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Twilight Town Roxas will kick your ass

The Plain Clothes Roxas medal:

Even in fluffy Twilight Town mode they chose to show him full of pain and rage and fury.
I... I just love my feral wolf baby so much. /sobs
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[personal profile] tyger 2016-12-17 12:40 am (UTC)(link)
Your picture is broken. :( I bet it's amazing, though, Roxas really is the best feral wolf baby. :x :x :x

I don't *think* that version of Roxas has been released in JP!KHUx yet, which is what I'm playing, so I will patiently hoard my jewels until it is. >:
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Ahhh, so cute <3 If he is around, I don't have him, which suuuucks. I've only been playing a few months, though, so it's entirely possible I just missed him and he hasn't come back. My HD black coat Roxas is my best dude, though, SO STRONG. Also grumpy, though less obviously so than normal blackcoat and that TT one. (I... pretty much only have a presentable power deck, everything else still sucks. Getting there slowly, though!) Also oh man Lea??? I WANT A LEA, lemme guess, event medal? Ugh, gimme. *grabbyhands* Still, if I could get me a TT Roxas, I'd only be one Roxas away from a Roxas-only deck, that would be AMAZEBALLS. Probably have to be a starlight deck, given colours... *ponders*

Yeah, that's pretty much why I'm in JPUx! I did start with EN, but... more shinies! I was intending to do both, too, but it turns out I don't have enough brain for both, and I'm honestly having more fun with JP. (The fact that I'm in a party full of Japanese people, who are therefore around more often when I am - I'm in AU, it's only a two hour time difference - does help, haha.)

Also, if you do want to play, feel free to join my party! If you need me to I can translate, though I have a feeling you know enough Japanese you'll be okay? But I'm not sure where I got that impression, hahaha. Anyway, we're in foxes, which is the second-highest ranked union each week, so you might not want to - I just picked foxes because I like foxes! - and we're a pretty small party, but two of my party members are super hardcore awesomely strong players, so we frequently get into top 300, even though the party philosophy is pretty much 'have fun, do whatever you like, (but sometimes we'll ask you to use your lux up at certain times, if you're able, because teamwork)'. Currently fighting the weekend raid boss, but I'll get you the party name when I'm done, I can't remember it off the top of my head. It's open access, so you can join or not join as pleases you. :3
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HD ROXAS IS SOOOO GREAAAT :D :D :D He's strong to begin with, but then I managed to use my Micky&Brooms and then magic mirrors so he's gilded at 150% and killing everything. Eeeeverything. (Particularly with my all-power deck - I've got Illus. Kairi, HD Roxas, and then Illus. Cloud, so by the end of the first three medals I'm at 3x attack and the enemy is -3x power def. It's amaaaaazing. |D) I LOVE 0-ability attacks, though, oh man now I want Lea even mooooore. Oh geeze, AND Isa?? Ffff. *flailyhands*

Ugh, that's true, I forgot about the upright/reversed bullshit. Hmmmmmm. Maybe the moogle blade, I haven't levelled mine up enough to know if it's upright or reversed bonuses. *ponders* Or the Cinderella world blade, I don't have that one yet but given how the last two have been red-green and blue-green, it should be blue-red, which works with his medal types...

Ahahahahaha oh man I know that feeling. I was like. Level 80-something within my first week of playing JPUx, and I had absolutely fucking nothing in my deck ahahaha. I happened to join just as the anniversary event was on, though, so I was able to get some decent early-game type medals before that ended, which was super handy. :3 I'm guessing Nova is the EN translation of Boost? That came out after I moved over, so I dunno, but it seems likely. Also oh man, you're already up to there? I think I played ENUx for like, two months or so, and I got stuck on Cerberus. (With JP I tend to forget to do story quests because omg gotta level up medals! Gotta do events! So many things happening!! But I think that'll probably cool down after new years, less cultural event things happening. Up to 400-sommat now, though! And I've almost maxed out my levels um. >>;;; Raaaaaaids~)

