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Kay ([personal profile] sincere) wrote2016-12-27 09:53 am
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Musique pour la Tristesse de Kingdom Hearts

I am giving myself too many Kingdom Hearts feels

I was thinking about Roxas and then "It could've been the other way around" and then the data Roxas from re:Coded and then the tragedy of 358/2 Days and then the tragedy of Xion (wait who's that?), and then I listened to Xion's theme, and now I'm listening to Xion's theme for the 1.5 ReMix which is 30 minutes long so that I can revel in misery endlessly

I am just going to lie here in a puddle of my own tears.

Are the ReMixes for PS4 out yet? I feel the need to spend more hundreds of dollars on this stupid game series buying the same games I've already bought and played a hundred times. How do these absurd games wire directly into my brain???

Also, hope everyone had a good holiday, may 2017 be a better year for all of us, with fewer deaths and no world-ruining or society-ending political regimes. And more Kingdom Hearts.
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[personal profile] tyger 2016-12-28 01:15 am (UTC)(link)
Booooo! I pulled four times and didn't get Roxas either, it suuucks. But I did get a boosted illustrated Aqua, and an illustrated black coat Mickey, so no real complaints here! *pets shiny medals*

I haven't managed to get a Master Eraqus yet, but one day!!! *fistshake*
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Yeah! :D (One of my party members' shared medal is a 150% Illust. Black Coat Mickey with attack-and-ability up. It's pretty much the best thing ever.)

Oh OUCH, 5 gauges is just too many. >___< Unless you have Illus. School Kairi with her refreshing 10 every use attack of amazing, or the AP1 skill, anyway. 58%'s not great, but it's not awful, either! I rolled Beast finally last night and got 40% though, I know how you feel. Ugh, stupid random percentage.

But Xehanort, eww. *makes all the faces* Why are blue ones so hard to get, I do not even know. I have Illustrated Xion, who is amazeballs, and now Illustrated Aqua, but other than that I've got... Nightmare Wondernyan, who okay is pretty good, but only because is a 0 ability medal. I've been playing longer so obviously I've got more things, but they're all kind of meh. =/ I need enough Roxas medals so I can gild something, damnit! (Also, more Fuu. Because Fuu, and also because 0-ability group attack <3)
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Haha, yeah. But it's okay if you use English, too; when I first joined one of them offered to speak English for me, but I kind of like the chatting in Japanese, so. Also we're not a particularly chatty party, hahaha.

I AM SO ANNOYED I DIDN'T DRAW FOR HER. I mean, I didn't have enough jewels to get the guaranteed pull, but GODDAMNIT SELF YOU MORON. But uh yeah WHY CAN'T WE HAVE ALL THE AWESOME THINGS, GDI!!

I got her on like my first draw ever, and I've not seen her again! But I love her~! She's not super strong, but Fuuuuu <3

Because they can, I'm betting. Gotta get them dollars if they can~~ But yeah, I don't even know. Also in JP the two avatar coins are 5/5 instead of that 6/4 bullshit! Just. Why?? What the hell do you gain by making things arbitrarily harder? Also the 10x drawing for a guaranteed medal, instead of 5x! They give you ~half the jewels, and then get you to pay twice as much, what the actual fuck. *EYES THEM DISAPPROVINGLY*
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And I'm happy to translate for you should you want! :3 I don't have inviting powers, but I think the party is join-as-you-please? I can ask, though!

*nodnod* Yeah! She's just a lot weaker than most of mine, as a five-star zero-dot medal, hahaha.

Yeaaaaah. See also: one of the major reasons I'm playing JPUx! Just. Nope.

Yeah, stop buying them, rich people!! You're ruining our chances of being able to join in! (Ohhh, that's not bad at all! The cheapest I think I saw was like $20-sommat for a week's ViP, which includes 3000 jewels, but given exchange rate bullshit that ends up being like $30 for me, and noooope, do you know how many entire games I can get on Steam for that much money???) And honestly if jewels had been cheaper in NA I *would* have bought some, because I like supporting games I like! But I have a strong objection to supporting obvious money-grubbing, so, nope. (In JP it's a moot point, because iTunes requires you to have an actual Japanese billing address for your card, and uh, I don't have one of those.)

SPEAKING OF, I deeply dislike that you can only get premium for a *week*, and it's so expensive. Like, if it was super cheap maybe it'd be okay! Or if it was a permanent unlock, I'd possibly pay a decent amount! But uh no, not this one week bullshit. :|
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[personal profile] tyger 2016-12-28 01:07 am (UTC)(link)
The 1.5 version of Xion's theme is half an hour?? I REQUIRE IT homg :x :x :x The piano version is one of the songs I occasionally put on repeat and listen to for a couple of hours to soothe the brainmeats. (Don't ask me why such a tragic character's theme soothes the brainmeats, I have NO IDEA.)

Too much sad in this goddamn series, my heart can't take it. ;; (But I love it so much!!)

That is a very good wish, yes! Be better than this year, 2017! Maybe KH3 will even come out! (ahahahaha no I'm kidding not a chance)
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[personal profile] tyger 2016-12-28 04:12 pm (UTC)(link)
Oooooooh, orchestral! It's... currently 3am BUT I WILL DEFINITELY LISTEN IN THE MORNING! >: