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Tales of Vesperia: PS3 scene: Approaching Zaphias after Heracles

This is a new scene that was added into the Playstation 3 version of Tales of Vesperia to wrap up the vigilante subplot. A lot of people felt it wasn't resolved in the 360 version, and while I always felt that that made sense -- it was hijacked by the real plot and Flynn understandably considered the murder of evil people who he secretly also wished he could kill to be less important than saving the world -- this scene goes into his thought processes...

Although we played through the entirety of the PS3 version, it wasn't until here that it occurred to me that, hey, this seems important, maybe we should translate it.

[As you're heading to Zaphias to rescue Estelle after getting off the Heracles, you're interrupted by a new scene in the PS3 version.]

Yuri: Huh, if it isn't the Imperial Knights. I wonder if they're planning to invade the capital.

Judith: But they seem to be at a standstill. Could something have happened?

Karol: Oh yeah! Hey, Yuri, wouldn't it be a relief if Flynn decided to come with us too?

Rita: He's got the knights to organize. There's no way he could just decide to go with us.

[In fact, Flynn is right here, talking with Sodia.]

Flynn: As soon as the scouts return, gather each of the officers--
Flynn: !
Flynn: Yuri! Everyone!

[He crosses over to meet with Yuri. Sodia watches him go.]

Flynn: I'm glad to see you're okay. Lady Estellise is... still in Zaphias.

Yuri: Yeah. And you know how it is there. What's going on over here?

Flynn: The royal guards are in formation beyond this point. We sent out spies to evaluate their forces, but we're still waiting for them to return.

[Sodia has come up behind him.]

Sodia: Captain, we don't really have time to talk these people...

Yuri: Don't worry about it. I'm not planning to get comfortable.

Flynn: You're headed for the capital too, aren't you?

Yuri: Yeah.

Flynn: ......I'd like to talk to you alone for a moment. Is that okay?

Sodia: Captain!

Flynn: It's alright. I'll be right back. If they make a move, send word to me immediately.
Flynn: Let's go.

[Flynn and Yuri head off to one side. After a beat, Flynn says]

Flynn: I heard about what's happened from Prince Ioder. Including the abuse of Lady Estellise's power. In the worst case scenario, you'll have to...

Yuri: Hey, hey. We're going in order to prevent that worst case scenario.

Flynn: I know that. I'm talking about the possibility you might fail.

Yuri: I've already made my choice. Or have you forgotten that?

Flynn: Yes... that's right.

Yuri: I'm prepared for whatever might happen. And what's more, I'm doing everything I can to make sure it doesn't come to that. What are you going to do?

[Flynn paces a short distance away.]

Flynn: I spent a long time thinking about it. What is the law? What is a crime? Where is the line between a good deed and an evil one? But no matter how hard I tried, the only thing that became clear is that there can't be a definitive answer. I still believe that we need the law. But I can't call what you've done evil.
Flynn: So I decided that the least I can do is try to create a world where you'll never need to do something like that again.
Flynn: *angrily* ......but even so, we're still in that same situation!

[Because Yuri will have to kill Estelle to stop people from suffering, including herself.]

Yuri: Then why don't we go together?

[He approaches Flynn.]

Yuri: No matter how you look at it, the knights won't be able to enter the capital if it's that full of aer. But even if it's impossible for everyone else, we'll be making our way in.

Flynn: With Dein Nomos?

Yuri: To be honest, I don't know what's going to happen from here on out. So you have to decide what you want for yourself.

Flynn: I...

[There's a pause. Then a knight rushes up.]

Knight: Excuse me, sir! An enormous number of battle machines have emerged from the enemy's camp!! There's too many!

Yuri: !!
Flynn: What?!

[They look at each other, and then race away. There are tons of Murder monsters on the battlefield; Rita, Karol, and Patty (peering with binoculars) are standing by.]

Karol: Ah, Yuri! There's big trouble!

Flynn: .....So they were concealing that much in the way of firepower.

Judith: It seems like breaking through would take a lot of effort.

Raven: Sure does look tough. By the time we could fight our way through it we'd be totally worn out.

Yuri: There's no need to fight them just because they're there. Patty, can you see a way we can get around them?