...oh man yeah I need to get more Larxene B medals. /o\ And this other Christmas event that ends in less than 24 hours but has CID AND YUFFIE AND AERITH. But the missions keep crashing my game - I'm playing on an iPad 2 and it's not... really... up to all the graphics - so I keep getting frustrated and doing other things. ^^;; We're on AP0 this week too, which is great. Though honestly we're on AP0 so often I'm always unpleasantly surprised when we're not - what is this bullshit, that medal-gathering mission costs HOW much?? I am a spoiled JPUx player, I admit it, it's the best. *laughs*

Foxes are the best! :D That's why I chose fox, too, just ended up being first in EN, but second in JP. Who knows why, not me~ Our party name is 恋人の部屋, our leader is ミヤビ, play style is そこそこ, and we currently only have 6 people in our party - that should be enough info to find it, I think? My username on there is Turul, for reasons that have to do with not knowing I'd actually be... talking to people... when playing it.
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It's so great! ;; I managed to get the Illus. Kairi when I was pulling for HD Roxas, and somehow or other I got a +1000atk version, I don't even know. It's the only one of those I've managed to get, but eeee! Yeah, M&B is kind of the best, though they're really slow to get unless you pay for premium time (which I can't even if I wanted to, since I don't live in Japan and iTunes is stupid).

Yeah, I've got HD, regular, and - SP I think is the ice-cream one? It's the ice cream one. So two blues and a red. Eventually I'll be able to gild them all and have a shiny shiny keyblade, but might take a while, haha.

Oh man those spiders, what even are those. I'm still levelling up two or three times a weekend, with the 30milHP weekend raid bosses, even though it's now literally millions of LUX between levels. I don't have HD Sora yet,but he seems pretty great! :D Radiant Rose is nice, but because of how I mainly only have power medals, Power of Hero is my best blade in pure attack numbers, though Rock Splendour is probably the best overall, because of my Kairi-Roxas-Cloud lineup. (I don't remember the EN names, sorry! ^^;;)

Hahahaha yeaaaah. Particularly the Fantasia Mickey quest, it's like 36AP and whaaaaaat??? Particularly since you need like twenty billion of the damn things, uuuugh. One day I'll have evolved enough of my medals to 6* that I can build up a stash. One daaaaaaaay. ;; The generated gilt isn't any better BUT during certain events, when you get AP0, half-cost medal levelling etc, they boost the minimum % up a bit, so you're a bit more likely to get a decent number. But also magic mirrors everywhere, all the time. (Well, not really, but it feels like that. Events generally have ~5 in their event boards, and the colosseum has a bunch each month, too.) So for your expensive medals you really only need to roll once, and then use mirrors to make up the difference, rather than attempting to reroll a bunch of times.

Hee, yes! I joined it pmuch at random, but it's filled with nice people, so it's worked out really well. :3 Haha, it's more that it's weird to be called Turul, that's not my name, I'm Tyger! But I also don't want to change my display name, so I put up with the weird. Yesss, shinies are the beeeeest :D
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....ahahahahaha oh noooooo, why would you do that. *snickers* And yeah, it's definitely EASIER to get them, because more jewels = more draws, but it's still not everyone has everything, haha.

Yeaaaaaaah, all I can think of is Axel, stop fellating your goddamn ice cream, just. Axel. Axel. No. Stop. If he hasn't gotten it yet, that's not going to help.

No, no, you're absolutely right! On all counts! Well done! ^^- I'm just HORRIBLE AT NAMES, so I forget the English ones really quickly.

Oh geeze, yeah, I know that pain. /o\ I've spent SO MANY JEWELS on extra storage space the past fortnight. Worth it in the long run, but SO MANY. /o\ (I've barely even started evolving up story quest drop medals, because NO ROOM, they get sold off pmuch straight away in favour of event/draw medals. *sighs* So glad for the daily jewel quests, it means that my jewel total generally doesn't decrease, just stays steadyish.)

