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Oh god it's happening, isn't it? There's going to be a debate. Part of my brain still can't even conceive of Donald Trump 'winning' (either the debate or the election) but for some reason it's a close race. What if he somehow gets a bump from this? What if she does any of a million things wrong, like be too condescending or get cornered on stupid scandals or fail to move the topic off herself or be too short or have a uterus?

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How am I even supposed to deal with this weekend when I have Tales of Zestiria to finish, Master of None to finish, and now Jessica Jones?!
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How am I supposed to live without Jon Stewart
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Today is really sucking but it is going to get better!

Both Tales of Graces f and Silent Hill Downpour are coming out today, which is so awesome that it technically sucks, because [personal profile] rainfall has been wanting to play Silent Hill Downpour for roughly six months now since they keep pushing it back, but Tales of Graces is much more likely to be devoured by our immediate social group and therefore we will be behind!! How can we power through two games simultaneously?!

We have worked out the tentative arrangement of two hours of each per night, with extra time going to whichever feels more pressing.

Look forward to that as soon as I physically get home from work.
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I ordered Tales of the Abyss 3DS and I was hoping it would arrive in time for me to play it while I was in New York for the funeral and had nothing else to do/play. I tracked the shipment diligently.

It was shipped on the 12th, so I was excited.

The 14th came and went.

On the 15th they updated the USPS delivery date to say it would come on the 21st.

I left for New York on the 16th.

And wouldn't you know it, it arrived mere hours later.

It never fails! I can't have nice things.
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I want to thank those of you commenting to my entries (and my fics) even when I don't respond. I love all the comments I get and they really make me feel better. I just -- can't do anything that requires composing my own thoughts lately. So I apologize for not being able to respond. /gathers up everyone

I'll be posting another 2-day calorie rundown tonight before I take the Triazolam. I meant to do weigh-ins once a week, but I've decided to skip this week because I know it won't be representative of my normal weight loss or gain.

Then... I guess I'll be unconscious for most of tomorrow?? No one can really tell me. I'm very intimidated by the Triazolam. They're the tiniest, cutest pills in the world and they are capable of making me sleep-drive.

I'm sure [personal profile] rainfall will keep everyone on Plurk informed of my hilarious sleep antics until I am coherent again.
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I love FSTs so much and I want to make them (like, seven of them, DAMN YOU REQUEST MONTH) but I always feel bad about making them because I feel like I don't listen to interesting enough music. :(

Matchbox 20, wow
No one will ever have heard "If You're Gone" before!

Sigh. 1450 songs on my iPod -- surely some of them must not be terribly boring to anyone who's listened to the radio since 1987!
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oh my god you guys

Panic! At The Disco

is now just Panic At The Disco

My world, it is shaken.