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I've been using Habitica to keep track of the things I need to do and habits I want to learn, and so naturally I've decided to also use it to keep track of my academic needs!

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Ta-da! Those are my tips. Also, if you need medication to function like a human being, put a daily task for that too. It is really, genuinely difficult to do anything without medication, even something as seemingly fun and easy as play video games... on a completely hypothetical note, of course. /cough
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Actually doing all right now. I managed to make myself get moving and I wrote up a modpost for [community profile] randomizing for the upcoming setting; we can do some ATP tomorrow for wanted characters, and I did some Bruce tags! It's been two weeks and it feels good.

But if Blizzard offered me another 14-day trial, or if I could get a Scroll of Resurrection, it is hilarious how fast I would be playing World of Warcraft again.

But in the meantime I am playing Fire Emblem: Awakening (I love strategy games...) and I am briefly distracted by dragons! If anyone reading this is on Flight Rising who hasn't already friended me, then let me know and I will add you. I also have two guys who just hatched under the cut: Read more... )
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Just a few minutes away from the start of the new year in my timezone. So here's some thoughts.

This was a big year for me -- I moved across the country and I made a new life in a new city and I finally got a job in my field, after years of trying and failing.

Things I want to do in 2013:

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Dreaming big.

Happy New Year to all of you. I'm hoping that for everyone who reads this -- people I care for, and new subscribers, and total strangers -- I hope 2013 is a year where we all become better human beings, or at least evolve into higher lifeforms in brain containers where all strife seems a distant archive of our historical collective mind. ♥
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I don't suppose anyone wants to sit down and beta-read 17,000 words of AU Thor/Jotun Loki fanfic, do they? >_> ...Today? /cough

Just... Let me know...

I have been wasting my break happily writing, watching movies, and playing that Avengers Alliance game. I have done almost none of the things I told myself I was going to do, including finish any of the ten books that I took out of the library to read over the break. Sigh.

But the Avengers Rifftrax comes out today, so my day is made.
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It's time for


/sits down and sobs
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Craaap. I feel my brain gravitating back towards The World Ends With You. I blame [community profile] fic_promptly's theme for the day being "art", since everyone in that game is all up in art, all the time. I want to play it and write for it and arghhh get out of my brainnnn. I have to finish Gracesssss.

This Passover meme is cracking me up, too.

I have no energy or focus todayyyy ahhh why is my brain like this.

Moving status update:
☑ Movers acquired
☑ Auto shipping acquired
☑ Boxes acquired
☑ Tickets acquired (hypothetically)
☑ Holy shit less than a month acquired

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Dear self:

It doesn't help to do all your tags and then leave them in the Notepad file where you wrote them. You have to actually open the email notifications and copy-paste the tags into the response field!

Love, me.

Dear me:

Get home and play video games.

Love, yourself.
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Something awesome I've discovered: if I use the Portable Apps suite, and bring the USB it's on to work, I can be running my home Firefox on my work PC. LJ Login and all! It's beautiful.

I want to encourage any writery types to check out [community profile] kinkfest! The prompts are up and open for claiming.

A giant list of the prompts available are here, and none of them are due until May -- so there's plenty of time for you to get writing if you're inspired by any of them. Fics can be anything 100 words or more, and they don't have to be porn, despite the community name.

Please just for the sake of seeing, do a search for your fandom and take a look at the prompts? Do it for me!

I am also available to provide dry commentary on prompts if anyone is interested in hearing me bitch about any of them based on characterization, cliches, trends, or overall intelligence level. Name a fandom I know and I will do it. Hell, I already have, over IM.
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I am concerned that I have maxed out my Awesome Tag capacity! I am in a spastic happy mood and I don't want to do aaaanything. I don't want to tag and I don't want to play video games. I am at best gingerly poking at legitimate work while mostly wasting my time. I might try to leave early. I have an important errand to run, after all. But that depends on Judy's schedule and if she can get out early, because it would be kind of a dick move to drive her to work and then ditch her for the ride home.

