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Oh my god rereading Ruin Reverse, and wondering how we were all so awesome. I just wish I had more threads to go through. So many of the journals and posts and icons are gone now but our crack was... classic.

That was eight years ago.

Anyway I made like half a dozen Nobody journals on Dreamwidth because I couldn't help myself. Everything is the fault of [personal profile] temples. /lies down to die
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omg I am having too much fun playing in the [community profile] randomizing meme. I think I'll have to play Bruce after all. Mutter. Everyone should play with me here!

In other news, we're playing Remember Me on the PS3. I'm really, really enjoying it so far (we're on episode 6, I think). The cyberpunk is fun and well-developed and Nilin is an interesting character, and of course we should all approve of more lady protagonists and person of color protagonists, and I love how the story is both big-picture and personal. Some of it is messed up -- remixing memories is evil, in a fun way. I keep waiting for consequences of remixing memories, but we haven't seen any yet? Like, when does Olga come back to punch Nilin right in the throat?

Also, this game is seriously overflowing with female characters, almost all of them in positions of power. They introduce named characters with something approaching a 1:1 ratio of male to female named characters, which is... startling. I'm acutely aware of it because it recently became evident that I'm not normally aware of it.

Behind the cut is a tale of internalized sexism! )


Jun. 5th, 2013 04:57 pm
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Finally moved into my new apartment, and the hecticness of my life is abating (until it really sinks in that I need a new job). But for now, there's this:

A tropical island, an abandoned city, a dense woodland, an arctic base, a placid suburban neighborhood, or adrift on the open water... There's nothing too safe, too remote, or too strange.
In your hand is a communicator. The communicator has a message on it, waiting for you. And that message has the key to your success. Obey it, and you'll be rewarded. Ignore it, and you'll be punished.
But either way, sooner or later, you'll wake up and find yourself somewhere else. Your life has been randomized.
Randomizing: An RP is a small, community-based roleplaying game on Dreamwidth.
Rules | FAQ | Setting | Character Claim | Mod Contact
[community profile] randomly_ooc [community profile] randomizing [personal profile] randomly_modding

...Now that I've plastered your friends page with an advertisement, let me direct you here where there is information about the game opening. The summary is:

June 8th -- you may claim characters you want to play.

June 10th -- whether or not you've claimed a character, you can tag into the meme with any RP journal you want. It's essentially an in-game fourth wall meme.

June 17th -- characters who have been claimed will be able to play in the official first setting of the game. They may optionally have memories of the fourth wall meme, if you choose.

And all the expanded details are here, as I mentioned. For those of you who missed my spiel the first time, it is a laid-back, extremely low-pressure game. Anyone who is friends with me or Li, or knows someone who is friends with us, or who is connected to Marina, or anything, is welcome to join. There are no apps, an honor system activity check, and we're really all just here to have fun. If you're interested, come comment with characters you think you might want to play, or characters you'll meme with! If you're not interested, I'm sorry for the spam.

RP memeing

Feb. 16th, 2013 06:49 pm
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Having all the Kingdom Hearts and X-Men First Class feelings. Having utter uselessness after this morning's productivity. It's just the right kind of mood to RP in!

[personal profile] temples felt sad that Marina was having a mistletoe bot event, for the first time since we left. I agree with her sadness. End of an era!

So, I put together a meme!

All the current Marina players/former Marina alumni, and anyone who just wants to get some random meme-style RP, feel free to jump in! Kissing is optional, having fun is NOT. It is strictly enforced, by armed guards.
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I've been back in journal RP for about 24 hours now.

I know. Surprise! I apped into [community profile] somarium.

I have almost 100 comments on my intro and I'm enjoying playing Sif.

But I have already found something something petty to be depressed over that makes me feel bad and unwanted.

Oh, journal RP. I haven't missed you.
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So a thing has happened and I may have made some journals.

