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I've been meaning to link this for like two weeks now.
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Okay, I just have to explain to you all that I discovered Songza about twenty seconds ago and I want to recommend it to every human being.

It's a streaming music website with the premise that they / professionals / users have created playlists of music, based on a theme or a mood.

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I am currently listening to the "Saving The World From Evil" playlist. It has played instrumentals from the Dark Knight Rises, X-Men First Class, and Tron Legacy soundtracks. I'm in love.

It's for iPhone, Android, and computer. Just....... go there and use it forever.
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We did good. And your drabbles will be forthcoming!
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Okay, hurricane canceled! I have found the most amazing thing ever.

This will solve all problems, everywhere, forever.

You're welcome.
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[personal profile] rainfall: Where is this workshop? Is it in or near Philly? >>
[personal profile] rainfall: I just got an email from the bosses announcing that they're temporarily closing the lobby restrooms "due to approaching storm"
[personal profile] sincere: It's in Philly
[personal profile] sincere: Oooh
[personal profile] sincere: ...Yeah! A hurricane, in fact.
[personal profile] rainfall: Check on the weather? But I doooon't want to go out into fhhdh ;;
[personal profile] sincere: Philly and NYC are in the middle of the coastline region colored in bright red that says "LIKELY" on it. :D
[personal profile] rainfall: /orders food, works from home, no workshop about plot for her ))
[personal profile] sincere: HURRICANE SANDY IS HEADED STRAIGHT FOR US! But it's only a category 1, it's like a baby hurricane.
[personal profile] rainfall: Somewhere Marina!Sandy is insulted by its puniness

Hurricane! Bring it on, Sandy!
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Everyone who hasn't seen this yet needs to watch it right now. Credit to [personal profile] demiurgic as the genius who linked it to me.

I'm thinking about taking up Twitter again, but I might want to start a new one instead of reusing my old one... And maybe I should just channel those thoughts into DW instead of being afraid to post to DW without a big essay of words. But I went on my Twitter account and saw all these funny/useful/informative things I'd been following that I wouldn't have known about because I never use it...

My phone had an adventure through the washing machine that did not end well, a few days ago. But on the bright side... I now have an iPhone. On the down side... I have an iPhone...

/lies down to die
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[personal profile] temples why aren't you online I am in despair

I wanted to show you that I have found an amazing illustration of Thor and Loki's baby

(...I apologize to any normal people who clicked on that image and are very confused)
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ATTENTION. It has come to my attention that some of my friends have not seen the current crop of Marvel universe movies! I intend to fix this.

Would you like to see Iron Man? Have you already seen it but would not be averse to seeing it again in an awkward livestream format where some of us will be holding conversation, often about it, in the accompanying chat window? Then this is your lucky day! Because with permission from [personal profile] temples, I am considering opening up our private Show Jes Things livestream to others! All that is required is a browser and a decentish internet connection, no downloads or anything needed.

We want to show Iron Man at some point on Saturday, preferably afternoonish EST. Would anyone be anyone interested in joining us? If so, what kind of time constraints are you under?
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More things I said, re: TWEWY and KH and TWEWY in my KH.

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Caught up on all my taaaags oh yeah. Gonna do some writiiing. Planning to app Nekuuuuu. I even did my kids' CR charts: Allen, Flynn, and Roxas! ETA: Whoops, I have to add in Lavi and probably Lenalee on Allen's. I forgot about them cuz they're new. brb.

First, some writing. Then, Sentience tags.

We're going somewhere to dinner tomorrow night. Benihana, maybe? We'll see if the show will silence [personal profile] rainfall's bickering family for ninety minutes. I'm looking forward to going (obviously, because I keep finding reasons for her to go there, like that the show might silence her bickering family for ninety minutes).

