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So now is that time of year when I race to get things done before it becomes the next year! Mostly those things consist of video games. I've finished Tales of Zestiria -- which was both a great game (characterwise) and somewhat disappointing for me (storywise) -- and its DLC, and I am doggedly attempting to not end 2015 with a negative number on my Backloggery for the first time ever. Which is of course only referring to games I am considering, and not the 8000 Steam games I purchase each year for no reason. Picking up FFX-2 again for now.

I got super into the idea of doing icons for [community profile] fandom_stocking, a thing I am not signed up for and didn't even know existed until like two days ago. I've been experimenting with live action icons, so I'm doing some for Brooklyn 99, Jessica Jones, Girl Meets World (even though I haven't seen that) and some miscellaneous things, like cats with Santa hats. Why am I doing all this iconning for a largely inactive platform??

I'm very into creative things that don't involve writing lately, I guess. I've bought some coloring books for adults, I'm coloring manga scans again, and I'm making icons! Maybe I should branch out and try to make wallpapers. But I don't have convenient textures for that... Alas!
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Having Megami Kouhosei urges again. Brains work in mysterious ways, for real. I listed out all the characters and pairings for it as a tool to help inspire me to come up with some [community profile] fic_promptly prompts for it (as well as Bleach, DGM, and TWEWY) and then looking at that list I suddenly had many feelings about its plethora of female characters, dynamic relationships and friendships, intriguing story and unsolved mysteries, etc. I was seized by the urge to go back and reread all my journal entries about it. If I weren't at work there's a good chance I'd have dug up Dual Potential, too, as embarrassing as I now find a lot of that content.

Ahh, the early 2000s. I was so young then.

Her art is crisp and clear, IIRC, it feels like coloring it would be fun...
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I've now watched the first 4 episodes of Daredevil (why is it so fucking hard to find time to watch this show?! I want to watch it so much) and it's great. I like Matt, I like how they depict his senses, I like him and Claire and I would be fine if they were just awesome friends but I ship it pretty hard (KIIIISS), and wow this show is violent. All the over-the-top explosions in the world aren't as violent as watching men just punching each other for five minutes, or a nice long scene of a man using a car door to slowly beat another man's head off.

It occurred to me recently that politics and current events is sort of my fandom now. It updates constantly, I follow it and have emotional reactions to it, I want to talk about it with other people who enjoy it... So, to that end, I created a new community: [community profile] daily_liberal

My plan is to update it on a mostly daily basis with quotes from a linked news article and some thoughts about it. Discussion in the comments will be encouraged, and a socially liberal slant will be taken. I thought I might begin posting probably next Monday (har, 4/20) so as to have some posts up for the beginning of [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw... Although idk maybe I should wait since I'm going to Scotland the first week of May... But idk maybe I should start now because I am certainly bursting with opinions and listening to Fox News in the background of my life is slowly driving me insane!

Anyway, you can join if you want to read about current events stuff and then say words about it. That way I won't be talking to myself.
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I have been employed again for two full weeks now, and all my wonderful co-workers are there. It feels good. Also, having money feels good. I have fallen behind on everything else in my life, but this whole "balancing work and life" thing is new to me every time I end up spending six months unemployed, which is tragically frequent.

Here is a list of things I have wanted in the last 48 hours, in vaguely genre order:

• MCU Phase Three, most of it
• Hellsing
• Megami Kouhosei
• Chrono Crusade
• The World Ends With You
• SaGa Frontier
• Legend of Mana
• Planescape: Torment
• Breath of Fire (III & IV)
• Suikoden V
• Kingdom Hearts
• Xenogears
• Patricia C. Wrede's Dealing With Dragons series
• Anthony Piers' Incarnations of Immortality series
• David Eddings' The Elenium and the Tamuli series

Instead of any of that, I will continue writing fics for [community profile] fic_promptly's contest week as long as my inspiration holds out (not much longer, but I have 17 fics written so far this week, many of them full-length 1000+ words, which is crazy) and then return to Final Fantasy X like a good girl who finishes things.

But in the meantime, I've been ficcing and am haunted by TWEWY questions, like... how did Shiki die? What happens to Mr. H? And how does resurrection work -- we've seen people in the RG mourning their friends who died, and then they just come back? Do they actually have a zombie moment or does it get made so that they never died as far as anyone else knows? I need more stuff.
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Five Acts: How It Works

1. Post a list of your five favorite acts/kinks/themes to read about. At the bottom, add what fandoms/pairings you're interested in. If you need inspiration for "acts" check out THIS list.
2. Read the information at and sign up HERE.
3. Read other people's lists HERE.
4. Post commentfic to other people!

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I am having trouble deciding whether to decorate my plurk with Renji/Rukia Version 1: Get Married Already, Version 2: Team Adorable Losers, or Version 3: Badass Battle Couple. My life is the hardest!

I combined them all into a big banner with no viable purpose and I feel slightly better.

In other news, I've been attempting to learn GIMP and/or Photoshop, and despite a not hideously unsuccessful experiment with Lisa and an icon thereof on my crappy laptop, I now hate images, image editing, and the world.

