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Square and Bleach, together at last!! Use hairspray!

Watched Hairspray. Loved it. Started watching Across the Universe, stopped about 3/4ths of the way through, watched Hairspray again instead. Still love it. Think I'm going to have to buy it.

Still, slowly, playing The World Ends With You. If you'll recall, I had a premonition that I was supposed to pair Joshua with Neku just from reading the instruction manual. Well, now that I'm significantly into Joshua's chapter, I can officially say that Square is trying way too hard to make me pair Joshua with Neku. Seriously, I don't need this much help. I can decide that he's gay before he starts giggling and making sly comments about staring at Neku's ass. Anyway, he's Very Interesting, in the sense of being a smug little bitch with more secrets up his sleeve than a transvestite, which by the way he practically is, because despite his sensible character art outfit, he has branded items (e.g. "When Joshua wears this item...") that are, for example, a frilly umbrella. Seriously. He has a Frilly Umbrella that only he can make practical use of. Not a girl. Joshua.


On a Kingdom Hearts front, I'm playing Re:CoM. I am also making tremendous progress on Another Side, which is ecstatic-making. We're officially done with the Prologue, although not all of it is up yet -- I think we'll post the first part of Day 6 today. I'm currently attempting to draw Nobodies in Namine's style for the Namine's Notes. It's... not easy. orz I think it takes someone more artistically talented than me to draw this childishly. You know, like it takes a really great dancer to dance badly?

On the Bleach front, Kyouraku/Lisa is so my new OTP, even though it's painful because uh I can't just ignore Kyouraku/Nanao either. It is FTP, for Fail True Pairing, although I believe that acronym is taken. Anyway I love them. And Urahara and Hiyori and Akon. And Yoruichi and Byakuya. Etc.

ETA: It's a frilly parasol, not a frilly umbrella. And it is described as "Frilled and beribboned, this antique umbrella is a magical key to grand romance. A sensible princess would keep it at hand." A sensible princess, e.g. Joshua.

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.......I may have to play The World Ends With You now.
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[ profile] refracting tells me that he gets much more gay. I'm already wondering if there could possibly be people out there who don't think this kid is gay, but according to her, this is before I've even reached the "canon text".

I do highly recommend it for reasons other than Joshua's frilly umbrella, though. Such as the fact that if I build up his Brave points enough, I can make him wear a miniskirt. It's a fun game, with what seems like a hefty dose of mindfuckery.

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So hard to find. I keep being unable to locate it. =/
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P.S.: The description of the Frilly Parasol is "Frilled and beribboned, this antique umbrella is a magical key to grand romance. A sensible princess would keep it at hand."

I repeat -- only Joshua benefits from using this item. He is, apparently, a sensible princess.

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It's kind of EPIC, isn't it! I'm actually starting to think that he is admirably normal-seeming for someone as obviously gay as he is.

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Tiny!Akon is tiny. <3

There is now no doubt in my mind that when Tom Selleck dies, he will go into the Kidou Corps.

Edit: Now we just need some accounting for Ururu and Jinta!
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Akon is bitchy and apparently too cool to be kicked by Hiyori. I ship them now.

Awww, they're too tiny to show up here, probably. Tiny!Akon and Shuuhei are much less tiny in the present, so if tiny!Ururu showed up, she'd be five and a half feet tall and possessed of DDs if Kubo had his way by the present.

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On the Bleach front, I'm torn between freaking out over the Shinji/Hiyori, and freaking out over the Urahara/Hiyori. Decisions, decisions...

And evidently, Shunsui has a type now.

Mini-Akon is the shizznit. Also, Tessai's coat is fantastic. (But where are the kids from??? MUST KNOW OTL)
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I have randomly decided to crackship Akon/Hiyori. XD Anyway, I need to see more of everything else. Part of me still thinks Urahara is questionable, and therefore his fussing over Hiyori may be guilt as much as anything else.

Kyouraku. ♥ Yeah, he's winning.

I was so surprised to see Tessai. XD I sure hope that Urahara built Ururu, because the alternative is that he brainwashed some little girl to be a killing machine, ell oh ell. Jinta is a mystery, though.

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Akon/Hiyori would be SO ADORABLE. :D

I know, right? Tessai was the furthest person from my mind. But it makes sense that he's in the Kidou Corps because he does that Level 99 Binding Spell without an incantation back in the Shattered Shaft.

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...Joshua is a very interesting character, isn't he?

