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Happy yesterbirthday to me! Thank you for remembering [personal profile] starsinyourwake ♥ I recently joined up with Habitica, which is a gamified way of managing to-do lists, things you want to do every day, habits you want to learn, etc. There are group challenges that can give you prizes if you get motivated, and there are guilds where you can chat with other people who share your interests. I'm trying to use it to keep track of things I should really be doing with my life, like:

  • Exercise

  • Drink more water

  • Don't leave clothes on the floor

  • Archive fics properly on DW and AO3

  • Go to bed by 11PM

  • Make progress on unfinished games

  • Not be so depressed or zoned out that I forget to do anything at all for an entire day

etc. I've been doing pretty well, actually. I've only been at it for like 3 weeks and I'm a level 21 rogue with 30 pets and 1 soon-to-be mount! So, people who might be interested should check it out.

Relatedly, I've managed to finish Fantasy Life and am working on Earthbound and FFX. I am determined to beat FFX today (stop me from not doing that) although I won't move on to FFX-2 right away -- next on my list after Earthbound might be Tales of Xillia...

I'll probably fail to be on DW some more for the next little while. Not out of lack of love, but I'm taking two classes this block, so that's two 15-hour days per week. Wooo...
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Day two, and I haven't killed my mother yet! I also have the car here. We visited an apartment and did some errands yesterday, which I feel good about; three more apartments queued up for today, but all around 3PM. But I can't just lose my internet life while I'm vegetating gratefully after my freedom from packing and moving. I have to do things!

☐ Do Marina tags!! Over 60 40 tags in my inbox is getting real problematic. ETA: Allen and Flynn done.
☐ Do Sentience tags. Having an engaged warden is so hard, it has more tags than my actual apped characters. orz
☐ Start updating the game information as a whole. Moving is mostly over for the moment, so there's no excuse.
☐ Play more TWEWY without losing the whole day on it, no matter how awesome it is.

And it is awesome. This game is so amazing. When you replay you catch so many more meanings and details. Like, wow, main-game Neku just referred to Another-Day Neku's backstory, and it slips right under your radar. Their shared past isn't just a theory, it's canon. That explains so much about Week 1! sdklfjslkgj. God, this beautiful game.

No. Bad Kay. Focus. Do tags, at least.


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