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With a special thanks to [personal profile] slayerofgod for his updates that kept me in the loop.
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"It was a desperate idea. But so was she."

She was a desperate idea.
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Stop reading silly vampire romance novels immediately. You haven't made nearly enough progress on FFX-2 or Child of Light. You won't finish them by the end of the year at this rate, and then you'll be behind on your gaming goal for 2015.

...but if I read 7 more books by Friday I'll meet my reading goal for 2015 on Goodreads...
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So now is that time of year when I race to get things done before it becomes the next year! Mostly those things consist of video games. I've finished Tales of Zestiria -- which was both a great game (characterwise) and somewhat disappointing for me (storywise) -- and its DLC, and I am doggedly attempting to not end 2015 with a negative number on my Backloggery for the first time ever. Which is of course only referring to games I am considering, and not the 8000 Steam games I purchase each year for no reason. Picking up FFX-2 again for now.

I got super into the idea of doing icons for [community profile] fandom_stocking, a thing I am not signed up for and didn't even know existed until like two days ago. I've been experimenting with live action icons, so I'm doing some for Brooklyn 99, Jessica Jones, Girl Meets World (even though I haven't seen that) and some miscellaneous things, like cats with Santa hats. Why am I doing all this iconning for a largely inactive platform??

I'm very into creative things that don't involve writing lately, I guess. I've bought some coloring books for adults, I'm coloring manga scans again, and I'm making icons! Maybe I should branch out and try to make wallpapers. But I don't have convenient textures for that... Alas!
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How am I even supposed to deal with this weekend when I have Tales of Zestiria to finish, Master of None to finish, and now Jessica Jones?!
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Don't do it Kim
Don't do it
You just got plot rolling in Xillia
You can finish it if you really try
Just finish Xillia and then--

I'll play Xillia this weekend. For now, Tales of Zestiria!!

Current progress: Done, apparently.
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So I told myself I was going to finish one of my in-progress games before starting new ones, and that's been largely successful! Since adopting this policy I have completed six games, and it's only been 3-4 months! Six games is more than I finished in 2014 in its entirety.

Until I realized that Tales of Zestiria is coming out in, like... a week. I know nothing about it, except that it is a Tales game and so I obviously need it. And the protag resembles Lloyd.

What to do, when I still haven't completed Tales of Xillia! Or looked into TOX2 at all, sob My answer: I have put FFX-2 aside. I'll be back, Yuna! But for now I am trying to steamroll Xillia. I am ashamed that I have treated it with the same negligence that I treated Graces. I lost my save data, of course, but last night I got back to Xian Du, so I will resume my liveplay when I get home.

Still having some issues with the workings of my brain, but eh. What can you do? Academic block is almost over and I'll have some extra time once I finish this last week of work. Then I'll lose my excuse and have to do stuff! Probably.
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I've been using Habitica to keep track of the things I need to do and habits I want to learn, and so naturally I've decided to also use it to keep track of my academic needs!

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Ta-da! Those are my tips. Also, if you need medication to function like a human being, put a daily task for that too. It is really, genuinely difficult to do anything without medication, even something as seemingly fun and easy as play video games... on a completely hypothetical note, of course. /cough
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Boom, finished FFX HD, finally! Also watched Eternal Calm. All chronicled here. I'm going to focus on other games for a bit before diving into FFX-2. This is partly because I'm doing a "finish unfinished games" challenge on Habitica. I already finished one (Fantasy Life) and FFX didn't count because I've previously finished it. My necessities list, in order:

1) Earthbound (mostly done - probably a few hours left; "any additional unfinished game")
2) Brothers (no more than 2 hours left, probably; "any unfinished game you haven't played in a month")
3) Bastion (not really done - the internet says it's about 7 hours long; "any unfinished game you haven't played in 6 months")

Then I can contemplate FFX-2, which will be the final part of my challenge, "Finish a game you haven't played in over a year." There are other games I want to pick up... In no particular order, my maybes list:

a) Tales of Xillia? (I do want to finish it, but it's so long and doesn't fill the "over a year" requirement FFX-2 does)
b) Tales of Vesperia PS3, patched? (Kristy and Rob are playing TOV English and I have the itch. they're just at Judith's intro...!)
c) Papers, Please? (mostly done - probably like an hour left)

