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Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

I finished another video game! Wooo!

The Drop mechanic is legitimately the worst, I hated it every single time and it added a level of frustration and confusion that didn't need to be there. I made the best of a stupid situation but the ~cute~ Dream Eater companions were cringeworthy and actually made me appreciate the value of Donald and Goofy. Although I made it pretty fun because I named them all "Steve" and so after the game it was like "Your most used Dream Eater was Steve!" and I was like, "Yes, correct. Steve and I are bffs."

All the new worlds were pretty fucking amazing, I will give it that much. Symphony of Sorcery was gorgeous visually and aurally, and The Grid (Sora side) was genuinely a little heart-breaking. The World Ends With You insertion was terrible.

It somehow managed to feel more formulaic and frustrating than other games in the series. I think they wanted to revisit the Chain of Memories experience -- but it just ended up being really frustrating, because the worlds all ended so unimaginatively and then you would get a plot scene where everyone would come to decisions or realizations and then we would carefully avoid telling the viewer what they were.

And as for formulaic, here's the ending of every single world: Nobody Terranort shows up to say significant taunting things without giving anything away, maybe with a special guest, then a boss fight, then a sappy smiling reaffirmation that Sora and Riku believe in each other no matter what before the keyhole appeared to seal the world. I was thoroughly fed up with it by the time I got to The World That Never Was.

With all that said, however, the agitation fell to the wayside fast. That was an amazing world. The plot finally amounted to something; the things that happened were all very present and exciting and unique; I even understood the complete gibberish that was happening.

It also left me vindicated. Nobodies always had feelings, and not just Roxas. I admit I started out the game somewhat annoyed that "Lea" was really just an identical version of Axel whose catch phrase is "Actually my name isn't Axel, it's Lea. GOT IT MEMORIZED???" but I guess I'll allow it now that we know that apparently there's literally no difference between a complete person and a Nobody as long as you don't have the extenuating circumstance that Sora's assorted Nobodies did.

Which brings me to Sora's assorted Nobodies. Roxas broke my heart with his "This could've been the other way around"; just a casual reminder that he hadn't given up -- that he still wanted his own life -- but this time Nomura Sora was finally on his side, declaring that Roxas is Roxas and not just a part of him, and that Namine is Namine and that strange girl is whoever she is, and they all deserve to have their own separate existences because they are separate people. Bawww yes bb save them all.

...It was a bummer for me that Kairi is, yet again, the world's lamest after-thought. Nobody remembered she existed or talked about her for 99% of the game and then in the secret ending they're like "Oh that's right Kairi is a person, right?"

P.S. Yet another instance of Sora attempting to thank Namine in a way that doesn't count! I think this is becoming a trope. It's been done like three or four times now.

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