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Bleach 482

Bleach update! I almost forgot about it, but [personal profile] canavasary was on the ball. All the points go to her. I'm using the same website as last time but I don't want to link to it.

1: Ichigo: I'm not impressed, just get off my bed, motherfucker. Your shoes are on.

2: No, you say? VIOLENCE TO THE FACE. Highly effective.
2: omg Orihime is holding open the window for him sldkfjslkgj love

3: sdlkfjslkjg Chad and Ishida are right behind you Ichigo. As soon as their snack is done! They're so cute. XDDD

4: Even Orihime is not the least concerned that Ichigo might not be able to handle random Arrancar-looking Asshole Number 213.

5: I love that Ivan does not even know what happened just then.

6: Aren't you curious to know who I am? No. Ichigo has dealt with this shit too many times before.

8: Holy shit, he's an Arranquincy.

11: Ohmigosh Yumichika your hair is so precious! /fluffs it /plays with little braid! You are truly the prettiest princess.

12: Ranks have not changed. Duly noted. I'm trying to weigh my "Come on" against the knowledge that these dudes live for hundreds of years.

14: Rukongai is cannibalizing itself-- I mean, weird shit is going down.

16: Are we going to get some Royal Guard up in here??

17: ...what now?

Is Ivan an Arranquincy, or am I hallucinating the relevance of that pointed star? Is he, and are the white dudes, related to the Quincy somehow? We know how much the Quincy love their KKK nonsense. Are they unrelated white dudes? Is Mayuri finally going to get his comeuppance? I am intrigued.

Do good, KT! I know you can!

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