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There is a 50% chance that this journal will be liveblogs and the occasional rant, going forward. I almost ranted about the all-female Lord of the Flies remake this morning, but I've lost interest in it by now.

Does anyone use Discord? Maybe want a server to chat about current events and/or fictional fandoms and/or just be dorks?

Anyway, I was blackmailed by a certain person to download the trial version of Mass Effect: Andromeda, and after a few hours of playing it, all I want to do is continue playing it, even though I only have a few hours left on the trial and by god I will not buy another game before at least finishing FFXV. But here I am...

Current progress: Arrived at the Nexus
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Shut up.

I don't think people livestream Nintendo 3DS without equipment and expensive/obnoxious jury rigging, so, screw that, even if I wanted to. I will update this post throughout playing on my commentary etc.

Currently: Chapter 14

Support threads link for my reference
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Don't do it Kim
Don't do it
You just got plot rolling in Xillia
You can finish it if you really try
Just finish Xillia and then--

I'll play Xillia this weekend. For now, Tales of Zestiria!!

Current progress: Done, apparently.
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There is a zero percent chance that this liveplay will be half as entertaining as the immortal (and eternally unfinished) Rope of Robots, but at least it will keep me busy.

Let's play Xenogears yaaaaay it's time to kill God

Currently: Bledavik for a tournament
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Here we go! I've finished FFX before but I never managed to finish FFX-2 before because of my damn perfectionist leanings. I will get 100%, damnit. No one can stop me.

As usual, I will update this post throughout playing, so check back if you want to see what I'm up to lately.

Currently: FFX-2, Chapter 2, going down the list of detours
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So I have only the PS3 and the 3DS and a very limited selection of games to play because everything else I own is in boxes, and my Backloggery tells me I never finished the 3DS Tales of the Abyss. Since I'm in a TOA mood, let's take that flimsy excuse and go for it!

By now I am trying to be kinder to your reading lists / my otherwise sad journal, so I will just be updating this one post with commentary as I play.

The original liveplays from two and a half years ago wow are here and here. So that you don't have to go back and read them, the first comment(s) will summarize the events so far in the form of a hopefully humorous abridged script that I started writing at some point for reasons I can't recall.

Currently: Heading for Kaitzur
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Happy birthday to me! I want to revamp my entire journal, but I already spent like 2 hours finding my favorite icons to sift through, so I'm going to reread some Bleach now. Before even naming my icons! Prepare for some random icon hijinx.

As per usual, I will update this one post throughout the liveblogging, so check back regularly if you're interested in new developments.

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What's that? Yes, I just finished a Kingdom Hearts liveplay, it's time for SON OF DAYS: A KINGDOM HEARTS LIVEPLAY OF A GAME I'VE ALREADY FINISHED. Sorry, out of the way, it's time to get my Nobody feelings on. /rolls up sleeves

Current progress: Completed.
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I will update this post with more comments every time I resume playing, so if you're curious about what I'm doing/thinking, or what's happening in it, you can always click and read through.

Latest: Just arrived in Trigleph
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We have a new housepartment!!! It's a three-bedroom rowhome on a beautiful suburban-style street with lots of fat happy cats that came right up to my car when I parked and flopped over to lie in the road like they have no self-preservation instincts. So it's basically perfect.

And that's when I decided to play a new game.

Kingdom Hearts: DDD liveplay! I will update this post with more comments every time I resume playing, so if you're curious about what I'm doing/thinking, or what's happening in it, you can always click and read through.

Latest: THE END.
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Spent two hours wrestling with my taxes, gave up. I'll have to go to H&R Block next weekend and pay them to take this mess off my hands. Also spent some time looking at apartments/houses?? but it was not fruitful.

Meanwhile, I have been having the random want to replace all my icons with The World Ends With You character poses. Like, FUCK YOU, YURI AND SIF AND DINOSAUR ICONS. I NEED TWENTY ICONS OF SHIKI MAKING FLIPPY HAND GESTURES.

And finally, Mass Effect liveplay, continued from here. Mass Effect, pages 1-8. Mass Effect 2, pages 8-15. Mass Effect 3, pages 15-24.

Latest: ...finished...

Spacer sentinel with traumatic survivor backstory and adorable facial scar! LET'S GO.
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Do you know what time it is?!

Yeah, that's right

I reread my liveblogs

and I dug up this stupid game from a year ago

and I am going to finish the adult era if it's the last thing I do

Starting from: Who the hell knows? Er... After going to Fodra, before heading to Lastalia. This is supposed to be Sidequest Tiem.
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What's this?! Kay is liveblogging an ancient video game?! That's right! I'm playing Final Fantasy 9 for the Playstation, because Jes has never played it, and I am the person who will introduce Jes to all the things, such as cheesecake, Parks & Rec, and fireworks.

I guess a spoiler warning is redundant here, since this game has been out since before the dawn of time.

Currently: I WON
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Let's finish this bizns. I think I'm close to the endddd. And then -- I think I may take a break before trying the future era...

Starting from: Leaving Fodra with mah derris bit.
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Not going to play The World Ends With You. Going to play this instead.

Starting from: the-- even the place name is probably spoilery. On Fodra.
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It's already late but I will be damned if I don't play this game tonight.

Starting from: Fixing the laser cannon in Fendel.
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Wasted all morning, refused to waste an afternoon that could be spent wasted like this!

Starting from: Heading into Fendel Tower to try to meet Kurt.
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Aww yeah we are going to get some shit done this weekend, son!

Starting from: Before heading to Fendel from Warrior's Roost.
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You can't outrun yourself, Murphy!

Starting from: Chase sequence in the prison!
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Okay let's see how far I can get in the hour before I pass out!

Starting from: Leaving Yu Liberte, heading for Warrior's Roost.