[profile] blackasnaught[personal profile] prideofasgard

I am on the prowl hunting for people to RP Thor/Sif with me. I would even consider (gasp!) joining a game. For now I only troll memes looking for eligible candidates, since I don't know anyone who would indulge me. But it's partially [personal profile] rainfall's fault for the amazing fic she wrote me: here.

I want to practice my voices for them, so if you are interested, please feel free to leave comments for either Sif or Thor on my open RP meme! Pretty please?

With my family this weekend, bleh. My grandfather's unveiling is this morning. I want to be home. After the five hours of driving to get there, I owe [personal profile] temples a Clint/Natasha fic, and I want to revise my icons to have more MCU. I need a vacation from my weekend. /drum riff
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Day two, and I haven't killed my mother yet! I also have the car here. We visited an apartment and did some errands yesterday, which I feel good about; three more apartments queued up for today, but all around 3PM. But I can't just lose my internet life while I'm vegetating gratefully after my freedom from packing and moving. I have to do things!

☐ Do Marina tags!! Over 60 40 tags in my inbox is getting real problematic. ETA: Allen and Flynn done.
☐ Do Sentience tags. Having an engaged warden is so hard, it has more tags than my actual apped characters. orz
☐ Start updating the game information as a whole. Moving is mostly over for the moment, so there's no excuse.
☐ Play more TWEWY without losing the whole day on it, no matter how awesome it is.

And it is awesome. This game is so amazing. When you replay you catch so many more meanings and details. Like, wow, main-game Neku just referred to Another-Day Neku's backstory, and it slips right under your radar. Their shared past isn't just a theory, it's canon. That explains so much about Week 1! sdklfjslkgj. God, this beautiful game.

No. Bad Kay. Focus. Do tags, at least.
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I realized that Neku shouldn't be able to use any of his pins even if I take him from during the Reaper's Game, because he doesn't have a partner. There's no Noise to attack him in the dome, so that's fine, but the reason the Noise attacking him would be a problem is because you can't use pins until you've made a pact.

Joshua is Joshua, and our previous Neku didn't have any abilities because Cricket apped him from post-game. But I'd forgotten we also had a Shiki, apped during the game, and we told her she could use her pin just fine, no questions asked.

So I was in the clear! Right?

But before the research, I had thought, "Wouldn't it be cool to force Neku to form a pact with a random character in Marina in order to use any of his powers? Instant permanent excuse for bonding!"

:|a And now I want to do this...
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Caught up on all my taaaags oh yeah. Gonna do some writiiing. Planning to app Nekuuuuu. I even did my kids' CR charts: Allen, Flynn, and Roxas! ETA: Whoops, I have to add in Lavi and probably Lenalee on Allen's. I forgot about them cuz they're new. brb.

First, some writing. Then, Sentience tags.

We're going somewhere to dinner tomorrow night. Benihana, maybe? We'll see if the show will silence [personal profile] rainfall's bickering family for ninety minutes. I'm looking forward to going (obviously, because I keep finding reasons for her to go there, like that the show might silence her bickering family for ninety minutes).

For her actual birthday next week we're getting cupcakes. Have you ever seen such ridiculous things?! I'm so excited I can't wait to eat them. XDDD Three sweet creams and three cake batters. Mmm.
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Dear self:

It doesn't help to do all your tags and then leave them in the Notepad file where you wrote them. You have to actually open the email notifications and copy-paste the tags into the response field!

Love, me.

Dear me:

Get home and play video games.

Love, yourself.
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Craaaap I reread my Red Queen series for The World Ends With You and now I'm really into that game again. Craaaap. This is even less of a fandom than what I've been doing!

.........But I'm discouraged from TOA 3DS, therefore, I started TWEWY last night anyway.

At least I'm still really feeling DGM from the manga side of things. I am excited about DGM.

Today I am tagging everyone on Marina's love meme that I have interacted with in the last year. And then doing my tags. I want to clear my inbox so that tomorrow when the next part of the mingle goes up, I am prepared.

