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Bleach -104 | DGM 157

Bleach -104

Why. Do they let retards. Co-manage divisions, I ask you.

Mashiro's existence annoys me.

On the other hand, the extremely ambiguously immoral nature of Urahara team (assuming it is in fact them) is delightful. But if two of the spectators on the second page are Urahara and Mayuri, who is the third? They're all too tall and too sleekly-profiled to be Hiyori, with her kiddy ponytails. It might be Yoruichi (lol although you'd recognize her dialogue instantly in the Japanese) or else one or more people in the fifth division might be lyiiiing.

I'm vaguely pleased here. I mean, we all know Urahara is a questionable man -- after what he did to Rukia? -- but it always seemed incongruous to think that they replaced him with someone like Mayuri. After all, Urahara's a nice guy! And Mayuri is monstrous! Well, suck it. Urahara used to make people dissolve into puddles and cease existing. And Yoruichi was the assassin queen. The guys on our side really aren't all that great at role modeling.

DGM 157

fsasfgdsgfh YES so many times YES

I had doubts, what with the way he only survived as a primal frothing senseless creature, but TYKI LIVES APPARENTLY

This all makes me very happy. I was so sad to think that only freaking Jasdebi who I so don't care about had survived. I don't know why Rhode is still extant but whatever! She's my hero.

All this and Lavi angst? Komui/Lenalee tension? Yes please. :D

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yeah i can't imagine Hiyori being in on the crazy homicide shit, she'd probably beat him up is she was aware of there bad man stunts.

Urahara scares me now >:
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XD My thoughts exactly, she would beat him senseless. It's just not her kind of crazy.

He's a scary guy!

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If anything, this makes me like Urahara even more. Him and his terrible case of hat hair.
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I know, it's kind of an awesome way to go about proving your evil intentions. XD I mean, it's one thing to be evil and just kill everyone, and another thing to be smiley and bashful and mild-mannered and evil and make people explode into liquid and then cease existing. That takes style.

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I'd say for the same reason they let immoral psychos manage divisions. ^^

Anyway, assuming that was Urahara experimenting on that person, I'm wondering if what he was experimenting on was an early form of the Gigai. Of course, I don't have a mind for details, so I'm likely wrong. ^^;
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Okay, they don't have a track record of good promotion decisions, but they surely have good reasons on the surface for promoting smart, powerful, ambitious people -- who just happen to be extremely immoral. :( Whereas I seriously find it reeeeeally hard to believe that Mashrio outperformed her entire division.

That's an interesting idea.

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Rather incongruously with my usual reaction towards moral indecency on the part of a beloved character, the more Urahara is revealed to be kind of a bastard, the more I like him, if possible.

...I'm probably going to hell.

My question is this: do we know if Hiyori has gone vizard yet? I think it's possible she already has, but we as yet have no evidence or clues. (I thought the third silhouette was Hiyori, but now I'm intrigued by the possibility of someone else being in on it...)

AND MOTHER OF ALL, DID YOU SEE KENSEI??? *flail flail flail* I took about nine minutes just to laugh my head off at all the Hisagi fangirls.

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Kensei failing so hard at public relations (i.e. calming children) fills me with glee. ^^

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His sad attempt of a smile probably didn't help matters much either. 8D
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He makes it fun and he does it in style. He's such a nice guy. You just want to like him and give him pats on the head. And it's not even an act, the way Aizen's nice-guy routine was an act. He's just... like that.

And also evil. XD

Just going off the silhouettes, I can't think it would be her unless she'd put her hair down and grown two feet -- although she may have put her hair down. (After all, we see the feet of the two people under the umbrella, and neither are wearing Urahara's trademark geta; so if it is him there, he's taken them off.) But no, we actually have no evidence one way or the other about whether or not these people are already Vizards.

Kensei is retarded. XD I love him.

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Yay. Tyki from this chapter in the ball scene looked like he belonged in Victorian Romance Emma.
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I know~ He's really hot now that he's sane again. :D Hooraaay.

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Oh man, I so need to catch up on D.Gray and stop spoilin' myself all over the place.
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Ahaha, sorry. XD It's good, probably!

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Oh no, don't apologise! I was fully aware of the spoilers. XD In fact I read your entry partly as encouragement to myself to catch up...
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I have a suspicion that Mayuri's rise to Captain is going to involve selling out Urahara bigtime, thus (a) saving himself, (b) proving his high moral principles (yeah right), (c) getting rid of Urahara.