Up to Everything But The Rain!
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Got up to Renji vs Byakuya in liveblogging the Bleach manga and I'm just sobbing, sobbing, sobbing. Are Renji and Rukia seriously still not married? How? Why? I refuse.

I refrained from ranting or essaying about it, but seriously.

I remodeled my journal and profile and icons for my Bleach mood (plus some bonus icons), so now pretty much everything will have Urahara's face on it. You're welcome.

I find myself with more free time than I used to have, because of reasons. It's going to feel great.
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So my Avengers/Thor OTP is Thor/Sif, as anyone who pays attention to me knows. On Tumblr somebody proposed a week celebrating their incredibly underloved MCU ship. So from 9/23/13 - 9/30/13, I'm going to be all Thor/Sif all the time.

(Even though Tumblr fills me with despair.)

If you want to join in, any fan-created words or images or meta are welcomed, anything MCU Thor/Sif, tag it on Tumblr with "#thunderwar week" if you have one.

Basically I just want to apologize to [personal profile] oneill for spamming up [community profile] fic_promptly with Thor/Sif prompts for myself.
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I can't even tell you how long I've been wrestling with "I want to write for a living and be published" and "I want to write fanfic because I love it so much", so this news is legitimately freaking me out.

I'm super wary -- there's long been a backlash in fandom against people charging for fanfic even though it's perfectly acceptable to charge for fanart; and everyone gets upset when an author goes the cheap route, pulls a fanfic, changes some names, and calls it original fiction. It's entirely possible that it won't take off, that no one will pay for what they can get for free, or that it will only be possible for the most popular authors with hundreds of fans and recs. And of course that's without even going into the realm of "Will these fan-authors be treated fairly by Amazon".

But... freaking out all the same.
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Okay, so I signed up for Femslash February to boost the visibility and presence of lesbian relationships and interactions in fandom. The idea is that you produce two pieces of fan anything (fiction, art, icons, whatever) for femslash pairings during the month of February! If you want to do it, please do. ♥

But the problem is that I don't really ship any ladies together in MCU fandom... So, pairings I could maybe get my head around, to varying extents:


Maybe I should branch out back to my other fandoms. I totally ship Estelle/Rita and Estelle/Judith, and I could write that for sure. If all I want to do is drabbles I could probably manage any of these, though. :|a

Thoughts or votes are welcome! As are things I have forgotten or things you want to inquire about.

As far as dieting goes, I'm still on track, still doing well; yesterday's fasting day wasn't great, but still within the diet as far as I know, and today there will be COOKIES.
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I don't even know how to live anymore, although part of it is because I'm under the weather. I've been playing Avengers Alliance like the sad pathetic addict I am. I haven't done laundry, haven't tagged at [community profile] havenrpg, haven't written any of my many fic in progress, haven't posted... I'M SORRY, NEW JOURNAL FRIENDS, AND EVERYONE WAITING ON SIF TAGS. I just come home and sit in my chair and click on things.

Speaking of AA, I go through brief periods where I'm totally diehard in love with Doom/Loki. I should stress that I am not a big comic fan and I have read almost nothing of Doom's canon. All I know is that I am intensely into what I've seen in Loki's canon, their villainfriends "Oh, you!"-style affectionate backstabbing and poisoning attempts etc. Any pair of people who will eat dinner together, pause and go, "Did you poison this?" "Well, yes, but I figured you could handle it," and then chuckle and go back to eating and plotting world domination together... that's okay with me.

+9000 because Loki hangs out with Doom while in Sif ladyform, and while he's being all hot vampy Lady Loki around him, Doom canonically has a kinky power fantasy about chaining him to his throne like that.

But it comes and goes, probably because I don't know Victor von DOOM! as well as I should. It would probably involve reading Fantastic Four comics? Brr. I eventually go "Eh, I'd rather write Loki with Asgardians/Avengers/other characters I know and like better because they actually exist in MCU and I know how MCU Loki would react with them."

Still, it came back yesterday with a vengeance, because I was playing Avengers Alliance and Loki is wreaking hell in Special Ops 5.2 and everyone stops in the middle of the chaos while frost giants and mafia are rampaging through NYC to go, "Okay, we have to figure out if Doom is involved in this, because the last fucking thing we need is Loki's boyfriend villain bff, SHIELD's #1 most wanted bad guy, to surprise us." And then there's a mini-mission and they figure out Doom is not involved, but, quote, "It's only a matter of time." Because Loki has Doom wrapped around his fingers, I guess.

Love it.

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Livestream/livetweeting the presidential debates in a little, whooo! I have my debate bingo cards and everything. I get excited about these things.

Meanwhile, in news that is obviously more important, Natasha will probably be making an appearance in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Potentially spoiler thoughts below:

If she can't get her own movie, at least she won't disappear until Avengers 2, I guess. )
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Oh god the new photos from Thor: The Dark World filming has me rolling around happily. Or I would be if not for my body hurting everywhere for no reason.

My favorites are:
1) Sif and Thor being badass together
2) Thor and... Thor face-touching

I want to write eight million Sif/Thor things. And I want to include Thor's flowing amazing princess hair with the braid in all of the things.