And when I get home I want to watch a Rifftrax and read Cracked articles and wheeeee

No news on the deathwatch yet.
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Wheee! There's over a foot of snow outside and around two feet in some other places, and it's going to continue blizzarding all day! My employer is only on a two hour delay, so I told them to go fuck themselves expect me on Monday! /bounce~~

Time to catch up on my translating and play some FFXIII-2.
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So here are the things the last 36 hours have wrought:

I want to move across the country.
I want to get a new job.
I want to buy a house.

Yeah. And the worst part is that all of that is within my grasp if I really want it. Our lease is up at the end of March and Colorado has not been good to me, jobwise. I've missed the east coast and I have my dad's money to finance a house with if I want. A house would actually be a cheaper monthly payment than renting. And then how grown-up would I be?! A homeowner! A regular big kid.

My mom mostly talked me out of trying to buy a home from halfway across the country in a place I've never lived in and don't know if I'm going to like, but I'm still secretly browsing houses squeeing at them. I don't even know.

And I'm finding jobs and applying to them, and so has [personal profile] rainfall, and she's already gotten a request for an interview. So. Freaking out right now.

I want to move. I want to get a job. I want a house!!

Right now the options are looking like Baltimore, Maryland area, or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area.

I literally can't think about anything else at the moment. I've been ignoring my tags and Plurk for days. Someone help me. Or maybe I should just give in and take a short hiatus.
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Things I'm Not Doing Today:
+ Tags
+ Writing
+ Translating
+ Looking at Plurk
+ Working, Really

Things I'm Doing Today:
+ Planning To Go Home, Lie Horizontally, And Read Articles Out Loud While [personal profile] rainfall Plays Final Fantasy XIII

...Looks good to me! Oh, hey, and

+ Where Is My Damn Bleach Chapter

ETA: Wait! I know. I'm boycotting internet productivity in protest about SOPA/PIPA. I am so trendy and on-topic. You wish you were all as principled as I am.

...Seriously though, that is a serious issue that you should all protest against if you don't know about it.
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[personal profile] rainfall: We could have pizza.
[personal profile] sincere: Sounds good to me~
[personal profile] rainfall: Or we could be good and have something plus a vegetable side.
[personal profile] sincere: Pizza is a vegetable!


I was pretty productive today. Went shopping, bought healthy food, going to start counting calories again. Did lots of tags and modthings. Have my bereavement cards. [personal profile] rainfall is playing FFXIII. All is well. Should've done more job searching than I did, but ah well. I'm not good at job searching. /orz

See if I can do more tags, maybe some writing, and some transcribing with what's left of the night. That'll be great.
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Updated all my journals with Li's gorgeous new layout, which you can find here. I'll do my RP journals as needed, since... none of them are currently in use on DW. Sadface.

I was going to put my to-do list on Plurk before realizing that this is not conducive to my goal of being on Plurk less, nor being on DW more! So instead I'm doing it here.

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Today's plans:
  • Oh god did I really post that kinky Estelle/Flynn porn? I really did. Fuck.

  • Half-day at work. Continue quasi-working for the next 45 minutes. Go home.

  • Eat delicious Chinese food. It's super cheap if you order during lunch.

  • Get OPI gel manicure updated.

  • Roll around in [community profile] fic_promptly all fucking afternoon. [personal profile] cypher made so many lovely TOV prompts I want to do.

  • Translate!!

...None of these plans contain RP. I guess that's a good thing?! It was on my resolutions for the new year to not be eaten by RP. sob I need to help people get to activity-length threads, though... I will prioritize only AC threads.

And I am definitely not going to write a pointless ramble about the recent D. Gray-man chapters. Definitely not.

But maybe I will add some prompts on [community profile] fic_promptly...
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Yeah, that's right. Spamming all yo' Tales of communities, Dreamwidth! I'm even going to post my Estelle topping Flynn crossdressing frottage fic that I never posted because sldkfjslkjg I don't post porn!!

...I'm just going to give it some time first. Don't want to really spam.

I'm thinking about resolutions for the new year. A few of them are obvious:

❚ Stay active on DW. Personal journalwise and communitywise.
❚ Write more. Even if it's only fandom drabbles.
❚ Translate daily. Personal goal: New chapter weekly.
❚ Make progress in video games. Personal goal: One per month.
❚ Try not to get consumed by Plurk or RP.
❚ Get a permanent job.
❚ After relocating to new place: Buy an elliptical. Put it in front of the TV. Use it regularly.