To put it more bluntly, OMG this guy is too many levels of absolute WRONG. Neku better watch out for him!
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Ahaha, Neku is a sharp cookie, he's totally on to him. Joshua's kind of incredibly suspicious, so Neku is ready for anything. :3
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The Kyouraku/Lisa events explain so much of why Kyouraku is now overly protective of Nanao. GUILT. ;)

(And this also has me hoping that KT is planning some future plot twist/scene where Nanao gets to prove to her Captain that he can trust her and she won't get herself turned into a vizard or something the moment he turns his back.)
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They really do explain so much, and it adds a lot of tragedy on all counts. I wonder if Nanao knows already, or if she'll get to meet Lisa and do the math herself? I would really love it if Nanao took the initiative and showed Kyouraku that she won't break in difficult situations, and that he doesn't need to fuss over her. It's more important to her to go with him than it is to be safe.

I wonder if Kyouraku's boxed himself into a corner, though -- he wanted a less combative lieutenant because he was afraid of being in another situation like with Lisa, but the less combative lieutenant is in more danger than Lisa would've been in the same situation.
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The background in the databooks does say that Nanao is a kidou master. It could just be that Nanao's strengths are very different from Lisa's. (I need more data!)

Like you, I would love it if this plot thread got some resolution.

Earlier, when we saw the big spread of all the Captains, before the flashback started, I noticed that Nanao _wasn't_ there. I theorised that she'd been left behind to take charge of Seireitai -- because, well, someone has to be in charge of the place, especially with the 46 gone. I'm not sure whether to interpret that as Shunsui trusting her on her own, or Shunsui not wanting her near the action, or both. (Though Nanao's own capabilities seem to rate high in terms of organisation and admin, which makes her a sensible choice in any case.)
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Ah, you're right, I remember that -- I forget sometimes because the two examples of Nanao in combat situations that leap to mind are the confrontation with Yamamoto (where she collapses) and the eighth division version of Houkiboushi (where she's surrounded by thugs and Kyouraku saves her). :\ But I'm sure she's capable of taking care of herself, even if she couldn't compete with her captain, and if she realized that it was a conscious effort to keep her out of "harm's way" I'm sure she'd be indignant.

I noticed that too, and came to the same conclusion. Poor Kyouraku. He keeps going after the stubborn cute chicks with glasses.
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Somehow I suspect that Kyouraku wouldn't be interested in a chick who wasn't stubborn.

And this chapter came just at the right moment to let me fill one of my springkink prompts, too. I am a happy bunny.

Re the Yamamoto confrontation: I would like to suspect that most vice-captains would have collapsed at that pressure. (Yachiru and Renji might be exceptions.) And . . . hm. You know, in retrospect, Yamamoto was there at that meeting and agreed to Shunsui sending Lisa off and everything. He would have been just as aware of the full ramifications of what happened before when he saw Shunsui's vice-captain standing there, ready to risk herself to try to defend her captain, and probably about to be killed in the fall-out . . .
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I totally believe that, but it still puts him in awkward situations that he likes bossy women. ♥

Oooh, is it posted anywhere?

Like history threatening to repeat itself. Yamamoto's probably seen a lot of things like that come and go. :\
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It isn't posted yet: I think the date for it was the 9th June or thereabouts. It'll be going up on [ profile] springkink somewhere in June, certainly.

Yamamoto has definitely seen a lot of things come and go. I'm wondering how much this whole Visored mess affected his later hardline attitude during the Rukia and current business. It would explain an increased degree of rule-of-law and firm control.

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I'm currently attempting to draw Nobodies in Namine's style for the Namine's Notes.

I must try my hand at this now.

...Oooh, I have just found a use for that Namine journal I have lying around.

(Also wow, I need to play The World Ends With You. That is pretty amazing.)
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Show me when you're done, sob. Maybe we'll borrow yours. X3

(It's really fun, I recommend it~)

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Haha Lisa and Nanao look so alike, I wonder if it's a coincidence :(

Maybe Shunsui has a glasses fetish oops.
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It's right out of one of Lisa's pornos!

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I'm really getting tired of yaoi fanservice in pretty much everything I watch or play. Really getting tired of it.
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I don't know if this is fanservice so much as, uh, canon, but there is an awful lot of it. (Like GetBackers. I will never understand why GB felt the need to have so much gay. You have the canonically gay side-couple, why did the main guys have to be so gay too?) Slash exists when there is way less evidence for it. You don't need to help slashers this much. XD

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O LAWD. My friend IM'd me and gushed and gushed about Joshua and the game in general and I ended up ordering it that day. -__-; Now to wait for it to arrive...

Re: Bleach, I think I'm shipping a whole new front of Vaizards/shinigami now, although I'm not entirely sure which pairings I prefer, yet. Kyouraku/Lisa is a definitely interesting one, though.

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