May. 3rd, 2009

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[ profile] libekory's observations on Tsubasa spoilers from Celes onward:

"So, wait. Why did Fai do what he wanted? It seems like Fei Wong promised to help him, ruined his life, and then just walked away and later someone else helped him. It's like -- I promise you a pie. And I ask for a favor in return. But then I step on your foot and don't give you a pie. Why do you still do me the favor?!"

"What did CLAMP say, did they just reach a point where they were like -- we need another character, but we're out of character designs. Quick! Let's make another Syaoran! Or maybe they had a bet going with someone that they couldn't make every new character Syaoran."

"Is Sakura also Syaoran?"


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