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I am giving myself too many Kingdom Hearts feels

I was thinking about Roxas and then "It could've been the other way around" and then the data Roxas from re:Coded and then the tragedy of 358/2 Days and then the tragedy of Xion (wait who's that?), and then I listened to Xion's theme, and now I'm listening to Xion's theme for the 1.5 ReMix which is 30 minutes long so that I can revel in misery endlessly

I am just going to lie here in a puddle of my own tears.

Are the ReMixes for PS4 out yet? I feel the need to spend more hundreds of dollars on this stupid game series buying the same games I've already bought and played a hundred times. How do these absurd games wire directly into my brain???

Also, hope everyone had a good holiday, may 2017 be a better year for all of us, with fewer deaths and no world-ruining or society-ending political regimes. And more Kingdom Hearts.
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The Plain Clothes Roxas medal:

Even in fluffy Twilight Town mode they chose to show him full of pain and rage and fury.
I... I just love my feral wolf baby so much. /sobs
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What's that? Yes, I just finished a Kingdom Hearts liveplay, it's time for SON OF DAYS: A KINGDOM HEARTS LIVEPLAY OF A GAME I'VE ALREADY FINISHED. Sorry, out of the way, it's time to get my Nobody feelings on. /rolls up sleeves

Current progress: Completed.
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We have a new housepartment!!! It's a three-bedroom rowhome on a beautiful suburban-style street with lots of fat happy cats that came right up to my car when I parked and flopped over to lie in the road like they have no self-preservation instincts. So it's basically perfect.

And that's when I decided to play a new game.

Kingdom Hearts: DDD liveplay! I will update this post with more comments every time I resume playing, so if you're curious about what I'm doing/thinking, or what's happening in it, you can always click and read through.

Latest: THE END.
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I FINALLY BEAT KINGDOM HEARTS RE: CODED! Saw the secret ending, too.

Spoilertastic last-impression babble to follow. )
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More things I said, re: TWEWY and KH and TWEWY in my KH.

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Tiny gif with a quote under here, both from a KH: Dream Drop Distance trailer. )

[personal profile] sincere: You don't know what you're getting into, Sora.
[personal profile] rainfall: PFFFT
[personal profile] rainfall: Look, Joshua's feelings are going to reach Neku.
[personal profile] sincere: Whether Neku likes it or not.
[personal profile] sincere: Survival not guaranteed.
[personal profile] rainfall: They will come in through his window at night.
[personal profile] rainfall: (Everyone in the Cult of Sora is connected to everyone else's hearts, all the time.)
[personal profile] rainfall: (There is very little privacy.)

I wrote no fewer than two The World Ends With You fics yesterday, both of them Hanekoma/Joshua. They're like a collective 2300 words. I'm the most fail. I also am not posting them yet because dflksjlgjkl I haven't even gotten to Joshua in my replay yet and I need to be sure I won't hate myself when I'm caught up.
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Happy extremely belated birthday,
[ profile] sorceressakemi!

You wanted Axel/Roxas, with prompt "masked festival", so here's a dorky out of season fic~

Let's go get some candy. )
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For those of you who might be interested but aren't aware yet, [ profile] libekory and I have been working on a Kingdom Hearts 2 plotline called Another Side, Another Story.

Everyone knows this story: The keyblade master slept for three hundred days. Those with the fate of the world in mind struggled to wake him, but he was not whole; first they needed to find his dark shadow and bring it back to him before he could return and give light to all the worlds. With the two halves of his soul reunited, the keyblade master becomes the hero once more, and brings peace wherever his path takes him.

This is someone else's story.

What if Sora never woke up?

What if Roxas takes up the mantle of keyblade master?

Just a few of the answers to that question: a handful of Nobodies are going to save the multiverse, the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee is going to cram a few more people into their tiny headquarters, Aslan and Roger Rabbit and Goliath will need some help saving their worlds, some old not-friends will await in Hades, and DiZ will Not Be Happy.

Read through it here at the website or slightly less organized on the community [ profile] another_rpg. Feel free to read all the way through or to skip to Day Six for some of the original stuff.

Also, bonus, we started a dressing room to mess around with: [ profile] another_dr. If you have any KH character journals and are so inspired, you can play too.
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Watched Hairspray. Loved it. Started watching Across the Universe, stopped about 3/4ths of the way through, watched Hairspray again instead. Still love it. Think I'm going to have to buy it.

Still, slowly, playing The World Ends With You. If you'll recall, I had a premonition that I was supposed to pair Joshua with Neku just from reading the instruction manual. Well, now that I'm significantly into Joshua's chapter, I can officially say that Square is trying way too hard to make me pair Joshua with Neku. Seriously, I don't need this much help. I can decide that he's gay before he starts giggling and making sly comments about staring at Neku's ass. Anyway, he's Very Interesting, in the sense of being a smug little bitch with more secrets up his sleeve than a transvestite, which by the way he practically is, because despite his sensible character art outfit, he has branded items (e.g. "When Joshua wears this item...") that are, for example, a frilly umbrella. Seriously. He has a Frilly Umbrella that only he can make practical use of. Not a girl. Joshua.


On a Kingdom Hearts front, I'm playing Re:CoM. I am also making tremendous progress on Another Side, which is ecstatic-making. We're officially done with the Prologue, although not all of it is up yet -- I think we'll post the first part of Day 6 today. I'm currently attempting to draw Nobodies in Namine's style for the Namine's Notes. It's... not easy. orz I think it takes someone more artistically talented than me to draw this childishly. You know, like it takes a really great dancer to dance badly?