YEAH IT'S RIDICULOUS I DON'T EVEN. And in JP it's only on Fridays, so there's not even that much time to gather stacks! ;; I... basically only ever have enough time to get the medals I need to evolve what I've got RIGHT NOW, and sometimes not even that much. One day, though. ONE DAY. Stacks of 99, able to evolve anything at will. >:

Ahahaha, yeah, but he's a story drop, I'd ignore him for now and focus on your rarer medals! I really hate it when that happens, though, just. Fffff. Be better, you asshole!

YAAAAY!!! :D I'm stuck on the second-last Christmas quest - I'm never going to beat it in 90sec, which is what it WANTS, but I can't even beat it at all - which is annoying, since I think the last quest must be the 3D Riku drop quest, and I don't have him at all yet. *makes faces at the stupid level 240 asshole critters* I've got a little under an hour to keep trying, though, so I'll keep going and worry about Larxene tomorrow.

You can! You just have to be logged in to your JP iTunes account to update it, etc. Yeah, I don't even know how people could play on their phones, how do they even SEE anything? I mean, I know my vision is shitty, but still... It would be pretty sweet to be able to play it on the train or whatever, though.
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[personal profile] tyger 2016-12-19 02:47 am (UTC)(link)
Whee! :D

Definitely no more props! Use your words, Axel, it's the only way he's going to get it!

Ooooooh! If that happens I'll definitely buy a bunch more slots! But I've only been getting them when it's been get more slots or delete event/draw medals, and... yeah. Worth it, just annoying.

200! :D It's pretty great! Didn't end up getting Riku OH WELL I'm sure he'll turn up again, Riku is like that. *eyes him* I did just get the last of the Larxene B medals, though, yaaaay!

Boooooo :( You could turn your phone into a wifi hotspot, maybe? But that could possibly get expensive, IDK.
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Hahaha, yeaaaah, that's kind of the thing. Stupid tiny inventory.

Yes! Weekly medals, it's a thing. An amazing thing. :D And yeah, no, there's been a whole bunch of deals with older medals recently, it's been pretty cool. PROBABLY A GOOD IDEA even if you don't get Kairi you should get SOMETHING awesome! :D (When I started it was the last couple of days of the KA#3 medal deal. I spent SO MANY JEWELS trying to get one, so um. I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL I can't really tell you no, haha.)

...ooooooh. I didn't really look at that, because ugh, Ansem, but I will go poke it now. :D
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[personal profile] tyger 2016-12-19 01:00 pm (UTC)(link)
SO TRUE. Noooo, I can't help mourning for Isa when Saïx is around. :x


AXEL! :D :D :D :D Oh man, I don't have HD Axel yet, I'm jealous! :x And yeaaah, I get that. But maybe they'll do another free daily draw event sometime soon! *can only hope*
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Ahh, see, I got a lot more of the 'long-suffering, sarcastic friend' vibe from Isa, with all of the teasing affection that goes with it. Saïx's frustrated middle management WAS pretty funny, but all his private scenes with Axel kind of creeped me out. Can't remember why, it's been a while... I should go back and replay it sometime, what a fun game, if heartbreaking.

Oooh, fic! And a liveblog! I will read them... when it's not 3am. Um. Yes. >>;;;
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[personal profile] tyger 2016-12-19 10:58 pm (UTC)(link)
*nodnodnod* Yeah, they were super great friends, which is why their super fucked up relationship in the end makes me so sad. (Lea is basically a ferret child, all energy and playfulness and getting into everything.)

That's fair! For me, it's enough to get attached, haha.

Whoops? You're probably right, though - if KH-era Riku had spent a decade at Maleficent's side, rather than being Sora'd, it definitely seems likely that he'd be the same kind of fucked up, miserable bastard Saïx is. :/

Hahaha, what a great use of a day!
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*nodnodnod* (Oh yeah, Riku has a pretty big protective streak, he just hides it pretty well.) SO MANY SELF-ESTEEM ISSUES. So many.

Oh geegus, that's probably even worse than the time I rolled Paine at 16% four times in a row. (I gave up after that. It was definitely a sign.)