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Don't do it Kim
Don't do it
You just got plot rolling in Xillia
You can finish it if you really try
Just finish Xillia and then--

I'll play Xillia this weekend. For now, Tales of Zestiria!!

Current progress: Done, apparently.
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So I told myself I was going to finish one of my in-progress games before starting new ones, and that's been largely successful! Since adopting this policy I have completed six games, and it's only been 3-4 months! Six games is more than I finished in 2014 in its entirety.

Until I realized that Tales of Zestiria is coming out in, like... a week. I know nothing about it, except that it is a Tales game and so I obviously need it. And the protag resembles Lloyd.

What to do, when I still haven't completed Tales of Xillia! Or looked into TOX2 at all, sob My answer: I have put FFX-2 aside. I'll be back, Yuna! But for now I am trying to steamroll Xillia. I am ashamed that I have treated it with the same negligence that I treated Graces. I lost my save data, of course, but last night I got back to Xian Du, so I will resume my liveplay when I get home.

Still having some issues with the workings of my brain, but eh. What can you do? Academic block is almost over and I'll have some extra time once I finish this last week of work. Then I'll lose my excuse and have to do stuff! Probably.
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Played some Tales of Xillia and watched some Code Geass. My Japanese copy of Vesperia is almost here! I was looking at the Tales wiki because I'm going to be playing Vesperia for a friend, and I found this:

"It is clear that Estelle's feelings towards Yuri are romantic in nature rather than sisterly, the two share a close friendship and Estelle often expressed her joy at being able to travel with Yuri and the rest of the party. It is, however, speculated that the relationship between Estelle and Yuri is romantic rather than that of siblings. There are several moments throughout the game that display their relationship as romantic. Towards the end of the game, Estelle states that she is excited about being able to stay with everyone "especially" Yuri."

Could you try a little harder? Maybe someone out there still has the impression that they're not getting married (you know, because they're not). I love that it says "They have a romantic relationship, but some people say that their relationship is romantic. END OF OPTIONS."

"Yuri and Judith began working together even while Judith was viewed as the party's enemy. Because they are relatively close in age, they are fond of flirting with each other, though due to their similar personalities it comes off more like friendly banter."

Ah, yes, the universal fact that all people close in age flirt with each other, but it's definitely platonic flirting, because of the reasons. Also, the 1 year between Judith and Estelle's ages makes a big difference flirting-wise! You would think that since flirting is age-dependent that Judith and Estelle would get more or less the same treatment, but you would be wrong. Judy gets all the flirting because of that 1 year, while Estelle gets treated like a friend, even though Yuri is hopelessly in love with her.

I mean, everyone knows men and women can't be friends if they are the lead characters of a video game. Therefore flirting with Judy = platonic, non-flirting with Estelle = romantic. Otherwise why would Estelle say she enjoys being with 5-7 people, of whom Yuri is one?! It is one of the several moments that prove their predestined love, the others being mumblemumblemumble.

Wikis are so great for factual, unbiased canon information.
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Ugh booooo I started up Tales of Xillia again and all my progress and all my preorder DLC is on the old Playstation 3. ;;;; So I'm starting over. With no costumes or anything! Unless I can redeem my DLC code more than once, but that's usually not how it works.

In other news, Tales of Vesperia PS3 Japanese to English patch is ooooout!! I'm so buying a new copy of the PS3 game... and all the shiny DLC, if it's still available... I'm still determined to finish FFX before I go crazy, though.


I wish I could find my Judith novels.


May. 25th, 2015 02:37 pm
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True fact about me: If you put a crazy sale on Steam or Humble Bundle, I will buy almost everything. I'm talking hundreds of dollars of stuff. My pile of Steam games I'll never play has almost doubled.

But holy crap NiGHTS into Dreams is on Steam I fucking loved that game as a kid but not the new game, the new game is kind of terrifying and I returned it right away. I don't think Nights should be allowed to speak. The classic NiGHTS into Dreams! I'm so excited. That game is so serene and peaceful and wonderful.

I'm going to play FFX for the rest of the day so I can feel good about meaningful progress and stuff, but in the meantime, my spastic attention is everywhere. I'm starting to get into Tales of Vesperia again a little bit, I think? I was explaining how awesome it is to a friend and I just... wanted it again. Nooooo attention span.
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So I have only the PS3 and the 3DS and a very limited selection of games to play because everything else I own is in boxes, and my Backloggery tells me I never finished the 3DS Tales of the Abyss. Since I'm in a TOA mood, let's take that flimsy excuse and go for it!

By now I am trying to be kinder to your reading lists / my otherwise sad journal, so I will just be updating this one post with commentary as I play.

The original liveplays from two and a half years ago wow are here and here. So that you don't have to go back and read them, the first comment(s) will summarize the events so far in the form of a hopefully humorous abridged script that I started writing at some point for reasons I can't recall.

Currently: Heading for Kaitzur
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I will update this post with more comments every time I resume playing, so if you're curious about what I'm doing/thinking, or what's happening in it, you can always click and read through.

Latest: Just arrived in Trigleph
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Do you know what time it is?!

Yeah, that's right

I reread my liveblogs

and I dug up this stupid game from a year ago

and I am going to finish the adult era if it's the last thing I do

Starting from: Who the hell knows? Er... After going to Fodra, before heading to Lastalia. This is supposed to be Sidequest Tiem.
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Let's finish this bizns. I think I'm close to the endddd. And then -- I think I may take a break before trying the future era...

Starting from: Leaving Fodra with mah derris bit.
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Not going to play The World Ends With You. Going to play this instead.

Starting from: the-- even the place name is probably spoilery. On Fodra.
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It's already late but I will be damned if I don't play this game tonight.

Starting from: Fixing the laser cannon in Fendel.
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Wasted all morning, refused to waste an afternoon that could be spent wasted like this!

Starting from: Heading into Fendel Tower to try to meet Kurt.
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Aww yeah we are going to get some shit done this weekend, son!

Starting from: Before heading to Fendel from Warrior's Roost.
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Okay let's see how far I can get in the hour before I pass out!

Starting from: Leaving Yu Liberte, heading for Warrior's Roost.
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I may be doing a major roleplay event in which my character is the major player in the other window, but you know what I'm going to do when I'm not tagging like a fiend?!

That's right. I'm going to cry over Richard. I mean, play TOG.

Starting from: Crying over Richard. I mean, done with Strahta.
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I zoned out a little brainlessly during Silent Hill Downpour, but shh. You didn't see anything. I am completely coherent for Graces! Except for the fact that I originally typed it as "Tales of Vesperia: DAY EIGHT"

Starting from: Yu Liberte, on the way to the President's manor!
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I was at work until ten minutes ago and here I am, turning on this game.

Must keep pace with [personal profile] everdistant...

Starting from: Setting sail with a letter for the president of Strahta! Please let my little brother stay and play with us!
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Okay. Is everyone ready to tell Asbel what the shit is going on yet?

No? We're only level 25 in a Tales of game, so the plot hasn't even started yet?


Starting from: post Richard's coronation and the thing that happens in Lhant after that.
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I am playing this fucking thing before today eats me.

Starting from: Meandering hopelessly and miserably away from Lhant. :(