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I'm at the part of the game where I have to pick between mages or templars with zero middle ground, and so I want to vent some frustration with the infamous Dragon Age mage-templar conflict.

I'm mostly going to be talking about the previous two games and I'll avoid talking about the specifics of the IC situation so it's spoiler-free under here. (This is only, like, the third plot quest anyway, I'm still super early in the game.)

Ranting under here. )
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Let's talk Sodia.

There are, as far as I can tell, two major camps in fandom: There is a camp of people who think Sodia is perfect and she and Flynn should get married as soon as is physically possible, and there is a camp of people who think Sodia is a whorebitch who should die for what she did at the Enduring Shrine of Zaude. Then there are a few rare people who don't ship Sodia/Flynn and don't hate Sodia.

I'm in that last category and I think more people should be! I want to explain Sodia's actions to both groups.

I'm not a big fan of Sodia's, although she is my favorite Vesperia psychopath, in the interests of full disclosure. )
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Now caught up on the entire D. Gray-man anime, apparently for no reason. It wasn't as bad as I expected it to be, perhaps because I skipped approximately 30 episodes of filler. It was beautiful: there is a vast, tangential difference the moment you go from "Lenalee and Allen are investigating a nonsensical hospital drama situation for what amounts to no reason" and "Crowley goes on his first mission to a town where everyone wants to hold hands with their local akuma" to "OH MY GOD SUMAN DARK AHHHH ALLEN'S ARM HOLY CRAP".

The filler was very annoying, not least because it didn't seem to know where it was going. Like, at least three episodes of the filler were about Allen telling his backstory to everyone who would stand still long enough to listen. They actually had to make up a second traumatic backstory for him to tell Lenalee about, and it was perfectly redundant to the previous traumatic backstory he had told her about.

(I say this like I resent it, but I am not really resentful of the anime giving Allen a first boyfriend in India. I am taking that to heart, yes sir.)

I was starting to get annoyed by the signs of them cramming Allen/Lenalee implications down my throat. I think they're adorable -- as presented in the manga. That means Allen occasionally finds her flusteringly cute and she's oblivious, and they fall asleep on each other's shoulders, and not that Lenalee gets jealous and bitchy whenever Allen finds someone else pretty. And I like that despite finding her flusteringly cute, Allen doesn't seem to care one way or another about Bak stalking Lenalee, except when he can use it as blackmail material.

Anyway, I think it's really adorable, but I don't really like it as a pairing. Of course, I'm rapidly growing to have a complete disinterest in Main Male/Main Female pairings, so when I like it you know it's because it's good or sweet in a sincere way and not just because That's How It's Supposed To Happen... But I have legitimate reasons for my reservations about this particular pairing.

Here are my reservations about Allen/Lenalee. )
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It's interesting to see that, once again, Aizen's actions are justified with an almost philosophical emotional trigger.

He's a little bit of an oddball -- the compassionate ubervillain, who makes people feel like they're cared about even though he will obliterate without thinking or remorse, whose confidence is so epic that he just compels people to follow him. And he's very consistent about his standards: what elevates people from tools to, well, people.


Brief quasi-essaying follows. )

So I'm definitely pleased with this turn of events; it deepens and develops a previously established character trait. I am, however, disappointed that we sort of came into the middle of Aizen's plotting. My hopes when we started this segment out would be that we'd get to see some backstory as to why he's doing all this -- what got him started down Revolution Road. But we came in on the middle of it, apparently after Aizen already has a cause to gather people to.
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On a related note: [ profile] libekory wrote a rant that, although it was intended to dissect Ichigo/Rukia arguments, reminded me of all the reasons why I think Ichigo/Orihime is africkingdorable and can totally work.

"Sorry, I'm not allowed to get hurt anymore." Eee.
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Okay. I've thought about it, and I can now explain why I like Peony/Jade, Aizen/Gin and similar pairings. ("Similar?!" you might be saying, if you haven't heard my explanation yet.)

It's because I have a button. To put it verbosely, this button is, "A person who is powerful and in control, in his or her own right, who still willingly chooses to serve another person for unselfish reasons."

(Tales of the Abyss pushes this button a lot.)

A little more explanation. Absolutely ZERO of this has to indicate a PAIRING, I just like to pair them because they have this dynamic. )

Final Fantasy XII has some of this (Fran->Balthier; Basch->Asch?) and those relationships I liiike. I see it in Nash->Sasarai in Suikoden 3 (at one time, that was about a debt that Nash owed Sasarai, but that was years ago -- why would Nash still be willing to risk his life to protect Sasarai from Luc?) and Tactics has it, although it's fucked up (Haruka->Kantarou).

*ponders others*