Jan. 16th, 2009

Bleach 341

Jan. 16th, 2009 01:39 am
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Haha, Ulquiorra, Ichigo knows alllll about the wistful redemption-themed Ulquihime fanfiction you write in your spare time.

On another note, eeee~ That is what I want to see. Orihime. ♥ Now just -- don't die.

I will update with an explanation as to my Twitter shipping tomorrow. Hopefully. ...after I finish this chapter of AS that my computer tried to eat.
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I despise these things, but-- sob. Now that I'm using Twitter again. Here you go.

11:32 Do want Karaoke Revolution: the Andrew Lloyd Webber expansion. #

13:18 Attempting to reclaim my desktop. God they are not kidding, Vista is FULL of bugs. #

20:59 Me: "When I was your age there was no LJ! We had to do our RPing in AOL chatrooms and we posted our fanfiction on mailing lists." ..I'm old. #

00:16 Why. Can't. I write. This chapter. *attacks it* #

01:34 ...well, NOW I can't write it because Vista crashed while I was AFK doing dishes. #

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So, I never write about the things that happen in my daily life in my LJ. I write about fandom, or analysis, or opinions, or introspection. I always feel bad if I make just like -- a throwaway point or observation.

I've always felt it's something I lack, like my LJ becomes entirely about fandom and random meanderings. Like maybe no one here knows what I do with my days, and maybe I should fix that. Maybe you'd like to know what I do with my days!

That's why I went with the Twitter thing. I have a Twitter gadget in my Vista sidebar, so I remember to update it regularly. So maybe you'll finally get to hear about my life. L, la.


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