Jun. 15th, 2015

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Played some Tales of Xillia and watched some Code Geass. My Japanese copy of Vesperia is almost here! I was looking at the Tales wiki because I'm going to be playing Vesperia for a friend, and I found this:

"It is clear that Estelle's feelings towards Yuri are romantic in nature rather than sisterly, the two share a close friendship and Estelle often expressed her joy at being able to travel with Yuri and the rest of the party. It is, however, speculated that the relationship between Estelle and Yuri is romantic rather than that of siblings. There are several moments throughout the game that display their relationship as romantic. Towards the end of the game, Estelle states that she is excited about being able to stay with everyone "especially" Yuri."

Could you try a little harder? Maybe someone out there still has the impression that they're not getting married (you know, because they're not). I love that it says "They have a romantic relationship, but some people say that their relationship is romantic. END OF OPTIONS."

"Yuri and Judith began working together even while Judith was viewed as the party's enemy. Because they are relatively close in age, they are fond of flirting with each other, though due to their similar personalities it comes off more like friendly banter."

Ah, yes, the universal fact that all people close in age flirt with each other, but it's definitely platonic flirting, because of the reasons. Also, the 1 year between Judith and Estelle's ages makes a big difference flirting-wise! You would think that since flirting is age-dependent that Judith and Estelle would get more or less the same treatment, but you would be wrong. Judy gets all the flirting because of that 1 year, while Estelle gets treated like a friend, even though Yuri is hopelessly in love with her.

I mean, everyone knows men and women can't be friends if they are the lead characters of a video game. Therefore flirting with Judy = platonic, non-flirting with Estelle = romantic. Otherwise why would Estelle say she enjoys being with 5-7 people, of whom Yuri is one?! It is one of the several moments that prove their predestined love, the others being mumblemumblemumble.

Wikis are so great for factual, unbiased canon information.


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