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Kay ([personal profile] sincere) wrote2015-08-30 01:21 pm

If I could chaaaaange the world

Happy yesterbirthday to me! Thank you for remembering [personal profile] starsinyourwake ♥ I recently joined up with Habitica, which is a gamified way of managing to-do lists, things you want to do every day, habits you want to learn, etc. There are group challenges that can give you prizes if you get motivated, and there are guilds where you can chat with other people who share your interests. I'm trying to use it to keep track of things I should really be doing with my life, like:

  • Exercise

  • Drink more water

  • Don't leave clothes on the floor

  • Archive fics properly on DW and AO3

  • Go to bed by 11PM

  • Make progress on unfinished games

  • Not be so depressed or zoned out that I forget to do anything at all for an entire day

etc. I've been doing pretty well, actually. I've only been at it for like 3 weeks and I'm a level 21 rogue with 30 pets and 1 soon-to-be mount! So, people who might be interested should check it out.

Relatedly, I've managed to finish Fantasy Life and am working on Earthbound and FFX. I am determined to beat FFX today (stop me from not doing that) although I won't move on to FFX-2 right away -- next on my list after Earthbound might be Tales of Xillia...

I'll probably fail to be on DW some more for the next little while. Not out of lack of love, but I'm taking two classes this block, so that's two 15-hour days per week. Wooo...
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[personal profile] crookedspoon 2015-08-30 09:06 pm (UTC)(link)
Habitica is really helpful for keeping track of some of the essentials. I'm a level 63 Rogue and Beast Master, hehe. Food drops are pretty shitty, but on the upside it's motivating you to do as many things as you can to improve your chances.

Two 15-hour days? Oh God, hope you'll hang in there *hugs*
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[personal profile] crookedspoon 2015-09-01 12:09 am (UTC)(link)
Yeah, two weeks sounds survivable. You can do it!

Hah, I also became a Rogue for the drops xD It's kind of stupid you can't swap things. I have SOOO many eggs and potions (except gold, of that I have only one which I'm saving), and the only thing I really need is food and beast quests, but those you have to buy with gems.

Oh, that's a fucking shame! Let's hope they'll do something like that for Easter again.
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[personal profile] slayerofgod 2015-08-30 11:49 pm (UTC)(link)

Hooray for video game inspired personal progress! I recently got motivated to clean my whole house because of Katawa Shoujo. Go figure.
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[personal profile] slayerofgod 2015-08-31 04:23 am (UTC)(link)
You're quite welcome. ^^

I hear you. Besides the chores, I also felt great clearing two or three games off my Steam list semi-recently. Really pisses me off when I continuously replay games when I have stuff I haven't even started yet. ^^;
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HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY. LOVE YOU. Sorry I am awful. DW even told me a couple days ago. ;;;

You know, I've been meaning to try out Habitica. Thanks for the reminder.

So have you finished FFX yet? ᶘ ͡°ᴥ͡°ᶅ
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[personal profile] oneill 2015-09-04 09:07 pm (UTC)(link)
Well! I've started an account anyway. I can see what you mean about the learning curve, but it looks pretty solid so far. I need to get organized.

I am now level 2 and have . . . a shirt. Aha.

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[personal profile] oneill 2015-09-05 03:30 am (UTC)(link)
I do not accept excuses. I'm just going to have to find myself a new high summoner, that's all. >:|

can you tell that responding to comments is on my habits list
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[personal profile] oneill 2015-09-05 03:52 am (UTC)(link)
Con . . . gratulations??

I love the music in that fight. I think the Spoony One described it as "a dog trying to sing Slayer" or some such, that's pretty much perfect.
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[personal profile] starsinyourwake 2015-08-31 11:35 pm (UTC)(link)
D'aw hey, I just hope you had a good day. ♥ Actually, you have reminded me that I have to stop dragging my feet and at least try to beat the Imprisoned (take 2). You know, my 7,000th attempt.

...I feel ragequitting coming on, but damnit I will try.
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[personal profile] starsinyourwake 2015-09-02 12:02 am (UTC)(link)
*needs all the luck in existence tbh* Why am I so bad at games. D:

I guess I'm lucky that the Power Rangers iPhone game is only four missions in, and I've beaten them all? Also that only four seasons' worth of cards are available in game. Ten years from now, when they're all available, I have epic plans to acquire all my favorites and lament how they're honestly not good cards to have in your deck, but eeeeh amirite. :D? Good going, with Habitica!