Patty: No...... They're everywhere I look. I think it's hopeless!

Rita: Even though we're so close to the capital...!

[The Murders rev themselves up, and the ranks of the knights flinch a bit.]

Knight: T, they started moving! They're turning this way!!
Knight: Hey, shouldn't we retreat back into the fortress? [Deidon Hold]

[Sodia and Flynn are looking over the knights.]

Sodia: Captain......

[He doesn't move. Then, after a beat, he turns and walks over to Yuri.]

Flynn: Yuri. You're going to the capital to stop Alexei, and... And save Lady Estellise, right? [save is in brackets]

Yuri: ......yeah.

Flynn: Then... whatever happens, I'll have faith that you did the best you possibly could.

Yuri: *surprised* You--

Flynn: Please go.

[Back to the knights...]

Flynn: Men!

[The knights all turn; Flynn is mounting his -- horse thing. Then he brandishes his sword.]

Flynn: Before us is the bulk of the enemy's forces, and beyond that, Alexei is waiting! I won't tell you this fight will be easy. And there is no way to avoid it. But I want you to remember. Remember what we have to achieve! Remember what is behind our ranks! We are knights. Knights who live to protect the common people! No one forced us to choose this path. But if we are all here with that same wish in common, let us fight in this battle together!

[Meanwhile, back at the party.]

Karol: Flynn's amazing...

[The camera zooms in on Yuri smiling, but he doesn't move. Then to Flynn, where he gestures forward with his sword.]

Flynn: Imperial Knights -- charge!

[Annnd back to Yuri.]

Yuri: Let's get to the capital.

[A skit, after you arrive at Zaphias:]
Judith: It sounds like Flynn entrusted you with saving Estelle.
Yuri: Huh?
Judith: He has many other things to worry about, but we can focus all our attention on rescuing her.
Judith: *thoughtful* But... I'm sure he regrets that he can't come.
Repede: *whine*
Yuri: *determined* He's counting on me to finish this.
Judith: *also determined* Yes. We'll definitely save Estelle.
Repede: *woof!*

Translator's Notes: So, holy shit, Flynn essentially told Yuri that he'd understand if Yuri felt that he needed to kill Estelle. sdlkfjsldg. Very interesting development of Flynn, who is trying so hard to fit Yuri's actions into his worldview, and Yuri -- as always -- is unrelenting in his personal determination and doesn't yield for anyone, but -- as with Estelle -- also trying to help Flynn come to terms with what he really wants. I love this scene.
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Oh wow, thank you so much for translating this -- you're right, this scene is absolutely wonderful, and it does so much for the resolution between Yuri and Flynn.

afdhjk. I love them so much. ;3;
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you can't do everything you want inside the rules, but that you can't fix the rules without also obeying them

This, omg, so much this. I loved how much the game did to really deal with that issue -- and how even though Yuri was much more chaotic and Flynn was much more lawful, they both could still see the need for what the other one was doing (and they both trust each other personally even when they disagree with each other's ideas). They're amazing together. ^_^
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I followed your link from the lj comm, and yay there are other Vesperia people on DW!

This is amazingly awesome, thank you so much for translating this scene! It's such a perfect, simple, so-damn-meaningful resolution between them.

I have not OTP'd anything so hard in a long time.

eeeeeeee, Flynn so awesome, will fight armies for us
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I am still writing fic! Of course, a lot of it is weird detective au kink at the moment, which I procrastinate on by doodling Flynn and Yuri naked. Also it's a Yuletide fandom, so there might be some new fic out of that.

BUT YES if you write fic for Yuri and Flynn people will totally read it. ^.^

Heh, you know Haunt. Small, tiny world.
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I think there are a few different Vesperia prompts in [community profile] areyougame this next round, if you haven't looked there? It's the same format as springkink. And there were a couple of Vesperia fics in the last round of [community profile] newgameplus, though not as many as the deluge in round one.

Way back in KKM fandom, I was a lurker on one of her RPs. :)
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*hugs forever*

Thanks for translating this!

God, I love these boys.
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Ohyes, such a lovely scene. :D Thanks for the translation!