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I used too much decision-power, there isn't enough for day to day decisions

For some reason I ended up looking at Fire Emblem: Fates, which was a mistake. I bought a house, so I'm poor now. (I'm not really, but I spent a lot of money and I have a lot of anxiety about that.) Bearing this in mind... Do I need FE:Fates right now, like tonight, or do I need it but not so much that it can't wait for a while, like a few months probably?

Although not having an internet connection will hamper efforts to buy it ASAP or liveplay it or anything
But it will also give me something to do while not having an internet connection!
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I would love to come visit! And since I'm starting my GROWN UP, NON-RETAIL JOB NEXT WEEK, I can afford it! It'll have to wait until sometime in 2017, though.

Man, I'm so jelly. It sounds like you've really turned things around from last year. c:
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I start on Tuesday, I'm mostly doing data entry with a few other responsibilities, I get my own desk, I get to wear jeans to work every day, and I'll be making enough to move out in a few months! :D

Did you want to talk about the stressy things? o: