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Kay ([personal profile] sincere) wrote2015-05-25 02:37 pm


True fact about me: If you put a crazy sale on Steam or Humble Bundle, I will buy almost everything. I'm talking hundreds of dollars of stuff. My pile of Steam games I'll never play has almost doubled.

But holy crap NiGHTS into Dreams is on Steam I fucking loved that game as a kid but not the new game, the new game is kind of terrifying and I returned it right away. I don't think Nights should be allowed to speak. The classic NiGHTS into Dreams! I'm so excited. That game is so serene and peaceful and wonderful.

I'm going to play FFX for the rest of the day so I can feel good about meaningful progress and stuff, but in the meantime, my spastic attention is everywhere. I'm starting to get into Tales of Vesperia again a little bit, I think? I was explaining how awesome it is to a friend and I just... wanted it again. Nooooo attention span.
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*looks up NiGHTS*

...when I get a new laptop, I'm going to get that game.
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sounds like a lot of fun!
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As a friend of mine put it, Steam isn't about playing games. It's about buying a whole bunch of them on sale and then staring at them in your ever increasing library.