To that effect, I will now reply to journal comments!!
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I finished the second chapter of the Judith novel, but there are a few lines I'm definitely in need of a second pair of eyes on, so I'm waiting for Libby to get to looking at it before I post. I'll put it up before the end of the weekend, though -- I promised myself one per week.

I've been doing the world's tiniest writing, which I'll post on [community profile] insincere after today's entry. After I get through my tags I'm going to try doing some non-tiny writing, too. Productive!

Finished Skyward Sword. Almost back to where I was in FFXIII. Hooray for Li being too sick to do anything other than play video games!


Does anyone roleplay Axel? Or know someone who would be willing to roleplay Axel with me? I'm in kind of a uniquely bad RP situation and I wanted to try museboxing/IM RPing it out.
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It's the first day of a new year, and I have decided that it will be an good one.

We have over 30 apps this round at [ profile] marinasylum, including two challenge apps, which will probably consume half of my day. But at the end of it I will almost certainly have an Estelle and a Judith and a Raven and a Duke!! If Yuri and Flynn ask for an NPC Repede all I will need in my life will be a Karol and an Alexei~!

No new apps for my DGM or KH kids. The Bleach reserve hasn't apped, at least not yet, which is a shame, because Tatsukiiii. But Orihime always soldiers on, and I'm looking forward to her upcoming canon update~

It's a real shame that ATP didn't vote to start last night; we won't be able to offer an ATP extension this month because of their timing. But we'll advertise when it goes up anyway, and hopefully get some new people around for the Jan/Feb app period~!

Because it's going to be awesome. It's 2012! I've decided things will go right. For everyone. I'm thinking it for all of you, too. ♥
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My attention span is so fail lately, I don't do anything but browse the internet aimlessly and RP. Ughh. I blame Plurk for being such a timesink. And my taxes for being so very -- very depressing. I've been playing a lot of Dragon Age: Origins and Spirit Tracks, trying to get them out of my log of games so that I can get on to DA2 and Re:Coded. I haven't been writing, even though I have two DGM fics in various stages of doneness, both of them maybe around 50%.

But I have been... um... exercising! That's right I have adopted a regularly at-home exercise schedule. It might not be terribly impressive but it's better than nothing.

I might be moving if I still don't have a job before my lease is up. East coast or California? Who wants me? /sob

Also, everyone should consider [community profile] liftingtheveil for all their Dreamwidth and/or survival horror RP needs. I'm so excited lsjkflsdkjg I'm apping Mithos and Namine and Allen and I don't need time for more characters. XD
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Forty... apps... at Marina this time around.

I am overwhelmed with love. ♥♥♥

And probably so is the rest of my week, so. Don't expect to see me.

/has been doing apps for three hours now
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Skipped my usual flailing over the Bleach chapter: suffice to say that I'm very happy KT didn't drop Chad's arm subplot. I've been busy busy.

I fiiiinally found a Dreamwidth game with a premise I am really into, so I apped Allen there. sdlkfjslg they're not officially reviewing apps until the end of the week and I'm impatient. impatient that I have already picked out icons for his paid account that he doesn't have yet, that I am composing lists of his memories and skills for his journal, and making an account for him on IJ to practice playing Allen without memories. Yep, I am a loser.

Aside from people trying to drag unrelated wank to Marina's doorstep like a cat with a live snake that happened to me once when I was too young to know not to touch the snake that is like a metaphor within a metaphor, mannnn things are going awesome there. The Sentience plot is creeping forward, I finally have an awesome Lenalee for my DGM cast ([ profile] hamleting ♥♥), we have an event set for day 100, and our second anniversary is coming up~!

