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DGM & Bleach updates

D. Gray-man

If Komui dies, I will lose my faith in humanity.

I didn't think about how totally tragic it would be until it almost happened. When that Level 4 went up to him and put its hand up to his neck, I thought I was going to freak out. You can't kill Komui. You just can't! It's not right. Even it knew it wasn't right. It was like, "You're not an Exorcist, but since you're the commander of the Exorcists, it must be just as good to kill you as one of them."

No. It isn't. Stop it.

You can't kill Komui.

On a totally related note, in fact solely because he saved Komui's literal neck, I love Kanda now. It's amazing how quickly I just went "YAAAAAY KANDA, I LOVE YOU, THANK GOD FOR KANDA *sob*" the moment a character I had previously not cared for was responsible for saving Komui's life.

I don't know what it is, really. I can deal with character death. I mean, if Kenpachi really did die, I'd be like, holy shit and man, how could he do that. I'd probably think it was a stupid move, because it would be, I mean Kenpachi of all people, but I don't think it would crush me.

But -- if Komui died -- for serious, that would crush me. And he's not out of the clear yet, that Level 4 seems pretty determined to eat his face.

I'm glad that Lenalee is going to finally get her awesome back, just in time to save her brother. I do find her dilemma pretty compelling, I mean, Komui sacrificed so much for her, and he practically begged her not to go back to being an Exorcist, and she doesn't really want to be an Exorcist -- but she's going to be awesome just in time to be his knight in shining armor. (Just -- keep him safe until she gets there, Kanda. And-- don't die.)

Although Bookman-related angst wins every time.

My pairing preferences remain the same. XD Although I now ship everything I shipped fifty chapters ago more.


Speaking of Kenpachi, god Bleach fandom aggravates me. "If you're finding the Kenpachi vs Nnoitra fight as boring as I am," "I'm glad someone else thinks this Nnoi vs Ken fight is getting boring." Okay, do you know how long the Kenpachi/Nnoitra fight has been going on?

Three. Chapters.

Shut the fuck up.

I mean, seriously. Do you remember the Szayel Aporro fight? Yeah, it was like thirty-plus chapters of Ishida and Renji getting their asses handed to them again and again. And now you're crying tears of blood because boohoo arms are boring after three whole chapters?

Maybe it's not the most exciting fight in the whole world -- after all, last chapter was basically just Kenpachi getting sliced up for twenty pages and then announcing that he will fight with two hands now. Maybe you are bored by two people trying to kill each other. (This is a shounen. manga. you know?) But this is magical. Ichigo's group and Renji's group haven't moved for literally a year now and they're so close to being done with these same enemies. Give Kenpachi another two chapters, okay?

I would say "cry moar" but -- seriously, shut the fuck up.

I'm only on the very fringes of the fandom now, so I don't have to deal with the whining masses usually. But I, personally, haven't had a complaint ever since Kenpachi showed up and saved Ichigo. There are little things, but nothing I feel really failed on a basic level. Except, of course, the fandom.

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also, i miss toshi
all the captains show up and yet no squad ten? o_O

i don't know what i'm tallkkkiiinnngggg about

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Yeah, agreed on Bleach. Kenpachi vs. Noitora definitely isn't the most exciting thing in the world, but judging by the length of the other captain battles, it will be about another two chapters in length, so people should chill just a tiny bit. Especially considering, as you said, the Syazel Apporo fight. That was just obnoxious.

Although it was oddly worth it in the end, considering what Mayuri did to him.

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I very much agree with your Bleach rant. It's a Kenpachi fight. It's not worth anything to him if it's over quickly in 'wham, bam, thank you ma'am' fashion. And the guy has been waiting for a really awesome fight for such a long time. Let him have it, I say.

And please to be letting him have Bankai too. Because that would be beyond awesome.