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My thoughts so far on the first very, extremely tiny amount of Final Fantasy XV that I have played already:

• Why does it have to come out now, when I just discovered KHUX and I need a Roxas medal immediately and I only have four days left for the best ever medal deal?!? sdlfjsdlgkj

Okay for real. I am literally still in the first area where I have control of the characters. )
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Shut up.

I don't think people livestream Nintendo 3DS without equipment and expensive/obnoxious jury rigging, so, screw that, even if I wanted to. I will update this post throughout playing on my commentary etc.

Currently: Chapter 14

Support threads link for my reference
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For some reason I ended up looking at Fire Emblem: Fates, which was a mistake. I bought a house, so I'm poor now. (I'm not really, but I spent a lot of money and I have a lot of anxiety about that.) Bearing this in mind... Do I need FE:Fates right now, like tonight, or do I need it but not so much that it can't wait for a while, like a few months probably?

Although not having an internet connection will hamper efforts to buy it ASAP or liveplay it or anything
But it will also give me something to do while not having an internet connection!
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So now is that time of year when I race to get things done before it becomes the next year! Mostly those things consist of video games. I've finished Tales of Zestiria -- which was both a great game (characterwise) and somewhat disappointing for me (storywise) -- and its DLC, and I am doggedly attempting to not end 2015 with a negative number on my Backloggery for the first time ever. Which is of course only referring to games I am considering, and not the 8000 Steam games I purchase each year for no reason. Picking up FFX-2 again for now.

I got super into the idea of doing icons for [community profile] fandom_stocking, a thing I am not signed up for and didn't even know existed until like two days ago. I've been experimenting with live action icons, so I'm doing some for Brooklyn 99, Jessica Jones, Girl Meets World (even though I haven't seen that) and some miscellaneous things, like cats with Santa hats. Why am I doing all this iconning for a largely inactive platform??

I'm very into creative things that don't involve writing lately, I guess. I've bought some coloring books for adults, I'm coloring manga scans again, and I'm making icons! Maybe I should branch out and try to make wallpapers. But I don't have convenient textures for that... Alas!
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So I told myself I was going to finish one of my in-progress games before starting new ones, and that's been largely successful! Since adopting this policy I have completed six games, and it's only been 3-4 months! Six games is more than I finished in 2014 in its entirety.

Until I realized that Tales of Zestiria is coming out in, like... a week. I know nothing about it, except that it is a Tales game and so I obviously need it. And the protag resembles Lloyd.

What to do, when I still haven't completed Tales of Xillia! Or looked into TOX2 at all, sob My answer: I have put FFX-2 aside. I'll be back, Yuna! But for now I am trying to steamroll Xillia. I am ashamed that I have treated it with the same negligence that I treated Graces. I lost my save data, of course, but last night I got back to Xian Du, so I will resume my liveplay when I get home.

Still having some issues with the workings of my brain, but eh. What can you do? Academic block is almost over and I'll have some extra time once I finish this last week of work. Then I'll lose my excuse and have to do stuff! Probably.
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Boom, finished FFX HD, finally! Also watched Eternal Calm. All chronicled here. I'm going to focus on other games for a bit before diving into FFX-2. This is partly because I'm doing a "finish unfinished games" challenge on Habitica. I already finished one (Fantasy Life) and FFX didn't count because I've previously finished it. My necessities list, in order:

1) Earthbound (mostly done - probably a few hours left; "any additional unfinished game")
2) Brothers (no more than 2 hours left, probably; "any unfinished game you haven't played in a month")
3) Bastion (not really done - the internet says it's about 7 hours long; "any unfinished game you haven't played in 6 months")

Then I can contemplate FFX-2, which will be the final part of my challenge, "Finish a game you haven't played in over a year." There are other games I want to pick up... In no particular order, my maybes list:

a) Tales of Xillia? (I do want to finish it, but it's so long and doesn't fill the "over a year" requirement FFX-2 does)
b) Tales of Vesperia PS3, patched? (Kristy and Rob are playing TOV English and I have the itch. they're just at Judith's intro...!)
c) Papers, Please? (mostly done - probably like an hour left)

In other news, I'm going to have a niece and I'm very tired.
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  • wow, a Final Fantasy VII remake. Just what I wanted... about 20 years ago. I know there are still people who care about it, but I don't share the force of nostalgia they feel. Instead, I look at all the FFVII-branded crap that has come out in the last 20 years and I go, "...Ugh."