And then I want to see everyone else and all of the things. Is Loki's hair going to be past his shoulders too? I'm just asking because it's getting pretty hilarious.
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Fandom shipping ramble ahead! I have never been on board with the "Your pairing must be this canon for your opinion to be of any merit" thing. People get so focused on what's canon and what isn't canon. What I'm concerned about is what makes sense to me, which has nothing to do with what's canon. If I think two people getting together makes sense, and that they'd be good or interesting together, I will ship them regardless of whether or not it's canon. I am able to separate "canon" from "shippy".

But not everyone can. Some people feel that only canon pairings have value, and therefore whether or not a pairing is canon means more to them than anything. And for some people -- people who believe they must ship what's canon and they can't ship things that aren't canon because that's what makes them better than you -- they actually shoot themselves in the foot sometimes.

I saw somebody ranting on Tumblr once about how the Marvel movies are "sinking" Clint/Natasha just like they "sank" Tony/Pepper, and I was like...
1) Sinking Clint/Natasha?! As far as I know, no one's said in an interview that they're not going to happen. They looked a lot like feelings were involved there. What's the crisis?
2) Tony/Pepper has been sunk, past tense?! IM2 ended with them making out and Avengers featured them all but snuggling cozily. How did we get from that to sunk??

And then I realized, oh my god. This person is upset because:
1) As of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, [the Winter Soldier] will exist. [Again.] That means Natasha has to be with [the Winter Soldier], because that's canon to Earth-616. That means Clint/Natasha is sunk. Because [the Winter Soldier] exists. /edits for potential spoilers
2) As of The Avengers, Maria Hill exists. That means Tony will end up with Maria, because that's what is currently canon in the comics. Even though Tony/Pepper is 100% canon in the movies right now and we have no proof that Maria and Tony even talk to each other ever again, the mere fact that Maria exists sinks Tony/Pepper.

And I was like, dude, there are so many reasons your drama is ridiculous. But mostly, those things happened in AUs. The MCU is a completely different canon than Earth-616! Does it break your brain that in Earth-616 Thor ends up with Sif but in Earth-1610 he ends up with Jane? WHAT NOW?? WHAT ARE YOU ALLOWED TO SHIP IN EARTH-199999?!?

People like this are only able to ship things in a vacuum of information. The moment they have enough information about what's "right" it changes their opinions, even if that means they have to abandon something they loved previously.

I wish I could convince them that the world will go on spinning even if Maria's existence means Tony and Pepper's marriage is doomed to fail, which it doesn't. You are allowed to ship Tony and Pepper even if their marriage does fail! It doesn't invalidate anything.

It'll all be okay. Relax and have fun with it. The fandom needs more Clint/Natasha and Tony/Pepper.

It also needs more Thor/Sif.
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[personal profile] temples why aren't you online I am in despair

I wanted to show you that I have found an amazing illustration of Thor and Loki's baby

(...I apologize to any normal people who clicked on that image and are very confused)
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ATTENTION. It has come to my attention that some of my friends have not seen the current crop of Marvel universe movies! I intend to fix this.

Would you like to see Iron Man? Have you already seen it but would not be averse to seeing it again in an awkward livestream format where some of us will be holding conversation, often about it, in the accompanying chat window? Then this is your lucky day! Because with permission from [personal profile] temples, I am considering opening up our private Show Jes Things livestream to others! All that is required is a browser and a decentish internet connection, no downloads or anything needed.

We want to show Iron Man at some point on Saturday, preferably afternoonish EST. Would anyone be anyone interested in joining us? If so, what kind of time constraints are you under?
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More things I said, re: TWEWY and KH and TWEWY in my KH.

text )
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Today I uploaded twenty-five new TWEWY icons to suit my current crush on this canon. FML.

Well, 23 TWEWY icons. Plus 2 KH critters.

And now my icons are on two different pages. :( This makes me sad in my obsessive-compulsive tendencies towards aesthetic neatness. If I could somehow sort them by canon instead of having TWEWY icons straddling pages 1 and 2, I would be happy--

Yeah, okay.

/goes to bed
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Something awesome I've discovered: if I use the Portable Apps suite, and bring the USB it's on to work, I can be running my home Firefox on my work PC. LJ Login and all! It's beautiful.

I want to encourage any writery types to check out [community profile] kinkfest! The prompts are up and open for claiming.

A giant list of the prompts available are here, and none of them are due until May -- so there's plenty of time for you to get writing if you're inspired by any of them. Fics can be anything 100 words or more, and they don't have to be porn, despite the community name.

Please just for the sake of seeing, do a search for your fandom and take a look at the prompts? Do it for me!

I am also available to provide dry commentary on prompts if anyone is interested in hearing me bitch about any of them based on characterization, cliches, trends, or overall intelligence level. Name a fandom I know and I will do it. Hell, I already have, over IM.
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I rambled mopily and then I felt better by the end of it. Here it is for posterity, but be aware that by the time you read this I feel pretty okay and I'm prepping to post Marina's love meme so everything will be happy.

Fandom isn't fandom. )