In other news, I'm going to have a niece and I'm very tired.
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Happy yesterbirthday to me! Thank you for remembering [personal profile] starsinyourwake ♥ I recently joined up with Habitica, which is a gamified way of managing to-do lists, things you want to do every day, habits you want to learn, etc. There are group challenges that can give you prizes if you get motivated, and there are guilds where you can chat with other people who share your interests. I'm trying to use it to keep track of things I should really be doing with my life, like:

  • Exercise

  • Drink more water

  • Don't leave clothes on the floor

  • Archive fics properly on DW and AO3

  • Go to bed by 11PM

  • Make progress on unfinished games

  • Not be so depressed or zoned out that I forget to do anything at all for an entire day

etc. I've been doing pretty well, actually. I've only been at it for like 3 weeks and I'm a level 21 rogue with 30 pets and 1 soon-to-be mount! So, people who might be interested should check it out.

Relatedly, I've managed to finish Fantasy Life and am working on Earthbound and FFX. I am determined to beat FFX today (stop me from not doing that) although I won't move on to FFX-2 right away -- next on my list after Earthbound might be Tales of Xillia...

I'll probably fail to be on DW some more for the next little while. Not out of lack of love, but I'm taking two classes this block, so that's two 15-hour days per week. Wooo...
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I can't believe I put Allen down at 4th wall and he immediately threatened to become a CR monster again. You only have a few days, stop tagging every new post!!

There isn't nearly enough time in my life, but I am going to have to find the time to watch the last
episode of Jon Stewart's Daily Show tonight.

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Sorry to have vanished -- I've actually started using Facebook on a regular basis, so if you want to be my freyund there, that'd be fine. It's like Plurk, only the content is on average more interesting and less buttpatting.

But more importantly




There is so much pretty artwork on Hoshino's Instagram account. I want to color all of it. Suddenly social media seems like an amazing thing! Someone had better scan that new chapter the second it comes out. I'll translate it myself okay, someone just needs to get it to me!!!
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omg omg omg I posted icons I for real posted a batch of icons
everyone go look at them I kind of love them

Bleach: 12 icons (Ichigo, Rukia, Renji)
Code Geass: 12 icons (Gino, Suzaku, Anya, Lelouch)
D. Gray-Man: 30 icons (Allen, Lenalee, Lavi, Kanda, Komui)
Megami Kouhosei: 34 icons (Zero, Kizna, Erts, Hiead)

Click here to go to my fic-- I mean, creativestuff journal!
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Urghh I am so mad about the Charleston shooting -- I already ranted about it a little bit on [community profile] daily_liberal this morning, so I feel like I shouldn't add a second rant, but during the 15 minutes I was home this evening I heard Fox News doing their dance of bullshit, covering all the stereotypical talking points:

  • It isn't a pattern, it's just a single isolated incident!

  • He's just a kid! Therefore it's not his fault.

  • He was probably mentally ill! You know, with voices in his head! Therefore it's not his fault.

  • This is mysterious and no one can explain why it happened! Therefore it's not society's fault.

  • Racism was definitely not a factor.

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  • wow, a Final Fantasy VII remake. Just what I wanted... about 20 years ago. I know there are still people who care about it, but I don't share the force of nostalgia they feel. Instead, I look at all the FFVII-branded crap that has come out in the last 20 years and I go, "...Ugh."

  • Kingdom Hearts III trailer! It's very pretty. Young Eraqus is pretty. I'm not 100% on board with the super pretty pseudorealistic CG but eh, Kingdom Hearts owns me. I'm just grateful that Sora gets to look like a teenager again. Also, he has incorporated plaid into his outfit!

  • The new Mass Effect trailer is basically a lot of pretty scenery and nothing else, but take my money.

  • The Earthbound game before Earthbound is finally coming to the USA! Oooh, I wonder if the third game will be brought over too... I should play Earthbound. And then the sequel, since everyone says Mother 3 is a devastatingly amazing game that made them all cry. I should play a lot of things, sob.

