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Oh god it's happening, isn't it? There's going to be a debate. Part of my brain still can't even conceive of Donald Trump 'winning' (either the debate or the election) but for some reason it's a close race. What if he somehow gets a bump from this? What if she does any of a million things wrong, like be too condescending or get cornered on stupid scandals or fail to move the topic off herself or be too short or have a uterus?

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Urghh I am so mad about the Charleston shooting -- I already ranted about it a little bit on [community profile] daily_liberal this morning, so I feel like I shouldn't add a second rant, but during the 15 minutes I was home this evening I heard Fox News doing their dance of bullshit, covering all the stereotypical talking points:

  • It isn't a pattern, it's just a single isolated incident!

  • He's just a kid! Therefore it's not his fault.

  • He was probably mentally ill! You know, with voices in his head! Therefore it's not his fault.

  • This is mysterious and no one can explain why it happened! Therefore it's not society's fault.

  • Racism was definitely not a factor.



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