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Tales of Vesperia: PS3 scene: Before Zaude and Nightlife Emperor

[The third time Flynn joins you is after you get Estelle back into the party at Zaphias; things progress as they do in the 360 game for a while. In the morning Yuri has a conversation with Flynn's resolution to let Estelle go with Yuri, and his unease at the fact that everyone attributes the saving of Zaphias to him, instead of to Brave Vesperia. Yuri leaves, and Flynn watches him go, and we see that Ioder is in the doorway to the castle behind Flynn, watching in secret...

[Yuri heads to the Public Quarter exit, where the others meet him and have the same conversation they have in the 360 version. After Estelle arrives and Rita makes her promise to not exert herself too hard if she comes with them to Zaude--]

Ioder: Oh, good. We caught you.

[Ioder approaches with Flynn behind him.]

Karol: Oh, it's Prince Ioder. And Flynn, too!

Yuri: Well, I'm humbled that His Highness came in person to see us off.

Flynn: There you go again...

Ioder: You may have already heard this, but the knights are still preparing their ships, so they cannot go with you yet.

[So Ioder is pretending he didn't see the conversation earlier, since Flynn and Yuri explicitly talked about that.]

Ioder: Even though the knights are supposed to protect civilians like you... As the Empire's current leader, I feel I should apologize.

Yuri: Don't worry about it. We're not exactly doing this for the Empire or the knights.

Ioder: But if you wouldn't mind making an exchange, please take this knight Flynn with you.

Estelle: Eh?

Flynn: Your Highness!

Ioder: Right now, Flynn is the greatest knight in this kingdom, in both rank and ability. [turning to Flynn] You'll make yourself useful to them, won't you?

Flynn: Bu-- ...I must assume command of the knights.

Ioder: The knights will continue their preparations and follow after you as soon as they can. In the meantime, your subordinates should be able to handle everything.
Ioder: Besides... Don't you want more than anyone to be able to determine Alexei's fate for yourself?

Flynn: Your Highness...

Ioder: As the acting agent of the imperial throne, I, Ioder Algios Heurassein, command you. Flynn Scifo, knight of the Empire, lend your power to the guild Brave Vesperia in order to stop Alexei.

[After a beat, Flynn salutes.]

Flynn: ......Yes, sir!

[Flynn crosses over to the party. He has his hand held out to shake Yuri's hand.]

Flynn: Well -- there you have it. Let's do this, Yuri.

Yuri: Even if I said no, you'd do whatever you felt like anyway, right?

[Flynn lowers his hand and bows. A few party members smile.]

[Then they turn the topic to how to get to Zaude, and the conversation continues as normal.]

Notes: Ioder is adorable. And slightly full of machinations. I kind of love him. I also love how he gave "kochira no Flynn" to Brave Vesperia. Here, have him! Try to make yourself useful~ Because he knew how much Flynn wanted to go, and that he wouldn't do it on his own.

[The moment Flynn is in our party we head to Dahngrest to get his "Night Emperor" title. When you arrive in Dahngrest, the party pauses for a cutscene at the intersection near the inn.]

Yuri: Man, look at the time. Should we spend the night in Dahngrest?

Estelle: Yes, let's. We've had to do a lot of hurrying, so we should take our time and relax.

[Flynn turns and starts to walk away.]

Patty: Where are you going, Flynn?

Flynn: I thought I might take up the night patrol around Dahngrest. I was going to go ask the Union for permission. Although I've been separated from my brigade, I am still a knight, and I'd like to keep myself active.

Judith: Why should you have to go on patrol? Isn't that the Union's responsibility?

Flynn: I can't really say that the Union has regained normal operation after the Don's passing. Even the knights have heard rumors about the deterioration of Dahngrest's public order.

Karol: It's true that without the Don here, the guilds have had more and more in-fighting. Honestly, it seems like they're having trouble dealing with everything.

Flynn: Yes. That's why I thought that as a knight, I might be able to deter some of that unrest by making my rounds.

Raven: Maaaan. You're so stiff, Flynnie! [Flynn-chan] You need to let go more, enjoy yourself, get revved up! Have more fun with life!

Yuri: Flynn has difficulty switching his brain off at the end of the day.

Flynn: I don't want to hear that from someone who's permanently "off".

[Yuri acquires a sulky dark cloud.]

Raven: I guess there's no helping it. Here, Flynnie, this old man will show you something real nice.

Flynn: I'm sorry, I was going to go do my rounds......