  • Apparently no Persona 5 news (at least not yesterday) but hahaha Shin Megami Tensei / Fire Emblem mashup game??? what. lol, look at all those ridicumazing gifs!!
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Played some Tales of Xillia and watched some Code Geass. My Japanese copy of Vesperia is almost here! I was looking at the Tales wiki because I'm going to be playing Vesperia for a friend, and I found this:

"It is clear that Estelle's feelings towards Yuri are romantic in nature rather than sisterly, the two share a close friendship and Estelle often expressed her joy at being able to travel with Yuri and the rest of the party. It is, however, speculated that the relationship between Estelle and Yuri is romantic rather than that of siblings. There are several moments throughout the game that display their relationship as romantic. Towards the end of the game, Estelle states that she is excited about being able to stay with everyone "especially" Yuri."

Could you try a little harder? Maybe someone out there still has the impression that they're not getting married (you know, because they're not). I love that it says "They have a romantic relationship, but some people say that their relationship is romantic. END OF OPTIONS."

"Yuri and Judith began working together even while Judith was viewed as the party's enemy. Because they are relatively close in age, they are fond of flirting with each other, though due to their similar personalities it comes off more like friendly banter."

Ah, yes, the universal fact that all people close in age flirt with each other, but it's definitely platonic flirting, because of the reasons. Also, the 1 year between Judith and Estelle's ages makes a big difference flirting-wise! You would think that since flirting is age-dependent that Judith and Estelle would get more or less the same treatment, but you would be wrong. Judy gets all the flirting because of that 1 year, while Estelle gets treated like a friend, even though Yuri is hopelessly in love with her.

I mean, everyone knows men and women can't be friends if they are the lead characters of a video game. Therefore flirting with Judy = platonic, non-flirting with Estelle = romantic. Otherwise why would Estelle say she enjoys being with 5-7 people, of whom Yuri is one?! It is one of the several moments that prove their predestined love, the others being mumblemumblemumble.

Wikis are so great for factual, unbiased canon information.
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I made some bad decisions last night, and as a result I am running on about 4 hours of sleep. I'm in that weird state where I feel weirdly great, but I have a subtle exhaustion headache I can sometimes feel when I move too fast, and I'm having a minor out of body sensation.

It's kind of awesome... she said because of the weirdly great feeling.

Must post to [community profile] fic_promptly before I forget

Played Tales of Xillia and watched some Code Geass this weekend. Will continue to do those things. I also discovered that Tales of Vesperia evidently released an "audio novel" last year talking about when Flynn and Yuri were kids and how they got to be friends, called Genealogy of the Condemned. It's only available on the [Japanese] Apple Store and for Android so... I will probably never get to experience it?? :( I once tried to translate an audio drama for Code Geass where Lelouch meets Kaguya when she's like 7 and convinces her that he's a demon who eats children. I wonder what happened to that. Is it still on my Google Drive?

I'm so tired
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Ugh booooo I started up Tales of Xillia again and all my progress and all my preorder DLC is on the old Playstation 3. ;;;; So I'm starting over. With no costumes or anything! Unless I can redeem my DLC code more than once, but that's usually not how it works.

In other news, Tales of Vesperia PS3 Japanese to English patch is ooooout!! I'm so buying a new copy of the PS3 game... and all the shiny DLC, if it's still available... I'm still determined to finish FFX before I go crazy, though.


I wish I could find my Judith novels.


May. 25th, 2015 02:37 pm
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True fact about me: If you put a crazy sale on Steam or Humble Bundle, I will buy almost everything. I'm talking hundreds of dollars of stuff. My pile of Steam games I'll never play has almost doubled.

But holy crap NiGHTS into Dreams is on Steam I fucking loved that game as a kid but not the new game, the new game is kind of terrifying and I returned it right away. I don't think Nights should be allowed to speak. The classic NiGHTS into Dreams! I'm so excited. That game is so serene and peaceful and wonderful.

I'm going to play FFX for the rest of the day so I can feel good about meaningful progress and stuff, but in the meantime, my spastic attention is everywhere. I'm starting to get into Tales of Vesperia again a little bit, I think? I was explaining how awesome it is to a friend and I just... wanted it again. Nooooo attention span.