Apr. 26th, 2009

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...I'm reading about the recession again, and I'm terrified.

The whole world is caught in this terrible downward spiral that, according to everyone, will not end for at least a year even by the most optimistic standards. People losing jobs, money getting more scarce, deflation settling in, fewer and fewer opportunities, and economists crying that it's only going to get worse -- much, much worse.

It just makes you feel powerless -- completely powerless. There's nothing I can do to stop this. There's nothing any of us can do. There's not even anything Barack Obama can do.

I'm never going to get a job. And my unemployment is running out and I don't think I can get another extension. I've been thinking about getting training for a safer career, like nursing, but I can't afford it. But at least I now have a way to make money on the side working from home (but will it last, what if I get laid off from that too) and soon my lease will be up and I'll be able to mooch off my roommate's family so I won't have a monthly rent drain (but is that really okay, it's so far away from where I'm job-hunting). So that's good, right?

...Is June here yet? I want to bury myself in The Sims 3.

Until then, guess I'll try to write this dream I had into a novel. Maybe novels still make money.


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