[Raven runs up to Flynn.]

Raven: Young man, there's so much for you to learn about! I won't hear a word of argument, we're going.

Flynn: S-- Sir Raven! [Raven-san]

[Raven drags him away. The party dots...]

Rita: Maybe he does need it, but is that really okay? Since it's the old man, I doubt he's taking him anywhere good.

Yuri: If he can make Flynn's hard head just a little softer, I'll throw the old man a party.

[Slightly later, at the seedier bar in Dahngrest, Raven and Flynn are seated at a table. Flynn is surrounded by five women.]

Woman 1: No way, you must be joking! You don't look like a knight at all! Are you into cosplay? You must've kidnapped a real knight and tied him up to get that costume.

Woman 2: Knights are all these bad-tempered guys who think they're so great. There's no way a cutie like you could be one of those guys. Kyahaha. ★

Woman 3: Do you call yourself a knight in Zaphias so you can get women to treat you nice? Unfortunately for you, this is Dahngrest.

Flynn: Ah, no, that's not...

Woman 4: You don't have to be so nervous. We'll show you all sorts of things, so you can talk freely~

Woman 1: What I really can't believe is that he's a friend of Raven's.

Flynn: Umm...

Woman 2: You're drinking juice, aren't you? Teehee, like a little boy. That's cute too. ♥

Flynn: Ah, I'm...

Woman 3: Hey, hey, relax more~ ♥ Tonight we'll show you a good time. ♪

[All the women have excited marks over their heads... Fade to the next morning; Flynn is back with the group, looking the same as ever, but Raven nearby is sort of slumped over.]

Patty: Good morning!

Flynn: Morning. Have I made you all wait?

Karol: No, we weren't waiting! ...although, wow, were you two up all night?

Flynn: Before I knew it, it was dawn. But knights are accustomed to sleepless nights. It would be a hindrance to be exhausted when a battle broke out.

Rita: It seems like you guys were having a really good time.

Flynn: It was fun. Thanks to Sir Raven, I was able to spend the night in a really fascinating way.

Rita & Karol: !

Rita: Is that so.

Judith: Well, as I'd expect from Yuri's best friend.

Estelle: ?

Flynn: Yes, it would've been perfect if Yuri could've come too.

[Now Rita has "..." and Karol is sweating. Yuri crosses over to Raven.]

Yuri: What's the matter, old man? You seem pretty down.

Raven: This old man chose the wrong person... I ain't taking Flynn out on the town anymore. When he's around, he hogs all the pretty girls!

Yuri: Ever since we were kids, women have been chasing this guy around. You get used to him getting special treatment.

[Flynn approaches them.]

Flynn: What's this about me?

Yuri: Nothing. So you had fun?

Flynn: Yes! I got to hear a lot from the people here who have problems with the knights. I learned that sometimes you really need to listen to people when they're not holding back.

Yuri: Though I'm not sure Raven had such noble goals in mind. Well, old man, I'm sorry about your partner.

Raven: Aww, man......

[Flynn gains the "Night Emperor" title. It reads "The truth is you're surprisingly popular? Although you can be quiet and unsure, when you break out that smile with the incredible destructive power, it's like there's no one else in the room."]

Notes: Some of the dialogue here seems to be... innuendoful, and as a result, I'm not 100% comfortable with my translation. Also, I can't interpret Judith's line in any way that isn't suggestive. *cough*

Raven calling Flynn "Flynn-chan" is almost as moe as Flynn being swarmed by women all the time without the faintest idea of what to do with them. He thought Raven was teaching him a big lesson about listening to people...!

I find this sequence really interesting because it's so different than what you might expect of Flynn; he becomes so mild and unassuming when not in his comfort zone that these women don't believe he's a knight, even though they were obviously told and he's sitting there in full uniform and armor, and he can't get a word in edgewise. I also enjoy it because of Yuri's revelation that, no really, women have been after Flynn forever, and he's been this oblivious, forever.
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I'm sorry, my brain got stuck on 'Night Emperor' and 'Flynn-chan'. XD

Also I may need to stalk you.
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ahaha Ioder is adorable! He's going to grow up to be a lot like Peony, I think. ^_^

And Flynn, also, pretty darling. I...can't get over the idea that he thinks spending time with pretty girls would be better with Yuri along. XD

(...also, yay for Ioder having a full name! I don't remember it being mentioned anywhere in the 360 version! \o/)
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This is so ridiculously adorable. Flynn-chan ;___;

Thank you so much for doing these!