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Kay ([personal profile] sincere) wrote2015-10-12 02:50 pm

Tales of deserves better than this

So I told myself I was going to finish one of my in-progress games before starting new ones, and that's been largely successful! Since adopting this policy I have completed six games, and it's only been 3-4 months! Six games is more than I finished in 2014 in its entirety.

Until I realized that Tales of Zestiria is coming out in, like... a week. I know nothing about it, except that it is a Tales game and so I obviously need it. And the protag resembles Lloyd.

What to do, when I still haven't completed Tales of Xillia! Or looked into TOX2 at all, sob My answer: I have put FFX-2 aside. I'll be back, Yuna! But for now I am trying to steamroll Xillia. I am ashamed that I have treated it with the same negligence that I treated Graces. I lost my save data, of course, but last night I got back to Xian Du, so I will resume my liveplay when I get home.

Still having some issues with the workings of my brain, but eh. What can you do? Academic block is almost over and I'll have some extra time once I finish this last week of work. Then I'll lose my excuse and have to do stuff! Probably.
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I'm really hoping Zestiria feels more like Vesperia or Abyss or Symphonia again, I played Graces but couldn't get sucked in or relate to any of the characters, and the same thing happened with Xillia. I want to love Tales games!

But yeah, all I know about Zestiria is it has fusion-battle and apparently canon gay?
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I mean, I hated Graces because some of the characters and relationships and most of the plot were problematic

Those are Xillia's flaws as well, although in its case the plot being problematic is its front and center issue.

Battle system is definitely better than it's ever been though. Also Leia. <3
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The plot doesn't start having problems until a certain point, and you're obviously not there yet, so I will say no more.

Character-wise, eh. It's more a problem of certain ones being handled badly in regards to what the plot is doing. Alvis in particular is a serious victim of this.

YMMV, obviously. I'm not the be all end all of Xillia opinion or anything. ^^;
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Alvin, not Alvis. Alvis is a character from Xenoblade, dummy. >.>;
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Yeah, the big things for me were the King of Fennmont knowing Rowen was a traitor but not any of his men knowing the same, and Alvin being let back into the party repeatedly for no real logical reason.
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That sounds about right, yeah. None of that was really any different in Milla's scenario either, except the fact that Milla's non-romantic feelings for Jude were even more clear (Unless there was something in the ending, which I never saw).

I vote Leia in that scenario, anyway. I wish she had gotten more attention in general.
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You'll have to remind me what point of the game that happened. My memory's kinda fuzzy. ^^;
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Yeah, that wasn't in Milla's scenario. You actually play as her in the spirit world during that segment.

That does indeed sound excessive and disgusting. Blech.
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I wish I were playing the Milla side of things, because A) she's obviously the main character and Jude is just some guy whose perspective I'm seeing but really he's no more a main character than Elize,

I got that impression, too. The sad thing is that kinda thing *can* be done well, see FFXII. Alas, Xillia swung and missed.

That is a frighteningly accurate description, even more so considering Milla is entirely indifferent to Jude's feelings despite being aware of them. People bring it up to her directly and she says nothing in response.
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