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Dilemma of the entertainments

Stop reading silly vampire romance novels immediately. You haven't made nearly enough progress on FFX-2 or Child of Light. You won't finish them by the end of the year at this rate, and then you'll be behind on your gaming goal for 2015.

...but if I read 7 more books by Friday I'll meet my reading goal for 2015 on Goodreads...
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Did you accidentally skip an extended cutscene of the airship?
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Guess who is the crazy lady cackling at her phone while walking home from work? IT IS I.
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I'm a sadist. I derive pleasure from the suffering of others.

How did you get the gun mage dressphere without talking to Tobli?
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. . .

The fuck is the Minerva Plate?
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Once again, I really must protest the guide you're using. It's dangerous to go alone, TAKE THIS.
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...I think you're a bit too invested in 100%ing this. Which is interesting, because it's impossible to do on your first playthrough.
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No, I'm pretty sure I said impossible!okay i didn't but i did say this. which was misleading and unclear. my bad. The maximum percentage you can get on your first playthrough is, like. 96%. You need both the scenes you get from donating the sphere to the Youth League in one playthrough, and then New Yevon on an NG+.
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I'm going to assume the guide is wrong and I'm right. :D

Anyway, all 100% nets you is an extra scene that isn't even in the pretty shiny CG. Like, 60 extra seconds of stuff. And it's attached to my Not Favourite Ending. So you're working yourself up about nothing! Maybe try to play for the pretty magical girl dress-up rather than the arbitrary completionist numbers?
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Trust me, you'll be so glad you didn't bother. I'm pretty sure Act 4 is like, 80% watching comm spheres. Check any guide and it'll show you exactly what you're skipping.
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- View the Besaid Island CommSphere twice
- View the Kilika Island Port CommSphere four times
- View the Kilika Island Temple CommSphere
- View the Mushroom Rock Road CommSphere twice
- View the Moonflow CommSphere where Elma tries to take her chocobo
onto the shoopuff
- View the Guadosalam CommSphere
- View the Macalania Woods Travel Agency CommSphere
- View the Zanarkand Ruins CommSphere three times


- View the Besaid Island CommSphere seven times
- View the Kilika Temple CommSphere
- View the Luca CommSphere three times
- View the Mi'ihen Highroad CommSphere and participate in the investigation.
You must complete the sidequest and make it so that the culprit is Rikku or
the Chocobo Eater in order to get the completion percentage. See the
Secrets/Sidequests section of this FAQ for more information.
- View the Djose Temple CommSphere five times and you will get two Al Bhed
- View the Guadosalam CommSphere
- View the Thunder Plains CommSphere and catch a chocobo using the
- View the Macalania Woods Entrance CommSphere
- View the Macalania Woods Travel Agency CommSphere
- View the Bikanel Desert Excavation Camp CommSphere
- View the Calm Lands Chocobo Ranch CommSphere twice
- View the Calm Lands Travel Agency CommSphere until you see the father of
the lonely unmarried young man run around behind the agency and play with
a chest. This will make that chest available later in the game and contain
50,000 gil.
- View the Mt. Gagazet Mountain Gate CommSphere
- View the Mt. Gagazet Hot Springs CommSphere 16 times until the hot
springs are empty.
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View the Mt. Gagazet Hot Springs CommSphere 16 times until the hot springs are empty.
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Is 100% worth this

is it
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I'm not being contrary. I really do prefer it as an end to the overall narrative and a resolution to Yuna's story.
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Just say this

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That's pretty much what it is, yeah.

Act IV is definitely the pain in the ass part for 100%. All commspheres, all the time. Blech.

The sad thing is some of the resolutions along the way to 100% I really like, like Wakka's or the Guados. Most of it though is meh.