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Thoughts on things I heard about from E3

  • wow, a Final Fantasy VII remake. Just what I wanted... about 20 years ago. I know there are still people who care about it, but I don't share the force of nostalgia they feel. Instead, I look at all the FFVII-branded crap that has come out in the last 20 years and I go, "...Ugh."

  • Kingdom Hearts III trailer! It's very pretty. Young Eraqus is pretty. I'm not 100% on board with the super pretty pseudorealistic CG but eh, Kingdom Hearts owns me. I'm just grateful that Sora gets to look like a teenager again. Also, he has incorporated plaid into his outfit!

  • The new Mass Effect trailer is basically a lot of pretty scenery and nothing else, but take my money.

  • The Earthbound game before Earthbound is finally coming to the USA! Oooh, I wonder if the third game will be brought over too... I should play Earthbound. And then the sequel, since everyone says Mother 3 is a devastatingly amazing game that made them all cry. I should play a lot of things, sob.

  • Apparently no Persona 5 news (at least not yesterday) but hahaha Shin Megami Tensei / Fire Emblem mashup game??? what. lol, look at all those ridicumazing gifs!!
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[personal profile] slayerofgod 2015-06-17 09:23 pm (UTC)(link)
So behind I totally didn't recognize who those two guys were in the KHIII trailer.

Having played it, I'd bet against Mother 3 ever coming out here. Not just because of the copyright infringementastic music, but also because there's a scene where a transvestite faerie massages Lucas in a hot spring to give him his psychic powers.
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