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I was genuinely surprised when I went to go make this list to find that I'd written very little. I didn't bother to sort them by size, so they're collected by fandom:

List and meme under here. )
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Got up early so that I could vote on my way to work and now I'm a zombie. Democracy is so hard. Seriously though it took 10 minutes out of my day, do it.

Remember the good old days when I would do little drabbles for voters? That was cute. I'll do that again if anyone is interested for some reason! It's a midterm election so no one cares but just because no presidents are involved doesn't mean it's not important.

If you voted, you can comment with 3 pairings and I will write you a small shippy fic. Your pairings can be from the following fandoms:

Bleach, Code Geass, D. Gray-Man, Final Fantasy VI-VII-IX-X-XII, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Kingdom Hearts, Marvel Cinematic Universe (not up to date on Agents of SHIELD FYI), Mass Effect, Megami Kouhosei, Suikoden, Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Vesperia, The World Ends With You

And probably some more I've forgotten, so if you're curious about my fandoms, ask me. Happy voting!
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Yeah, I didn't finish this on time, you wanna fight about it.

First, the list of fics I wrote in 2013! I sorted them by length because it's neater. All links lead to AO3, but fics should also be present on my writing DW, [community profile] insincere.

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I can't even tell you how long I've been wrestling with "I want to write for a living and be published" and "I want to write fanfic because I love it so much", so this news is legitimately freaking me out.

I'm super wary -- there's long been a backlash in fandom against people charging for fanfic even though it's perfectly acceptable to charge for fanart; and everyone gets upset when an author goes the cheap route, pulls a fanfic, changes some names, and calls it original fiction. It's entirely possible that it won't take off, that no one will pay for what they can get for free, or that it will only be possible for the most popular authors with hundreds of fans and recs. And of course that's without even going into the realm of "Will these fan-authors be treated fairly by Amazon".

But... freaking out all the same.
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God, original writing is such a frustrating, unrewarding experience. I know like 70% of what I want to do,and I love and am excited about the idea, but the last 30% is all making connections to come up with the why that explains the what, and maybe a how, and I'm finding absolutely no help with it.

I can't talk to anyone about it, because no one wants to hear about it. I can't find any local writing groups or writing buddy programs that I would feel comfortable with considering my complete non-starter position of writing. I can't even find any resources online, because all the online resources are extremely basic. Option 1 is "plot out your extremely boring realistic fiction novel where your prospective plot might be something like 'protagonist needs to quit smoking' or 'protagonist wants to settle down and have a family'", and option 2 is "you obviously just need help getting the basic idea of your novel down, so throw two words together, like 'wizards + boarding school'. There, that's a plot of Harry Potter. TA-DA!"

So frustrated, I've been at this hardcore for two hours, and at the back of my mind for... all day since yesterday, and my progress has been entirely lateral -- just coming up with new alternatives for the things I was already going to do, posing no solutions for the unanswered questions.

Ugh. Maybe I'll just go ahead and write Harlequin romances.

ETA: My emo required a gif.

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I'm going to make another post later today once all my things are done, about resolutions. But here's a little looking back at my writing.

Even though I'm the world's most predictable writer, I'm actually pretty pleased with myself, looking at this. )
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It's Election Day~!

Go vote go vote go vote!

Are you back yet? If you voted, comment here to get very tiny thank-you gifts from [personal profile] sincere and [personal profile] rainfall. :D You do not need to be on either of our flists to get a gift. All you need to do is include in your comment three pairings from any of the following fandoms:

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Bleach, Code Geass, D. Gray-man, Digimon (seasons 1 & 2), Firefly, Harry Potter, Kingdom Hearts, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Persona 3/4, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Spiderman (of The Amazing variety), Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Vesperia, The Vampire Diaries, The World Ends With You, X-Men: First Class, Zelda (pretty much any)

/goes to vote
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Oh baby oh baby. My totals so far are 2297, 1422, 2058, and 2239. The 2nd was a low point for me: I wrote about 110 words at lunch, and then after work I just stared at my keyboard for about three hours while trying to brain any of the things I wanted to write. I couldn't do it and I wanted to beat my head against the wall. Failing already?!

Finally I went browsing through [community profile] fic_promptly for "any fandom" prompts until I found one that I thought I could write for my ship, threw myself on the floor, and scribbled in a notebook. And I managed a decent word count in spite of myself! I am on track with a respectable buffer so far.

So far in those words I have started three fics, and finished one: The Simple Gesture, Thor/Sif.

Here's how my brain works -- when I posted the Thor/Sif fic on AO3, I posted a note saying, I know I'm pretty much writing these for an audience of me, but someone should champion for this pairing! And then when I got a comment, I immediately thought, this is someone telling me why my pairing sucks. :(

I switch tabs to my Gmail to peer suspiciously at the notif. I can see in the preview that it says, "I do not normally like Sif AT ALL."

A Leslie Knope quote sums up my reaction: "That's terrific. Or is it awful? Everything's okay. Or is it just the same?"

