misread Thunderwar as Thunderwear and spent three minutes wondering if you were going to start bringing out lightning-themed underwear or something.

.....That's all I had to say.
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