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Kay ([personal profile] sincere) wrote2015-03-30 06:22 pm

Perfect ships and perfect games I haven't played yet

I am vibrating with the need to play Story of Seasons. As the release date draws closer I've been filled with the need to play Harvest Moon and I keep checking Amazon to see if it's shipped yet because it said it would ship today but it also said I wouldn't get it until Thursday but it comes out tomorrow how can I wait until Thursday I will gnaw my arm off

Even though I have a midterm on Wednesday but w/e I can raise angora rabbits and camels on my farm wtf I just need this

Still having a Bleach moment, currently juggling Child of Light on Steam and Harvest Moon: A Tale of Two Towns. It's hard to get into my new job because I won't have a computer for... weeks, probably, so people just hand me huge stacks of paper to proof/label/read, so most of my work time is spent reading monotonous procedures about how procedures are decided upon until I faceplant and then stealthily reading library books on my iPhone or writing fanfic.

...Do you ever have one of those pairings that you ship so much that you can't imagine writing or roleplaying it or whatever because it's so perfect already that there's nowhere left to go, that you can't add anything to it? I think that is Renji and Rukia for me. I can't write anything except pre-canon angst for them. Once they're bffs again nothing I write feels like it could come close to expressing their perfection.
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I'm sure I had something helpful to say but--

Camels. :D
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I can't wait until I have disposable income. I am going to buy so many video games. Make a list for me, Kay.

How are you liking the job, lack of a computer aside?
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Definitely Story of Seasons! I also really want to buy DAI for my PS3 so I can finally load my world state, and replay all three MEs because why the hell not? And Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess... I am just so desperate for my consoles. I haven't seen them since September.

Oh, good! I'm glad. Hopefully they'll offer you a permanent position at the end of your contract and you can look at getting your own place. c:
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I did, but my PC release was ridiculously bugged and wouldn't let me import my Keep choices. I really want a game where I can play in my Thedas, not the default one. ):

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Honestly, considering I had to fight with EA just to obtain a copy (EA: worst fucking company in the world) I am just letting it go. It's not worth the aneurysm to continue fighting them.
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My PS3 is in Canada, though! So you'd have to let me keep your precious video game for a few weeks after we part ways. I probably would buy a used copy though, and directly from an actual, physical store. Fuck EA in the ear if they think they're getting 100% of my money.

I look forward to your 3DS games. :D :D :D
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Find a reason to keep living until Thursday. I believe in you.

And if you brought it to Scotland with you, you wouldn't have to pay shipping costs!