How is everyone else doing on NaNo?
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Hurricane mostly missed Philly, everything's fine here. Back at work. Will catch up on comments etc soon.

I actually managed a decent first day of NaNo! I scrapped my original ideas and decided to just write Thor fanfic. /lies down to die of lameness

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Okay, hurricane canceled! I have found the most amazing thing ever.

This will solve all problems, everywhere, forever.

You're welcome.
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Tiny gif with a quote under here, both from a KH: Dream Drop Distance trailer. )

[personal profile] sincere: You don't know what you're getting into, Sora.
[personal profile] rainfall: PFFFT
[personal profile] rainfall: Look, Joshua's feelings are going to reach Neku.
[personal profile] sincere: Whether Neku likes it or not.
[personal profile] sincere: Survival not guaranteed.
[personal profile] rainfall: They will come in through his window at night.
[personal profile] rainfall: (Everyone in the Cult of Sora is connected to everyone else's hearts, all the time.)
[personal profile] rainfall: (There is very little privacy.)

I wrote no fewer than two The World Ends With You fics yesterday, both of them Hanekoma/Joshua. They're like a collective 2300 words. I'm the most fail. I also am not posting them yet because dflksjlgjkl I haven't even gotten to Joshua in my replay yet and I need to be sure I won't hate myself when I'm caught up.
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Something awesome I've discovered: if I use the Portable Apps suite, and bring the USB it's on to work, I can be running my home Firefox on my work PC. LJ Login and all! It's beautiful.

I want to encourage any writery types to check out [community profile] kinkfest! The prompts are up and open for claiming.

A giant list of the prompts available are here, and none of them are due until May -- so there's plenty of time for you to get writing if you're inspired by any of them. Fics can be anything 100 words or more, and they don't have to be porn, despite the community name.

Please just for the sake of seeing, do a search for your fandom and take a look at the prompts? Do it for me!

I am also available to provide dry commentary on prompts if anyone is interested in hearing me bitch about any of them based on characterization, cliches, trends, or overall intelligence level. Name a fandom I know and I will do it. Hell, I already have, over IM.
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Who wrote/finished four fanfics in the last 24 hours? It's me. Are you watching my writing comm yet?

I feel so productive~~~

Okay. Time for novel transcribing! Maybe tags later, definitely some Tarzan watching with mah Jes, hopefully some more TOA 3DS.

ETA: Because I feel like it, here's some headcanon about my inexplicably favorite minor Tales of Vesperia character: Ioder Algios Heurassein.

Things under here. )
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Okay. I'm alive again. Back to my 75%. I have today off and I took tomorrow off because I'm probably still contagious and I'd like to not spread the plague to Colorado. I'm going to do a whole bunch of things today. Here, I will talk about them!

  • Shower.
    Yeah. Don't ask about the last time I was clean. You won't like the answer.

  • Consider doing some of the 72 tags in my inbox.
    But I don't know if that will happen. That might take more energy than I have.

  • Play Tales of the Abyss 3DS.
    I don't know if I'm going to be able to app Peony at [ profile] marinasylum in March given the current state of my tags, but we'll see.

  • Watch some of the pile of TV I want to finish.
    Here's the current list of TV shows I want to watch: finish Sherlock season 2, and catch up on Parks & Rec; try Big Bang Theory, Grimm, Once Upon A Time, The River, Alcatraz, Ringer, Homeland, Smash, and Terra Nova. Fuck yeah.

  • Transcribe more of the Silence of the Dragonrider chapter.
    I meant to do more of that while I was at the funeral, but... yeah. Deathly ill and incapable of movement or not being in pain prevented that from happening, so I'm very behind.

  • Write, write, write.
    I have a lot of reasons to be psyched for writing. Here are all the things I am writing for:
    • [community profile] fic_promptly is doing a challenge week -- fill as many prompts as you can. No one submits Tales of Vesperia prompts but me, so I will be filling out my own prompts + old Vesperia prompts, plus whatever "any" prompts catch my eye. (2 done so far.)

    • [community profile] areyougame prompts are up. Few of them are Vesperia, but for some reason a lot of other series ones caught my eye. I will be trying my hand at those.

    • [community profile] tales_100 prompt for the week, "wintry".

    • [community profile] no_true_pair prompts are out, and I have 4-7 things I want to write for it, minimum. I have one started at about 10%.

    • My [community profile] newgameplus assignment is about 60% done. It is not Vesperia-related! I know this writing list is shocking. (DONE.)

  • Let's see how awesome I can be today! (gym)
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This is my fandom-pump-up post! I want YOU to get involved in Dreamwidth fandom!

There are currently three seasonal prompt fests just getting going:

[community profile] kinkfest! This is the Dreamwidth version of the LJ comm "springkink". They are currently accepting prompts for all fandoms. You can submit as many prompts as you like! Prompt submission ends February 29th. No one will ever even know that you were the one who requested things, so don't be shy! So go throw down as many prompts as you can think of, for all the pairings you like, and maybe you'll get to read that fic you always wanted. Go now!

