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Okay, well, I feel better. But I can't get a gif of Hillary Clinton's adorable shoulder shimmy and I am dying.


It makes me smile so much


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You're welcome :)

And when next you'd like to grab a gif/vid off twitter, here's a handy how-to.

She was so awesome, and on several occasions I literally jumped around my living room in pained silence (twas the middle of the night here).

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I'm seeing it in the post, and the link still seems active. Just for refs and out of interest:
If you click that does it show the gif? If not then I think I can still see it because Chrome's cached it on my side.

Tech, whatever—DEBATE! I'm still buzzed. I'm not even an American, and this is the biggest deal in my life at the moment. This election is so important, the outcome will have effects so far-reaching, that I'm always shocked when I bump into people who seem disinterested.

Less serious: have you seen this picture? For me that's the best, most adorable Hillz pic ever (taken directly after the debate).

If you're in the need of a smirk or 10: about an hour ago, Keith Olbermann as good as called Trump a traitor. Wannabe-Mussolini's gonna have to respond to that. Enjoy!
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Your workplace is mean to PostImage :) I like 'em cos you don't need an account to upload, and even if you have an account, you can just log out and upload anonymously if you want to link an image without it linking back to a personal online gallery. Handy for fora, especially.

Re: undecided voters– I think it's like Donna Brazile said on Morning Joe: divided country. Things are so crazily tribal and partisan at the moment that you have an inordinately high number of fence-sitters. I'm gonna take a risk here and riff off of something else she said: lots of Millennials, *young* ones (really young, oh my), and a fact is that angry, disillusioned, desperately disappointed young people aren't always the most rational. Worse yet, those young people have been fed stupid amounts of outright lies about HRC, and while DJT is oh-so-gross, Sec. Clinton seems highly representative of the establishment that's caused all the crap in your country. You can tell 'em over and again, "But the GOP is to blame for locking up the Senate and the House!" and their rather typical answer is, "But you let them!" and they won't be easily persuaded otherwise.

The young folks I've just described have yet to realize that for the US political system to work properly, what's required is compromise, 110% compromise: both sides of the aisle have to give 55% (at least). And when last did that happen? I don't think it ever has, really (it certainly hasn't in the 150 years since Lee surrendered at Appomatox Court House. Not least because Reconstruction screwed with everything). Those young folks want a perfect system, and they're young enough to still think that perfect is something that actually happens. Some of them are waking up to the fact that they're wrong, and they're the people who'll vote for HRC. The rest... Ouch. I don't think anyone's gonna reach them, not this election.

As for older undecided voters... They're idiots. I really did try to come up with something kinder, I swear, but... Nope. IDIOTS. Just before the debate I posted and called 'em ungrateful idiots. They're also wilfully ignorant, which is unforgivable. I mean, if they'd just engage their brains and look at the evidence for themselves, then they'd dump the idea that HRC is the "lesser of two evils". She's not even close.

Re: Sec. Clinton being "[...] characterized as cold or aloof or inhuman [...]"– she's a Scorpio, and we are nearly always misunderstood (she says, with a long-suffering sigh): we value our privacy and yet we're called 'secretive'; we're reserved but people call that 'cold'; we're tenacious but we're called 'aggressive'; we're decisive but people call that 'forceful'. And I can go on and on and ON. Sure, watch out for the sting in our tails (see: Putin, who *really* doesn't want Hillary Clinton to win), but we sting and move on; we're not grudge-keepers. As that relates directly to HRC, various world leaders should be very grateful for that :P

And something else I said in that pre-Debate post: Hillary is thought of as "self-serving" because she's a woman who's really good at what she does. Keyword there being "woman". She's busted through that glass ceiling, sure, but she's still being held to the standards that patriarchal assholes (like Trump, but also like many American men over 40) just won't let go. The worst is, there are women who hold her to those same outdated standards.

Anyway, I'll quit prattling away now and I won't take offense if you choose not to enable(!) me further. Just have to say: THANK YOU for voting. I'm almost green with envy, you get to vote for Hillary frickin' Clinton. Please know that there are literally millions of people like me all around the world, and we're rooting for you and for Hillz :)