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Kay ([personal profile] sincere) wrote2015-09-26 10:49 am

I have some energy today!

I've been using Habitica to keep track of the things I need to do and habits I want to learn, and so naturally I've decided to also use it to keep track of my academic needs!

My way of handling the workload is by assigning it to days of the week. On Sunday I'll do my reading for Eco. On Tuesday I'll do my classwork for Eco. On Wednesday I'll do my classwork for MBA 7200. On Friday I'll do research for my 7200 project... etc.

So I created a daily task for each class that recurs on the appropriate days. This way I'm dividing my attention into manageable bites.

When I have a big deadline coming up, like a project that's due, I'll also create a To-Do for that so I can officially check it off when it's finished, and if you need to study for a big exam, flash cards are the best way to do it -- so make a To-Do for "make flash cards" and then a habit for "reviewed a few flash cards" and squeeze it in in small bites whenever you can.

Ta-da! Those are my tips. Also, if you need medication to function like a human being, put a daily task for that too. It is really, genuinely difficult to do anything without medication, even something as seemingly fun and easy as play video games... on a completely hypothetical note, of course. /cough

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