On the Bleach front, Kyouraku/Lisa is so my new OTP, even though it's painful because uh I can't just ignore Kyouraku/Nanao either. It is FTP, for Fail True Pairing, although I believe that acronym is taken. Anyway I love them. And Urahara and Hiyori and Akon. And Yoruichi and Byakuya. Etc.

ETA: It's a frilly parasol, not a frilly umbrella. And it is described as "Frilled and beribboned, this antique umbrella is a magical key to grand romance. A sensible princess would keep it at hand." A sensible princess, e.g. Joshua.
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+ LOST almost made up for the horrible of yesterday. I make only oblique commentary, so as not to spoil anyone else still watching.

Charlie is a goddamn hero. I can't even tell you how many points he gained as a character for the season 2 finale. So he was a goddamn hero, but I was reminded of it so powerfully last night. You finally did it, buddy -- you're a hero.

Also, Jacob's shack is a stalker. ♥

P.S.: Dear LOST creators, it isn't a two-hour premiere if the first hour is "LOST: The Recap Episode" and only the second hour has new content.

+ Apparently, in the Tales of the Abyss fandom, if you think there's a possibility that the Luke of the ending might in any way be Asch-related, you are a slavering fangirl. I like to think of myself as more of an intellectual fangirl -- you know, one who can take hints. It's not like I'm finding messages in the clouds behind his head and doing mathematical proofs to justify it, I'm sort of just using material that the entire game from opening song to closing movie to the entire Jade sidequest shoved at me.

At least, this is the impression I get from bitter fanboys on message boards and wikis.

There are things I want to say about Peony, the Fabre family, and why this game pushes my buttons. I might do more of that instead of working today, in an act of spite.

This fandom needs to stop making icons. I only have like 130 icon spaces, you guys.

+ Today is Another Side day. Must write more, Roxas needs to get out of Twilight Town already.

Game meme

Jan. 4th, 2008 11:58 pm
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I fail so hard at porn it is astonishing. I have over 900 words on this thing and they both mostly still have clothes on and they both still have things they want to say.

Instead of writing more of it, I yank a meme from [ profile] unite.

I never used to do memes until I found the fun fandom ones. )

I need to play more FFXII:RW. I'm in chapter 7 now, I think, and I've lost all hope of getting the "alternate" ending. (But I bookmarked it on Youtube, so when I'm done, I'll be able to just go there and find it, mwahaha.
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Let me preface this by saying that I don't usually care what pairings you like. If you don't like my pairings, I do not feel obliged to convince you that they are made of awesome. If you like pairings that I don't like, I don't feel the need to tell you why your pairings suck. If I'm vehemently against it, I won't read it; if I trust your writing or I haven't developed an animosity yet, I might take a dip and see what it's like. But in the end I can sit over here with my opinions and hope that you have not-stupid reasons for having yours.

But when 1) you spew stupid related to a pairing I like in an icon post while I'm looking for icons, and 2) you are so vehemently against a pairing I like that you make anti-pairing icons, while 3) advocating again to the point of icon-making a pairing which is equally if not more improbable...
...I feel compelled to respond to the stupid.

But Kay, you might say, she doesn't like Xigbar/Demyx because she doesn't want Demyx to be raped. You can't be advocating rape, right?


Okay, her series of anti-Xig/Dem icons, I don't care. Sure, make Xigbar a cartoonish villain lusting after poor Demyx's hot ass, I've seen it before. (Why do Zexion/Demyx and Luxord/Demyx etc people feel the need to bash Xigbar/Demyx? I don't get it. I've never seen the former two bash each other, only Xigbar/Demyx.)

But in the comments she says some things I just have to call out, like...

You don't need to know KH to appreciate stupid. )

Summary: Stop hating on other pairings solely because it interferes with your OTP of choice. That's not a good reason. It just makes you sound like you have no grasp of characterization beyond the surface cliches that make up

My opinions on yaoi, you say? )
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KH: Drifting slightly back in the Kingdom Hearts direction, for which I blame my anon friend (*sob* our, our love was never meant to be) (theirs too) and poking a little at Another Side. It's so awesome it isn't even fair to belong to two such uninspired people.

Just as an idle inquiry: Has anyone in the KH fandom not yet read the Roxas: Somewhere in Time side story in FM+, besides me? I was translating it last night and it's full of adorable and fail. Roxas is all like, "Axel says we're best friends, but we're Nobodies, so we don't have friends. ...But we are pretty close. ...Way closer than anyone else in OXIII. ...But we're not friends!! I just don't know what we are." Cling to that party line, Roxas!

Disgaea: I really really want to finish this, but I'm so unmotivated to level and Disgaea is a game that really requires you to level. I want someone to level for me. :( Jason, where are you?! For Christmas I would like a Disgaea game with Laharl at level 500 at the start of episode 10 plz.

Bleach: I'm still enjoying the Soul Society cleaning house. ♥♥♥ I really don't give a damn about any of the Espada. Especially Szayel Aporro, who was okay before he became a total god-moder. I'm sure he's not dead yet, though. SIGH.

Note: Don't forget, if you are on my flist you are eligible for a shiny, probably belated holiday card! Here.
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I saw this meme on [ profile] okroginator's LJ and decided to do it, apparently because I want to make people regret friending me because I hate their OTP. I couldn't help it. It involved pairing discussion, and I am weak to that.

Pairing meme, Bleach version )

Pairing meme, Kingdom Hearts version )
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For those who don't know but are interested, I have some shiny Zexion/Lexaeus up for 6/5~