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Kay ([personal profile] sincere) wrote2014-11-27 08:50 am
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The Keep should be louder about exporting

I was 8 hours in and almost ready to consider leaving the Hinterlands when suddenly Varric goes "And Carver's doing great" and I'm like, "wtf, Carver is super, super dead." That's how I discovered that my Keep data had not exported and the data I "imported" when I started my game was generic. Why would they even let you "import" a default?

So, starting Dragon Age: Inquisition over...

I'm going with an elf, reluctantly, because the dwarf backstory sounded super cool and I love dwarves, and I'm interested in the qunari just because. (I would never voluntarily roll a human and I paid my dues with Hawke.) But I don't understand the qunari well enough and female dwarves have the option to have beards and I refuse.

Ta-da, that's all my DA:I words so far. I will play this probably for the next like four whole days before KH2.5 comes out and I play that instead.

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