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With a special thanks to [personal profile] slayerofgod for his updates that kept me in the loop.
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I am vibrating with the need to play Story of Seasons. As the release date draws closer I've been filled with the need to play Harvest Moon and I keep checking Amazon to see if it's shipped yet because it said it would ship today but it also said I wouldn't get it until Thursday but it comes out tomorrow how can I wait until Thursday I will gnaw my arm off

Even though I have a midterm on Wednesday but w/e I can raise angora rabbits and camels on my farm wtf I just need this

Still having a Bleach moment, currently juggling Child of Light on Steam and Harvest Moon: A Tale of Two Towns. It's hard to get into my new job because I won't have a computer for... weeks, probably, so people just hand me huge stacks of paper to proof/label/read, so most of my work time is spent reading monotonous procedures about how procedures are decided upon until I faceplant and then stealthily reading library books on my iPhone or writing fanfic.

...Do you ever have one of those pairings that you ship so much that you can't imagine writing or roleplaying it or whatever because it's so perfect already that there's nowhere left to go, that you can't add anything to it? I think that is Renji and Rukia for me. I can't write anything except pre-canon angst for them. Once they're bffs again nothing I write feels like it could come close to expressing their perfection.
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So I exercised my newfound iconning skills and made a ton of Yumichika icons, because he's a pretty princess and fun to color. This is my first iconset ever!

Anyone who finds this post and wants to use an icon is welcome to do so, just please credit this journal! I also have the PSDs and bigger/cleaner versions of these icons if anyone wants to toy with them.

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I am having trouble deciding whether to decorate my plurk with Renji/Rukia Version 1: Get Married Already, Version 2: Team Adorable Losers, or Version 3: Badass Battle Couple. My life is the hardest!

I combined them all into a big banner with no viable purpose and I feel slightly better.

In other news, I've been attempting to learn GIMP and/or Photoshop, and despite a not hideously unsuccessful experiment with Lisa and an icon thereof on my crappy laptop, I now hate images, image editing, and the world.

Up to Everything But The Rain!
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Happy birthday to me! I want to revamp my entire journal, but I already spent like 2 hours finding my favorite icons to sift through, so I'm going to reread some Bleach now. Before even naming my icons! Prepare for some random icon hijinx.

As per usual, I will update this one post throughout the liveblogging, so check back regularly if you're interested in new developments.

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Bleach 490

May. 2nd, 2012 01:52 pm
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Okay, so I just have to say that I am cracking up right now.

Otherwise meh.

Bleach 482

Feb. 22nd, 2012 10:00 am
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Bleach update! I almost forgot about it, but [personal profile] canavasary was on the ball. All the points go to her. I'm using the same website as last time but I don't want to link to it.

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Bleach 499

May. 25th, 2011 04:12 pm
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I had to share this with my journal as well as my plurk. Orihime has become so badass. I am absolutely in love with her character development. And now I shall talk about it.

On Orihime's badassery. )

On a related note, I love that she's formed this bond with Chad to compensate for their past ugly experiences with feeling useless; I love that they came together because they don't want to burden Ichigo. I always liked Chad/Orihime but now I liiiike it. :D

And I want to canon update her in Marina, but baww, there are still so many unanswered questions, and she's physically changed the most of all of them, so it'll be ages before she has as many beautiful icons as she does with her Soul Society/Hueco Mundo look. ;;;; And I'm so fussy about icons. Bawww.

Bleach 430

Dec. 9th, 2010 09:53 pm
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Holy shit Orihime is so adorable sdlkfjslkgj I love her to death.

Also, fuck KT for managing to find some awesome left in this series, I was so done. :( And -- honestly I have zero interest in the new guys so far (except maybe Ichigo's boss) but the stuff we're doing with our existing cast makes it all worth it.

Next chapter, Chad, yes? Yes?
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Happy your-birthday-ended-a-few-hours-ago,
[ profile] p_sky!!

You asked for 'never say never', so have some Ichigo/Orihime + Rangiku goodness.

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Happy [belated] birthday,
[ profile] sunshade!

You wanted Nnoitra and Nel, and so here is possibly the worst birthday fic anyone has ever written.
Warning: Nnoitra continuously insults everyone with female parts.

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It's interesting to see that, once again, Aizen's actions are justified with an almost philosophical emotional trigger.

He's a little bit of an oddball -- the compassionate ubervillain, who makes people feel like they're cared about even though he will obliterate without thinking or remorse, whose confidence is so epic that he just compels people to follow him. And he's very consistent about his standards: what elevates people from tools to, well, people.


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So I'm definitely pleased with this turn of events; it deepens and develops a previously established character trait. I am, however, disappointed that we sort of came into the middle of Aizen's plotting. My hopes when we started this segment out would be that we'd get to see some backstory as to why he's doing all this -- what got him started down Revolution Road. But we came in on the middle of it, apparently after Aizen already has a cause to gather people to.
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Watched Hairspray. Loved it. Started watching Across the Universe, stopped about 3/4ths of the way through, watched Hairspray again instead. Still love it. Think I'm going to have to buy it.

Still, slowly, playing The World Ends With You. If you'll recall, I had a premonition that I was supposed to pair Joshua with Neku just from reading the instruction manual. Well, now that I'm significantly into Joshua's chapter, I can officially say that Square is trying way too hard to make me pair Joshua with Neku. Seriously, I don't need this much help. I can decide that he's gay before he starts giggling and making sly comments about staring at Neku's ass. Anyway, he's Very Interesting, in the sense of being a smug little bitch with more secrets up his sleeve than a transvestite, which by the way he practically is, because despite his sensible character art outfit, he has branded items (e.g. "When Joshua wears this item...") that are, for example, a frilly umbrella. Seriously. He has a Frilly Umbrella that only he can make practical use of. Not a girl. Joshua.


On a Kingdom Hearts front, I'm playing Re:CoM. I am also making tremendous progress on Another Side, which is ecstatic-making. We're officially done with the Prologue, although not all of it is up yet -- I think we'll post the first part of Day 6 today. I'm currently attempting to draw Nobodies in Namine's style for the Namine's Notes. It's... not easy. orz I think it takes someone more artistically talented than me to draw this childishly. You know, like it takes a really great dancer to dance badly?

On the Bleach front, Kyouraku/Lisa is so my new OTP, even though it's painful because uh I can't just ignore Kyouraku/Nanao either. It is FTP, for Fail True Pairing, although I believe that acronym is taken. Anyway I love them. And Urahara and Hiyori and Akon. And Yoruichi and Byakuya. Etc.

ETA: It's a frilly parasol, not a frilly umbrella. And it is described as "Frilled and beribboned, this antique umbrella is a magical key to grand romance. A sensible princess would keep it at hand." A sensible princess, e.g. Joshua.

Bleach -107

Apr. 4th, 2008 09:54 am
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Today's chapter available here: Rawr.

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In retrospect, everything on that list is pre-empted by my sudden intense need to write Kyouraku/Lisa with Kyouraku/Lisa/Nanao on the side. Just this one, and then I'm back to my Abysession.