For her actual birthday next week we're getting cupcakes. Have you ever seen such ridiculous things?! I'm so excited I can't wait to eat them. XDDD Three sweet creams and three cake batters. Mmm.
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Tiny gif with a quote under here, both from a KH: Dream Drop Distance trailer. )

[personal profile] sincere: You don't know what you're getting into, Sora.
[personal profile] rainfall: PFFFT
[personal profile] rainfall: Look, Joshua's feelings are going to reach Neku.
[personal profile] sincere: Whether Neku likes it or not.
[personal profile] sincere: Survival not guaranteed.
[personal profile] rainfall: They will come in through his window at night.
[personal profile] rainfall: (Everyone in the Cult of Sora is connected to everyone else's hearts, all the time.)
[personal profile] rainfall: (There is very little privacy.)

I wrote no fewer than two The World Ends With You fics yesterday, both of them Hanekoma/Joshua. They're like a collective 2300 words. I'm the most fail. I also am not posting them yet because dflksjlgjkl I haven't even gotten to Joshua in my replay yet and I need to be sure I won't hate myself when I'm caught up.
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Now it's time for a few recs.


[community profile] insincere: For my fic. Yeah yeah.

[community profile] bunnyguild: Because everyone but me had a musebox. Shut up.


[site community profile] dw_community_promo: Advertising communities -- a lot are springing up, so check it every now and again if you want to find new communities.

[community profile] dreamcodes: Profile codes, muse lists, CR charts, etc. All the delicious code things a roleplayer could ask for.

[community profile] dreamwidthlayouts: Are the official layouts not cutting it for you? Here are people constantly making more, and they're easy to implement, and gorgeous.

P.S.: If you're not using this layout, you are missing out.


[community profile] talesof: The Tales of... general series community. Go here to crosspost your fic, have discussions, ask questions, etc.

[community profile] anime_manga: What it says on the tin. All anime and manga content can go here.


[community profile] 100_women: I adore big challenge charts and female characters. So this is perfect! It's no-claims, and there are charts for 100, 50, or even just 10 challenges, so it's very low-pressure!

[community profile] tales_100: This is a drabble community for Tales of fandoms; limited to 100 words only. The current prompt is "any past prompt you like", so look through them and see if you're pinged?

[community profile] fic_promptly: Every weekday they post a new topic (for example, today's is "umbrella") and you suggest prompts in the comments that can be specific to whatever fandom you love. It's like a prompt meme on demand. You can also go back and fill old unfilled prompts at any time~ I'm kind of in love with this idea now that I've figured it out.

[community profile] 1sentencefic: 1 sentence writing challenge, naturally. A big table with 100 prompts for which you can write one sentence apiece.

[community profile] no_true_pair: Scheduled. Make a list of 8 characters, and the mods give you a list of prompts -- pairing determined by the number you chose! It's fun and irregular.

[community profile] areyougame: Scheduled. Throw down prompts for your favorite game fandom and then write others!
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Watching Bridezillas, and apparently, there's an episode where they did a gay marriage with a male bridezilla: just as much of a perfectionist, manipulative, controlling relentless bitch, plus more ridiculous sounding when he goes into fake drama whore tears. (Plus a het marriage where the guy was the bridezilla, but she better be ready for the inevitable, because that man is gaaaay.)

[ profile] libekory, who is polishing up her already awesome Suzaku voice, observes that Suzaku is sort of bemused and wincing alternately by all of it, because if Lelouch were getting married...

Bridezilla, y/y? He'd have to have a suitably grand, immense wedding. He'd nitpick the tailoring and the catering to death, and then three weeks before the wedding fire everyone involved in a ferocious tantrum and sacrifice sleep to do it all personally. (Suzaku can help with egg-beating, but only that.) All the bridesmaids would have breakdowns because they all not-so-secretly wanted to be the groom, damnit. He has a father + 107 step-mothers + Anya + god only knows how many brothers and sisters to not invite, but they can crash the wedding in a gigantic upset that turns into KMF combat. (His mother started a fine history of crashing KMFs into formal events.)

Also, yeah, like two dozen new Code Geass icons, most of them our deuteragonists, plus some C.C. getting in everyone's personal space, plus some Cornelia, plus some Mao. Also, a Magikarp.
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Having just watched the X-men movie trilogy (verdict: good, good, what wait) my mind goes back to an inexplicable period of my childhood.