  • Kingdom Hearts III trailer! It's very pretty. Young Eraqus is pretty. I'm not 100% on board with the super pretty pseudorealistic CG but eh, Kingdom Hearts owns me. I'm just grateful that Sora gets to look like a teenager again. Also, he has incorporated plaid into his outfit!

  • The new Mass Effect trailer is basically a lot of pretty scenery and nothing else, but take my money.

  • The Earthbound game before Earthbound is finally coming to the USA! Oooh, I wonder if the third game will be brought over too... I should play Earthbound. And then the sequel, since everyone says Mother 3 is a devastatingly amazing game that made them all cry. I should play a lot of things, sob.

  • Apparently no Persona 5 news (at least not yesterday) but hahaha Shin Megami Tensei / Fire Emblem mashup game??? what. lol, look at all those ridicumazing gifs!!


May. 25th, 2015 02:37 pm
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True fact about me: If you put a crazy sale on Steam or Humble Bundle, I will buy almost everything. I'm talking hundreds of dollars of stuff. My pile of Steam games I'll never play has almost doubled.

But holy crap NiGHTS into Dreams is on Steam I fucking loved that game as a kid but not the new game, the new game is kind of terrifying and I returned it right away. I don't think Nights should be allowed to speak. The classic NiGHTS into Dreams! I'm so excited. That game is so serene and peaceful and wonderful.

I'm going to play FFX for the rest of the day so I can feel good about meaningful progress and stuff, but in the meantime, my spastic attention is everywhere. I'm starting to get into Tales of Vesperia again a little bit, I think? I was explaining how awesome it is to a friend and I just... wanted it again. Nooooo attention span.
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I am vibrating with the need to play Story of Seasons. As the release date draws closer I've been filled with the need to play Harvest Moon and I keep checking Amazon to see if it's shipped yet because it said it would ship today but it also said I wouldn't get it until Thursday but it comes out tomorrow how can I wait until Thursday I will gnaw my arm off

Even though I have a midterm on Wednesday but w/e I can raise angora rabbits and camels on my farm wtf I just need this

Still having a Bleach moment, currently juggling Child of Light on Steam and Harvest Moon: A Tale of Two Towns. It's hard to get into my new job because I won't have a computer for... weeks, probably, so people just hand me huge stacks of paper to proof/label/read, so most of my work time is spent reading monotonous procedures about how procedures are decided upon until I faceplant and then stealthily reading library books on my iPhone or writing fanfic.

...Do you ever have one of those pairings that you ship so much that you can't imagine writing or roleplaying it or whatever because it's so perfect already that there's nowhere left to go, that you can't add anything to it? I think that is Renji and Rukia for me. I can't write anything except pre-canon angst for them. Once they're bffs again nothing I write feels like it could come close to expressing their perfection.
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Truly The World Ends With You is a game that speaks to my soul. Another Neku is actually me today. I am too emotionally drained to turn on Kingdom Hearts.

But I am having a lot of feelings about Zidane and Garnet! They are the best fucking Final Fantasy romance. (Fran and Balthier are already married so they're not a romance per se. Step off.) I don't think I'd have shipped it nearly so hard if the final scene of the game hadn't been so perfect and romantic and gah. Fucking Zidane. Why is he so awesome. Why is this a game that no one played or cares about.
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I'm at the part of the game where I have to pick between mages or templars with zero middle ground, and so I want to vent some frustration with the infamous Dragon Age mage-templar conflict.

I'm mostly going to be talking about the previous two games and I'll avoid talking about the specifics of the IC situation so it's spoiler-free under here. (This is only, like, the third plot quest anyway, I'm still super early in the game.)

Ranting under here. )
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I was 8 hours in and almost ready to consider leaving the Hinterlands when suddenly Varric goes "And Carver's doing great" and I'm like, "wtf, Carver is super, super dead." That's how I discovered that my Keep data had not exported and the data I "imported" when I started my game was generic. Why would they even let you "import" a default?

So, starting Dragon Age: Inquisition over...

I'm going with an elf, reluctantly, because the dwarf backstory sounded super cool and I love dwarves, and I'm interested in the qunari just because. (I would never voluntarily roll a human and I paid my dues with Hawke.) But I don't understand the qunari well enough and female dwarves have the option to have beards and I refuse.

Ta-da, that's all my DA:I words so far. I will play this probably for the next like four whole days before KH2.5 comes out and I play that instead.
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I've spent the last half hour or so crying, but I finished it! It's been 13 years and 11 months to the day since this game was released, which means... I DID IT IN UNDER 14 YEARS! YES!