I mean, Urahara did say "and if something happens to me, you'll be next in line for head of the Division," didn't he . . .
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That would not surprise me at all -- I don't think it would even surprise Urahara at all. I mean, he does know what Mayuri is capable of, and he does know that Mayuri doesn't want to play second fiddle to his priorities, no matter how fun it may be to make innocent people dissolve. He has a daughter to build!

But selling him out for allegedly moral reasons would definitely be one way that the Soul Society would come to think, "Well, Kurotsuchi is a deviant, horrifying, disturbing, soulless shell of a man, but at least he's a step up from Urahara!"
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(Incidentally, concerning powerful children who seem to have a post in the Divisions -- such as Yachiru, Hitsugaya, Hiyori, and maybe Mashiro -- I wonder if part of that is because children with unusually/extremely high reiatsu simply can't be allowed to remain outside the Division structure, because (like Hitsugaya with his shikai manifesting) there's too much danger to civilians/innocents otherwise. Of course, they then have to be coped with inside the Division structure, but at least it cuts down on the casualties.)

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I.. agree about Mashiro. Yachiru is one thing because Ken-chan must want her, but Kensei wants to kill his idiot VC, so I don't understand at all.

One of my little annoyances with Bleach is that Urahara never gets called for his morally ambiguous doings. "Hey, Isshin! I gave your teenage son a power boost and made him risk his life against a dozen captains to fetch me my little trinket instead of doing it myself or having my accomplice Yoruichi-san, who's stronger than him at that time, do it. That okay with you?"

So while right now the main suspect's Aizen (probaby with Gin and Tousen), I'm hoping that the mysterious disappearances turns out to be Urahara's fault (with Mayuri, maybe, with Aizen, even better).
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sdfgafg exactly. Yachiru got to be where she is because her Ken-chan wanted her there; I have the distinct impression that -- like his own unusual situation -- she's an unusual situation, and normally speaking, you wouldn't just take a random baby off the street and go, "And she's my lieutenant!" and have the 46 Chambers go, "Okay! Sounds good!" Yachiru is an exception. Obviously Kensei is not charmed by his lieutenant's infantile antics, so she must've gotten there by merit of her performance, and, frankly, I have a lot of difficulty seeing Mashiro out-performing the entire rest of the 13 Divisions. If only because she may have native talent, but who the fuck could tell when the moment she gets bored she'll roll around on the floor wailing and crying? Is that really something they decided to "overlook" in order to get a more powerful lieutenant going?

Whatever, I'm going to ignore it because it annoys the crap out of me.

I hadn't thought about it, but since this chapter is a few years later, it is possible that it could be Gin -- taller and more in on Aizen's messing around. We do know that Aizen conducts similar experiments, but I posit that they wouldn't introduce Tousen in this capacity -- it seems weird that when everyone else has been introduced in a "normal" context first, they would just suddenly say "Oh and Tousen is here and already neck-deep in plotting" when we never got to see him at his, er, day job. Does that make any sense to you at all I sort of lost track of how to express ideas somewhere in there.

But that would be sad. I'd like it if it winds up just more shit Urahara pulls and never gets in trouble over. XD

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I think it's safe to say that Urahara is one big mystery. His motives and actions seem to be part of a bigger picture, but he's not telling anybody. I mean, even Yoruichi doesn't get him some of the time (which that is a scary thought within itself, let me tell you).

Of course, any speculations I might come up with would be wrong -so wrong-, but I'm sure Urahara is at the heart of it. And he is doing this he definitely should not be doing. (Although that's probably a given if you're dissolving random people, but whatever.)

Also, when Hiyori founds out about whatever he's been doing, I bet it has something to do with the reason why she hates humans and Shinigami in general.
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Urahara is such a -- really interesting character. You may not approve of it, and you may hope he turns out one way or the other but you can't argue that he isn't interesting. I remember seeing a secret once from someone who hoped that Urahara would end up being the Big Boss at the End instead of Aizen, that he was somehow behind Aizen, and some days I think that person may have had something, especially as we're exploring Urahara's backstory. XD

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Oh, Urahara is very interesting, no doubt about that. He's actually always been that way, but as we see more and more of his evil side, I'm anxious to find out with Kubo is planning with him.

…And, you see, this is why I keep on telling myself to download the raws and translate it. The scanlations are awful a lot of the time. D8 If and/or when I have the time, I'll be sure to do that and check the line in question.