I don't know when I was into X-men. I'm sure I was never an avid fan of the comics. I feel like I may just have been a Gambit/Rogue fan. I have memories of searching for fanfiction about them. Why did I do this? What motivated me? How did I discover them? Was it the cartoon series?

I genuinely don't know. But it's so deeply ingrained as a piece of my history that I can't help shipping it, even when it's not relevant. It's just in the back of my head: I'm thinking about the X-men movies, and then I'm thinking about Gambit/Rogue. Kinda weird!
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I am already tired of the TWEWY kink meme, that took like -- eight hours, most of which I spent asleep. I think I lost my stomach for it somewhere circa (JASON, SKIP THE REST OF THIS PARAGRAPH NOW DO NOT READ IT) the "gun fellatio" kink because -- horrifying, I don't normally get squicked but that is seriously squicky, and I can't believe anyone who played that game would actually request that. Horrifying.

I finally got around to listening to a World of Warcraft FST that someone put together in January, and the Horde songs make me itch to start up my account again and play some awesome orc chick. (The song "The Least Of My Kind" by Echo Children gets me all tingly. ORC/WOLF = OTP.) I, uh, won't, since I don't really know anyone still playing it and I'm tired of leveling up characters and I'm so tired of all the level 1-30 zones, which is where I'd spend the next like 25 hours.

Kingdom Hearts-related rambling to be posted... later today, I think.
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Okay, so Another Day, an AU "epilogue" to The World Ends With You, is kind of like what would happen if Square was smoking something one day and decided to put the script of a Neku/Joshua fanfic into the game.

Also they're kind of the Power Rangers.
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Watched Hairspray. Loved it. Started watching Across the Universe, stopped about 3/4ths of the way through, watched Hairspray again instead. Still love it. Think I'm going to have to buy it.

Still, slowly, playing The World Ends With You. If you'll recall, I had a premonition that I was supposed to pair Joshua with Neku just from reading the instruction manual. Well, now that I'm significantly into Joshua's chapter, I can officially say that Square is trying way too hard to make me pair Joshua with Neku. Seriously, I don't need this much help. I can decide that he's gay before he starts giggling and making sly comments about staring at Neku's ass. Anyway, he's Very Interesting, in the sense of being a smug little bitch with more secrets up his sleeve than a transvestite, which by the way he practically is, because despite his sensible character art outfit, he has branded items (e.g. "When Joshua wears this item...") that are, for example, a frilly umbrella. Seriously. He has a Frilly Umbrella that only he can make practical use of. Not a girl. Joshua.


On a Kingdom Hearts front, I'm playing Re:CoM. I am also making tremendous progress on Another Side, which is ecstatic-making. We're officially done with the Prologue, although not all of it is up yet -- I think we'll post the first part of Day 6 today. I'm currently attempting to draw Nobodies in Namine's style for the Namine's Notes. It's... not easy. orz I think it takes someone more artistically talented than me to draw this childishly. You know, like it takes a really great dancer to dance badly?

On the Bleach front, Kyouraku/Lisa is so my new OTP, even though it's painful because uh I can't just ignore Kyouraku/Nanao either. It is FTP, for Fail True Pairing, although I believe that acronym is taken. Anyway I love them. And Urahara and Hiyori and Akon. And Yoruichi and Byakuya. Etc.

ETA: It's a frilly parasol, not a frilly umbrella. And it is described as "Frilled and beribboned, this antique umbrella is a magical key to grand romance. A sensible princess would keep it at hand." A sensible princess, e.g. Joshua.
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Kay on psychic Japanese teenagers who go shopping for power-ups in order to fight invisible monsters!

All names are in "English" order because that's how the game does it and I don't really care all that much.

Not really any spoilers, and I've only played up to Day 3. )

Overall: The battle system is slightly aggravating, and the music is mind-blowingly bad, but the game is really fun and really cool so far. I'm going to tentatively recommend it until I've had a chance to play further.