Apr. 18th, 2009

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Reading an article on how you can easily get 75% discounts on eyeglasses if you buy online instead of buying from the optometrist's. Someone points out that they'll never be able to do it because they need to try on and see glasses before picking one that looks good on them, and another person says, "So when you go to the optometrist to get your prescription, shop around a little, try on some pairs, and find one you like. Then note what brand and take a picture and find it online!"

Someone says,

As a retailer in a totally different industry, I cringe when I see "try it in the store then buy online". In most industries retailers have to pay for their displays, they pay for the electricity to light the shop and make the climate comfortable, they pay employees to keep it clean and answer your questions. Don't take those things for free from the retailer then buy elsewhere -- that's basically stealing.

This is the stupidest argument I've ever seen, ever, both in the context of eyeglasses and out of it. It supposes that if I leave the store immediately, they won't have to pay for those things. I guess whenever someone isn't in the store, they shut off all the lights, turn off the climate control, and send all the employees home.

Suck it up, bitch. That is overhead that you have to forfeit in order to run a business. It isn't like you put out a massage table and gave me a massage while I waited to see the eye doctor, and then I walked out before my appointment came up. The lights being on is just something you're going to have to accept as a loss. That money is gone forever, whether or not I buy something from your store. I am not responsible for that expenditure.

I'm stealing light. dslkfjslfj. That light is on even if I never walk in.

God, what a moron.

Besides which, if you're crying because stores selling eyeglasses aren't getting the sales, maybe a 1000% markup is a little much?


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