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Bleach -104 | DGM 157

Bleach -104

Why. Do they let retards. Co-manage divisions, I ask you.

Mashiro's existence annoys me.

On the other hand, the extremely ambiguously immoral nature of Urahara team (assuming it is in fact them) is delightful. But if two of the spectators on the second page are Urahara and Mayuri, who is the third? They're all too tall and too sleekly-profiled to be Hiyori, with her kiddy ponytails. It might be Yoruichi (lol although you'd recognize her dialogue instantly in the Japanese) or else one or more people in the fifth division might be lyiiiing.

I'm vaguely pleased here. I mean, we all know Urahara is a questionable man -- after what he did to Rukia? -- but it always seemed incongruous to think that they replaced him with someone like Mayuri. After all, Urahara's a nice guy! And Mayuri is monstrous! Well, suck it. Urahara used to make people dissolve into puddles and cease existing. And Yoruichi was the assassin queen. The guys on our side really aren't all that great at role modeling.

DGM 157

fsasfgdsgfh YES so many times YES

I had doubts, what with the way he only survived as a primal frothing senseless creature, but TYKI LIVES APPARENTLY

This all makes me very happy. I was so sad to think that only freaking Jasdebi who I so don't care about had survived. I don't know why Rhode is still extant but whatever! She's my hero.

All this and Lavi angst? Komui/Lenalee tension? Yes please. :D

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