Jan. 3rd, 2009

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40 minutes on the Wii Fit yesterday. 0 words written. (Lots of Persona 4 played.)
35 minutes on the Wii Fit today. 935 words written, all Another Side. (Some Persona 4 played.)

I felt a little overly cocky yesterday and did a Basic Run activity, which I thought would be -- way shorter than it actually was, and all that jogging in place reactivated the pain of my toe strain. Today I took it easy, doing only non-movement tasks (like ski slalom and torso twists) and I think I haven't reinjured myself.

I'm noticing that I think a lot of the complaints about the Wii Fit are silly right now. Like, people argue that the inability to string activities together results in you navigating the menu after each activity, which they claim A) means it takes 45 minutes to do 30 minutes of workout, and B) lets your heart rate decrease, which is bad. :(

Well, A) going to the gym, it takes 90-120 minutes to do 60 minutes of workout, including commute, time setting up machines, chitchat, etc. And B) jog in place while you do the menu if you're that obsessed.

I might stay with it! How exciting.

We also took a radical new approach to shopping. Buy vegetables and check nutritional information. I feel like we have a wide variety of good foods we'll actually eat and it'll keep us healthier, as opposed to if we tried to go on diets or buy expensive but tasteless health food. And it cost us the same amount as our usual shopping trip. I'M FEELING HEALTHYYYY omg that never happens.


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