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Bleach 438

Okay, first, out of the way: I have no use for any of the new characters who've been introduced so far. Riruka, butler dude, Ginjou -- whatever. I have no interest in them. Riruka in particular is just like -- ew. Literally every chapter manages to make her less likable. (Sneezing? REALLY?) The only new character who I am remotely interested in is Ichigo's boss.

But I've been enjoying our existing character plot, and the background plot, the idea of the Fullbringers. And I've been loving Ichigo's frustration, his sisters' struggling with it, Chad's powers finally being explored, Orihime being ridiculously adorable, all the time.

And this chapter made me happy on a level I'd been reserving judgment about.

Orihime is adorable, but we haven't seen her being very serious. We don't know what she can do or how she's evolved, we just see her happy pretty bubbly good nature. Orihime is an expert at hiding behind a smile and putting aside her feelings to goof off and make other people smile. And she's been sweet and silly and clueless this chapter, but.

When it came right down to it, she got serious. She went for her weapon. She was ready. She was going to fight. If she had to defend herself, if she had to find out what was going on, she was ready to take action, on her own. Her whole attitude, her whole aura, changed. And that's a huge step forward for her, even though her fearlessness has been praised before -- it's always been her insecurity holding her back.

She's gotten better in the two years we haven't seen her. And she did it while being herself, without bowing to people who thought that she could only do it by becoming an action girl, or "maturing" as a character, or giving up her feelings for Ichigo. So I am very proud of my girl and so happy with this chapter.

Also, lollll I adore that guy flailing in awe of her beauty. Tsukishima is kind of pretty? There's still every chance he'll turn out to be boring or lame like the rest, but maybe...!
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Go Orihime!

One day I will read past the Soul Society arc. One day, Gadget.