I also might actually be getting Bleach castmates ([ profile] fiannan ♥♥ apping Renji and Fina apping Hitsugaya)! Orihime, Renji, and Hitsugaya are one of the three most random possible Bleach cast combinations, but I'm hoping that the random will make it a little easier to recruit new cast. I am normally chill with Orihime being on her own, since she does her own thing, but lately I personally have been dying to get her castmates. I might advertise for once instead of just crossing my fingers and hoping someone finds it... I want more Karakura kids, maybe an Ulquiorra~*~ If you know anyone awesome who roleplays Bleach, tell them I want them. :|a

And one of our new players proposed a Balthier to play with my Fran. This is a little more problematic, because... I'd been thinking of dropping Fran... but hngh a Balthier would be amazing and I want that. So I'm going to hang on and try to stick it out for a while longer.

But, most importantly, 1) eee I'm excited for Marina, 2) eee I'm excited for the Dreamwidth game, and

3) We're most of the way to the next D. Gray-man chapter. I live for that moment all month. CARDINAL? BOOKMAN? LET'S GET THIS THING ON.
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Things I should be happy about:

  • I finished and really liked a fic for Tales of Vesperia... First fic for a new fandom...!

  • My new Nook color is awesome and I'm reading again. Free ebooks! New HDTV is also awesome.

  • I had a job interview and it went pretty well. I feel good about my future prospects!

  • Allen is getting a puppy in Marina. ♥♥♥ And kissing bots!

  • Halfway through the fourth season of Supernatural. There are occasional shaky bits, but fun episodic horror comedy is fun.

  • Flying in Azeroth proper makes me happy. The cataclysmic new world of Warcraft makes me happy!

  • I might be getting a visit from [personal profile] fenrisulfr before the end of the year!

So... you would think I'd feel better...

I'm just possessed by this terrible ennui. I don't even know. My buzz has been pretty consistently ruined by various small events all month even though I'm in an otherwise good place. But now I don't want to do anything but zone out and read.

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A little while ago there was a secret on [ profile] fandomsecrets. It stated that the anon secret-maker could never apply for a game where they used "god-modding" instead of the correct form, "god-moding".

Ever since I read that secret, it's been the same for me. It's always been a pet peeve of mine, but now it's actively more like a tic. I just can't play in your game if you don't know that it's god-mode, not god-mod. This is logically sound! God-mod does not make sense as a phrase! If the mod doesn't have godlike powers over the game, who does? Yes, an abusive mod can be a bad thing, but the phrase does not refer to abusive mods, does it? God mode, on the other hand, is a mode that overzealous players can slip into where they control other characters. Do you see how this concept works?

lern 2 english language

But it's such a stupid complaint that I'm sure I'd get laughed at if I said anything. I've had normal, intelligent people argue with me about whether or not it's god-mode or god-mod. I've seen people get really bitchy when even semantic portions of their RPs were criticized. And I'd feel bad pointing it out at every fucking RP I see, because they're all making this mistake sfdagsdf
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I am extremely disappointed with almost everyone in [ profile] talesofdressing and I definitely won't be going back there anymore. Not that they want me there anyway lololol, I'm an elitist h0r who likes my RP both IC AND fun AND without racial slurs! GTFO! Thanks, I will.

[ profile] dressing_gummi is cute so far, though, and the CFUD crew seems happy to play with new people. Maybe I will join. Still nervous about joining with duplicates -- at least canon duplicates. Post-Score!Jade? He'd be so depressing. I doubt there are icons for a tiny!Sheena or Natalia, but I've always wanted to try amnesia!Mithos. I could play Nephry, I always feel her lack when there are Jades around to be traumatized by... but then I couldn't really bring in [ profile] voiceofrappigs and I'm just getting a little crazy now, orz.

In video game news! I need to replay Tales of the Abyss to get my Luke voice back, I'm 95% done with the Luke/Natalia fic but I'm fretting about him. I also kind of want to replay Zelda: Twilight Princess. Need to finish Crisis Core (I, I don't want to finish) and Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles (this game would be impossible to play without multiplayer). This is all in between my writing and my job searching. I have people out networking for me, though. ♥ I love people.

I should play Tales of Legendia, because I own it, but I can't -- get over -- how ugly everyone is. *sob*