[community profile] areyougame! This operates the same way as the above, but it accepts video game fandoms and franchises only. So all you Tales of and Final Fantasy people, go here... or double up and do both! You can submit as many prompts as you like, no one will ever know you're the requester, and prompt submission ends February 18th.

After the prompts close, they will open for claiming, and you can go "Oooh, that one really inspires me. I want to write that!" Then posting will be in March (for [community profile] areyougame) and May (for [community profile] kinkfest). Anything of 100 words or more, or any fanart, or even in some cases fanmixes is acceptable! There is no reason not to participate!

And finally, [community profile] no_true_pair is a totally different take: you submit a numbered list of eight characters from your favorite fandoms / a mix of fandoms, and then the contest posts a list of prompts: For instance, "4 never expected to find 6 in a place like this." Then you fill in your numbers and you can write any that inspire you -- there's no obligation to write a certain amount of them. They can be as shippy or as gen as you like. They'll be unveiling the prompts on February 12th, but you have until February 29th to sign up if you want, and posting starts in March!

Go forth and participate! Or at least submit prompts!
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This is a ridiculous entry about word counts. I noticed that I was getting different word counts from my old word count resource, here, and the one [community profile] tales_100 recommends, here.

For example, this drabble is 100 words in the latter... but only 98 words in the former. How did I lose two words? When you manually count, there's clearly 100 words there. It's not the HTML for the one italicized word confusing things; I get the same counts from both resources with or without HTML.

I was kind of miffed about this after [community profile] femslash100 gave this silly drabble a weirdly-colored star, and I looked it up, and you get that color star if your drabble has a random word count instead of an even 100. But it is 100 words. I counted! So I assume they're using a word counter that screwed me over. (This is a danger of being nitpicky about your word counts. Unless you do it yourself, and even if you do, you run the risk of alienating people. I am now mildly alienated.)

Li and I baffled for a while, and finally she realized: My old word count resource isn't counting line breaks as a space. So it reads "again.He" as one word instead of "again. [line break, line break] He" as two words.

Very weird.
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I deliver unto you all my weird Kingdom Hearts fic wherein Demyx is good at his job and Xigbar is amused by him forever.

In other news, yesterday I stuffed myself, and today I gorged on... vegetables, which I guess is the best possible thing to gorge on. Also, what am I doing with all these tiny pizzas. (But pizza is a vegetable, so it's still veggies.)

Verdict: SUCCESS! more or less )
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Now it's time for a few recs.


[community profile] insincere: For my fic. Yeah yeah.

[community profile] bunnyguild: Because everyone but me had a musebox. Shut up.


[site community profile] dw_community_promo: Advertising communities -- a lot are springing up, so check it every now and again if you want to find new communities.

[community profile] dreamcodes: Profile codes, muse lists, CR charts, etc. All the delicious code things a roleplayer could ask for.

[community profile] dreamwidthlayouts: Are the official layouts not cutting it for you? Here are people constantly making more, and they're easy to implement, and gorgeous.

P.S.: If you're not using this layout, you are missing out.


[community profile] talesof: The Tales of... general series community. Go here to crosspost your fic, have discussions, ask questions, etc.

[community profile] anime_manga: What it says on the tin. All anime and manga content can go here.


[community profile] 100_women: I adore big challenge charts and female characters. So this is perfect! It's no-claims, and there are charts for 100, 50, or even just 10 challenges, so it's very low-pressure!

[community profile] tales_100: This is a drabble community for Tales of fandoms; limited to 100 words only. The current prompt is "any past prompt you like", so look through them and see if you're pinged?

[community profile] fic_promptly: Every weekday they post a new topic (for example, today's is "umbrella") and you suggest prompts in the comments that can be specific to whatever fandom you love. It's like a prompt meme on demand. You can also go back and fill old unfilled prompts at any time~ I'm kind of in love with this idea now that I've figured it out.

[community profile] 1sentencefic: 1 sentence writing challenge, naturally. A big table with 100 prompts for which you can write one sentence apiece.

[community profile] no_true_pair: Scheduled. Make a list of 8 characters, and the mods give you a list of prompts -- pairing determined by the number you chose! It's fun and irregular.

[community profile] areyougame: Scheduled. Throw down prompts for your favorite game fandom and then write others!
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Today's plans:
  • Oh god did I really post that kinky Estelle/Flynn porn? I really did. Fuck.

  • Half-day at work. Continue quasi-working for the next 45 minutes. Go home.

  • Eat delicious Chinese food. It's super cheap if you order during lunch.

  • Get OPI gel manicure updated.

  • Roll around in [community profile] fic_promptly all fucking afternoon. [personal profile] cypher made so many lovely TOV prompts I want to do.

  • Translate!!

...None of these plans contain RP. I guess that's a good thing?! It was on my resolutions for the new year to not be eaten by RP. sob I need to help people get to activity-length threads, though... I will prioritize only AC threads.

And I am definitely not going to write a pointless ramble about the recent D. Gray-man chapters. Definitely not.

But maybe I will add some prompts on [community profile] fic_promptly...