That's a pretty ambitious amount already. And all of it personal improvement -- trying not to zone out my days and waste my internet time.
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My attention span is so fail lately, I don't do anything but browse the internet aimlessly and RP. Ughh. I blame Plurk for being such a timesink. And my taxes for being so very -- very depressing. I've been playing a lot of Dragon Age: Origins and Spirit Tracks, trying to get them out of my log of games so that I can get on to DA2 and Re:Coded. I haven't been writing, even though I have two DGM fics in various stages of doneness, both of them maybe around 50%.

But I have been... um... exercising! That's right I have adopted a regularly at-home exercise schedule. It might not be terribly impressive but it's better than nothing.

I might be moving if I still don't have a job before my lease is up. East coast or California? Who wants me? /sob

Also, everyone should consider [community profile] liftingtheveil for all their Dreamwidth and/or survival horror RP needs. I'm so excited lsjkflsdkjg I'm apping Mithos and Namine and Allen and I don't need time for more characters. XD
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Things I should be happy about:

  • I finished and really liked a fic for Tales of Vesperia... First fic for a new fandom...!

  • My new Nook color is awesome and I'm reading again. Free ebooks! New HDTV is also awesome.

  • I had a job interview and it went pretty well. I feel good about my future prospects!

  • Allen is getting a puppy in Marina. ♥♥♥ And kissing bots!

  • Halfway through the fourth season of Supernatural. There are occasional shaky bits, but fun episodic horror comedy is fun.

  • Flying in Azeroth proper makes me happy. The cataclysmic new world of Warcraft makes me happy!

  • I might be getting a visit from [personal profile] fenrisulfr before the end of the year!

So... you would think I'd feel better...

I'm just possessed by this terrible ennui. I don't even know. My buzz has been pretty consistently ruined by various small events all month even though I'm in an otherwise good place. But now I don't want to do anything but zone out and read.

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Where's my DGM? I'm freaking out over here.

I'm so productive I should just keel over. I'm making tremendous progress on my original project The Last Dreamer and I'm working on Namine's Notes for Another Side until the Twilight Town sequence is done. I'm starting Oswald's story in Odin Sphere (this game gets much easier once you use an infinite health cheat) and I'm approaching my fourth full moon in Persona 3 and my warlock is approaching level 40 in WoW, and will soon beat out my sad druid for highest-level Hordeling.

I'm also now working on a sekrit project for [ profile] okroginator, because she said nice things about me and I missed her birthday earlier this month. I also enabled my birthday to display in my profile page because I don't know why it wasn't. You all owe me nice things okay not.

...I guess I should also apply to my three jobs for the week.


Two, two, TWO MEMES IN ONE! Name a series I'm familiar with and I will... )
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To Do Today:

     1. Feed the cats.
They need food to survive. Also water.

     2. Apply to jobs.
The ones bookmarked over the weekend, and any new ones that may have popped up on your favorite site while you weren't looking.

     3. Pay bills.
We'd like our new cable/internet provider to not think we can't pay our bills on time.

     4. Feng shui up the kitchen.
My mom has recently gone crazy, and swears up and down that feng shui works, despite telling me things like "If you put a mirror across from your bed, your chi will see its reflection while you're asleep and get scared." So clean up the clutter and put in the mirror to fix your financially disastrous stove location.

     5. Seriously consider going out to buy graph paper.
     5. Graph out the house using [ profile] libekory's graph paper. Then graph out Merlin's house in Hollow Bastion for Another Side.
Makes it easier to, you know, graph out the house. But it involves riding my bike to Target, probably... Sigh.

     6. Reth Reth Reth.
I'm still in love with my guild name.

To Do Tomorrow, Or Today If You Are Feeling Industrious:

     1. Put up new ad for roommate.
Taha will be staying until July 15th instead of July 1. Ad needs to reflect that.

     2. Fix the tags on your LJ.
They're sort of half-done, you moron.

     3. Clean the horrible clutter from your room in preparation for feng shui'ing.
Yeah. And move that desk downstairs, while you're at it. Desks don't belong in the bedroom, it's terrible feng shui.

     4. Reread all of D. Gray-man.