Another video game liveplay complete. 642 comments. /basks in the glory

Expect a sexy post from me in the morning before I move on to [replaying] Final Fantasy X [which I did already finish, thank you very much].
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All at once I have a ton of job interviews that I don't want to have for jobs that I don't want to have... just when I had decided I wanted to go back to school to get an MBA or something. Which naturally means it's time to bury myself headfirst in a pit of video games.

So in video game news! I just rearranged all my boxes and collected a bunch of video games I wanted to play -- Tales of Xillia not least amongst them. I am on a Tales of the Abyss 3D hiatus because I picked up Fire Emblem: Awakening and then blacked out for about a week. I was watching movies with family while playing my 3DS, but I wanted to hear the TOA voice acting, so I switched to FE:A and couldn't put it down again. So I am going to refocus my efforts and will attempt to finish FE:A instead!

I also bought the HD collection of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy Charlie's Angels, but of course that's a perfect excuse to finish FFIX, right? So I'm picking that up as well.

And in non-video game news, Bleach 600 is out this week, which.. I don't even.
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+ I'm all caught up on Bleach and I am excited about all of the things! I can't believe in two weeks it'll be chapter 600. WTF is this series. I have started dabbling in fic, but most of my time has been consumed with Harvest Moon, because... reasons.

+ My to-play video game list includes Final Fantasy IX, Tales of Xillia, and Dragon Age & DA II (previously beaten but I want a refresher). My to-buy video game list is:

Fantasy Life - October 24
Dragon Age: Inquisition - November 18
Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMix - December 2
Story of Seasons - December 31 (?)

Probably also World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor - November 13, on the principle of the thing. Story of Seasons is the tricksy new name of the Harvest Moon series, because they love our suffering a new company has acquired it for localization and Natsume still owns the rights to the phrase "Harvest Moon", and in fact is now releasing a completely original game and calling it "Harvest Moon". Very tricksy, intellectual property law.

+ I'm definitely an evolutionary dead-end. Darwin would probably be mystified if I manage to reproduce. Things that until the last two months I didn't know how to do properly include: tie my shoes, walk, and breathe.
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The first of the babies I posted about last FR entry are in the nest!

Hanekoma/Kiryu: this spread, these babies; 2 eggs
Pharis/Necthana: this spread, these babies; 3 eggs

Pharis and Necthana have a baby going to a dominance raffle, and then they're done forever.

Today also starts Thunderwar Week! I have some stuff partially done but I was having a creative deadzone for a while there. I will power through things today. (gym)
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Everyone should be watching Sleepy Hollow btw, that was a fun premiere. Work is good, things are okay, yes. Stuff. I have a life.

But mostly I have pixel dragons. Dragon pairings under here, for your interest/claiming. They're all going to be breeding pretty soon (jerks, I have literally nine dragon pairs all trying to breed within the same five day period). I'll be booning two, hatching four, and postponing the remaining three until the nests are clear. If you want to stake interest in a pair, just comment and I'll see what I can do!

As usual, I am "sincere" and my lair ID is 30061.

text )
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It's time to talk dragons! I mean, I'm sure many of you talk dragons all the time, on Plurk, where I can't see it. But longform talking about dragons! Plans. Because I want to talk about dragons too. I have been unable to think about anything but pixel dragons for days now, possibly to avoid thought about my impending birthday.

I pruned my lair yesterday. I had been holding on to a bunch of basic dragons, mostly from my progen's first clutch, and I kicked them out. And I've been having thoughts about dragons and maybe putting them out here will keep me from wasting my money on things not in my plan.

So without further ado, a lair review of sincere, #30061.

Multiple images of pixel dragons under here. )
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omg I am having too much fun playing in the [community profile] randomizing meme. I think I'll have to play Bruce after all. Mutter. Everyone should play with me here!

In other news, we're playing Remember Me on the PS3. I'm really, really enjoying it so far (we're on episode 6, I think). The cyberpunk is fun and well-developed and Nilin is an interesting character, and of course we should all approve of more lady protagonists and person of color protagonists, and I love how the story is both big-picture and personal. Some of it is messed up -- remixing memories is evil, in a fun way. I keep waiting for consequences of remixing memories, but we haven't seen any yet? Like, when does Olga come back to punch Nilin right in the throat?

Also, this game is seriously overflowing with female characters, almost all of them in positions of power. They introduce named characters with something approaching a 1:1 ratio of male to female named characters, which is... startling. I'm acutely aware of it because it recently became evident that I'm not normally aware of it.

Behind the cut is a tale of internalized sexism! )