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Backloggery cure???

Boom, finished FFX HD, finally! Also watched Eternal Calm. All chronicled here. I'm going to focus on other games for a bit before diving into FFX-2. This is partly because I'm doing a "finish unfinished games" challenge on Habitica. I already finished one (Fantasy Life) and FFX didn't count because I've previously finished it. My necessities list, in order:

1) Earthbound (mostly done - probably a few hours left; "any additional unfinished game")
2) Brothers (no more than 2 hours left, probably; "any unfinished game you haven't played in a month")
3) Bastion (not really done - the internet says it's about 7 hours long; "any unfinished game you haven't played in 6 months")

Then I can contemplate FFX-2, which will be the final part of my challenge, "Finish a game you haven't played in over a year." There are other games I want to pick up... In no particular order, my maybes list:

a) Tales of Xillia? (I do want to finish it, but it's so long and doesn't fill the "over a year" requirement FFX-2 does)
b) Tales of Vesperia PS3, patched? (Kristy and Rob are playing TOV English and I have the itch. they're just at Judith's intro...!)
c) Papers, Please? (mostly done - probably like an hour left)

In other news, I'm going to have a niece and I'm very tired.
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! Happy soon-to-be aunting! (I would share aunt stories with you, but uh it's hard to be an aunt when you're not in the same country as them. :/ Oops.)

You inspire me. *stares at games pending finishing* ...I could stand to do a challenge like yours. ...but at this point I should just restart all these games, because I've forgotten how to effing play them. (FFIV, what are you. FFVI, uuuh that was always kind of tricky. Also I never did finish FFVII. I am very lazy sometimes, oops.)
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The plus is that I get to be the crazy aunt by default. *checks one off the bucket list*

I think I left FFVI off after Humbaba (or Huwawa? ...I get confused because Epic of Gilgamesh, lol). Definitely in the World of Ruin. (Of course I saved Cid. Poor Celes! I couldn't cause her more pain!) I might use cheat codes on that one, just because I don't actually care for pride points, I just want to get to the end. FFIV I am... we're doing something for the Dwarf King, and we're underground. I have completely forgotten how to play it, sobs. I do remember, though, being in the mid-20s with Cecil before he went and became a level 1 paladin. Like are you kidding me, grinding sucked but oh I love that game. (So many deaths...!) That one I have on the DS.

Gosh there are so many games I want to emulate. *slaps own hand* No. Crochet instead. Finish fic instead. (Partly your fault, because the Tales of... games seem cool! It's a good thing to be guilty of, lol.) And lord knows all of these things are better than trying to beat the Imprisoned. :D
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The restarting trap is so insidious and evil, because there comes a point where you just have to, but then... eventually you just end up needing to do it for like the fourth time, and... orz

Ahhhhahaha, I hear that. I often "joke" that I only play games 85% of the way through, then start them over after a year of neglect, but . . . it's not so much a joke.
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A niece named Tater!
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The fact that she doesn't want to name her daughter Tatiana is gravely offensive to me and my sensibilities. Hmph, I say!
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In an acting off between Blake Lively and Tatiana Maslany, it's no contest. And your sister needs to know that! >(
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There's only one option available to us now. You must steal the baby. Stick a pillow under your sister's dress, she'll never notice.
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Don't forget to live blog it!!
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Earthbound is a total classic. Where ye be at, if I may ask?
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YOU DID IT. Maybe I ought to join that challenge. I already have finishing Bloodborne, DDS: AT 2, Gensui V, and Bravely Default on my To-Do list.

Congratulations on becoming an aunt! My tenure as an uncle has been quite rewarding, so I hope the same will go for you.
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Hm! That sounds like a challenge I ought to join, though it would be my first one + I'd have to, uh, make a Backloggery account. So it'd be a learning experience all around. やっほお

Ahhhhh, Bastion. I somehow forgot about that game despite loving it unconditionally.
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Maybe I'll see about setting up an account sometime today. (Had to take the day off due to some super interstellar mutant virus from space.) ngl I find it just slightly intimidating as I have a metric ton of started-but-unfinished games. orz|||||